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Mosque chairman compares gays to ‘murderers, gamblers and paedophiles’

  • Gerry Burnie

    Whew, thank goodness he didn’t compare the Islamists!

  • Brett Gibson

    Says the man whose religion calls for the murder of people. Pot, kettle, muslim. Such an awful, hateful religion.

  • Serkan M

    Why it it that if a religion says something against gays its OK, but if we say something against Islam it’s un PC and islamophobic.. Im so fed up with this country.

  • lee

    another one that should join fred phelps – why are they allowed to make such claims filled with hate and nothing is done about it

    • Rumbelow

      Make a complaint to the police, they will have to investigate it.

  • Rumbelow

    I especially like the Persian rug on his head.

  • Cal

    Why are the BBC such fools? It doesn’t take much research to find out whether a mosque is progressive or is being run by the usual backward monkeys. The BBCs intention to legitimise this disgraced establishment (hate literature has been found there in the past) is appalling. Thank you to the ignorant Muslim’s who exposed the BBCs hypocrisy and their own bigotry.

  • Cal

    If you say something bad about Gays you may receive a waspish comment in return. You don’t risk being beheaded.

    • Rumbelow

      We move like butterflies and sting like bees.

  • Daniel

    Yet another religious repressed nutcase who has trouble reconciling sexuality with life. Like all the others, they are a dying breed who are watching a world more tolerance and accepting grow around them.

    • Rumbelow

      More like the living dead if you ask me.

    • rapture

      islam is the fastest growing religion in the uk and Europe, hardly a dying breed, if only.

  • gutaitas

    Well if the chairman of a Mosque says homosexuality is like paedophilia, then it should be acceptable. Didn’t Mohammed marry a nine year old girl?

    • GulliverUK

      According to what I’ve read Joseph was 90 and his first wive had died, he was given charge of a young girl, Mary, aged 12, who became his wife at 14.5. Does that sit ok with Christians today? A 90 year old man married a girl of 14.5. ! He owed her, as property? She was a gift for his work in Egypt?

      In The UK the age of consent for heterosexual acts in England was set at 12 in 1275. Parliament raised the age of consent to 13 in 1875, after concern children were being sold in brothels.

      In Judaism the original marriage rules included polygamy, many Islamic states practice polygamy, and it’s even being re-introduced in some others. In Kenya MPs are actually arguing that a man should not have to get permission from his first wife to marry a second.

      As I understand it, Muhammad, married a child of 6 and co-habited with her until she was 9 years old, when they consummated the marriage. In “our” culture that is current known as pedophilia, but clearly that definition is not .. universally accepted.

      • gutaitas

        You’re right, they married when she was six. Which makes it even worse then. I read somewhere that girls are considered “ready” as soon as they have their first period.

        If having sex with 9 year old kids isn’t considered paedophilia, then what does this chairman mean by paedophilia? Sex with toddlers? These religious bigots are just idiots. The lot of them.

      • kostas.lacon

        A 6 or 9 years old girl {like Aisha } is a CHILD !
        What do you don’t understand ?
        In islam there is a horrible tradition of paedophilia .

        • GulliverUK

          I was simply expanding on this to point out she was six years old when they married. A child of nine is, in my view, incapable of consenting to marriage, and a child of six years is even more unable to consent. I’m unsure there is empirical evident to suggest that in Islam, in the UK, that they have a “traditional” of pedophilia. Most Muslims here are decent people, many approve of our inclusive gay equality laws (there was a pinknews article on that). Muslim leaders, pretty much everywhere are homophobic, use deeply troubling cult-like brainwashing on young people, promote hatred of anyone not-like-them, and are a concern, to me, for national security. You can say much of the same about Christian leaders also, whilst followers (confirmed in recent surveys) are decent people, who believe in equal rights. Laws should be secular based, based on rational critical thinking, and no swayed by the dogmatic ideology of religious myths. I think, culturally, they [men] thought it was ok, at that time, for old men to marry children – I find that horrendous, as will almost everybody these days – our culture is point of reference in time is completely different. We don’t even approve of forced marriages of two, say, 20 year olds.

  • Colin

    Sorry BBC you caved in to mosque and put their beliefs ahead of a frank and open discussion. If the chairman on the mosque is right and did not know the content of the program you still failed as everyone should have been informed fairly.

    Just apologise and ensure in future your team of researchers will do their jobs properly. Now everyone move on.

  • Colin

    Sorry I don’t believe in religion so no comment on the chairmans views. To me it’s all madness.

  • Wingby

    More Bronze Age drivel.

    And you can’t use ‘much’ with ‘links’ like that. Learn the language of your country, mate.

  • Rumbelow

    ‘murderers, gamblers and paedophiles’
    Did he sing it to the tune of Cher’s ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’ I wonder?

  • kostas.lacon

    Ok mister …we are criminels for you …but your falseprophet is a serial killer , polygamous ,paedophile ,and hatefull psychopathe and your hatefull god does’nt exist !

    • Rumbelow

      Nah, he is now claiming to be Miss Interpreted apparently

      • kostas.lacon

        Anyway I said just the TRUTH as it is and nothing more !

  • kenthomes

    I know we have huge problems with the Christians, and our anger is justified, however, we all better wake up to the growing problem of the Muslims. Once they reach ten percent or more in any country, then they start pushing to have their totally backwards medieval evil religious rules installed.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    How ignorant and fascistic can religious people get ? I’ve been helping gay and transgender persons fleeing Iran for several years. They are beautiful individuals. Poor persons living in countries with idiots like this chairman. Dear UK- force him, in one way or other, to learn about humanity. “Hitler crazy” he is-

  • Jock S.Trap

    Just nasty and shows that Islam conflicts with British Culture. To me religion has no place but Islam has to be the most hateful of them all.

  • Coastliner

    So now Tatchell aligns himself with this ghastly cult??????????

  • Michael Patrick

    I heard a story last week of a Male Flight attendant who was based in the UK who had been dating a sheik in Dubai who was not “out” for obvious reasons. After some time they broke up and the Sheik had the Male UK attendant kidnapped and taken to the desert and gang raped. knowing that it is illegal to be raped in that country the FA stayed silent. Upon telling his employer he was advised to keep quiet. The employer is closer to home and you may be surprised at who it is, but in reality we are far too accommodating of this religion and it extremists.. There are other Flight attendants who have been raped and advised to keep quiet.. it appears single and in a hotel alone are great places to be drugged and raped.. Hotel staff are involved.. this is in a 5 Star hotel too… stay away from the middle east i say..

    • rapture

      I went to morocco in the 90s as a young teenager with family holiday and after a day or 2 stayed mostly in the hotel as had enough of being touched/felt up and attempted rape by the natives. I agree with your point about sexual crimes against men in Arabic countries, but I believe only a certain type of self loathing, desperate, gay man would willingly go to a primitive homophobic country where there is a lot of gay sex ,either consensual or non consensual.

  • Jay

    “It is premature to discuss the subject when we do not know much about its causes and effects”

    So, an (apparent) lack of knowledge / empirical evidence about homosexuality is enough to bar it’s discussion. Using that logic, he should surely censor himself from
    discussing religion.

  • Toby

    Please, lets not forget that there are plenty of Christians who preach the same bullsh*t, so lets not simply attack one religious group for having a bigot like this preaching his nonsense as though it’s solely an Islamic extremism.

    All religious groups are a threat to society when they start to attack other free citizens, regardless of what nonsense they believe in and preach.

    But, I have to say, as a liberal person always willing to stand up to defend Muslim citizens against nonsense attacks by EDL bigots and ignorant racists, this man and his comments do not make me want to continue that sentiment.

    He doesn’t speak for all Muslims in this country, but the fact that he’s involved in this mosque to such a degree diminishes my desire to defend any religious follower.

    Someone needs to go and have a chat with him and make sure he understands that the UK is a secular society, and if he believes the kind of dictatorial bullsh*t he preaches he would be better off packing his bags and heading to a religious dictatorship.

    This kind of attitude should not be tolerated in this country, those who preach intolerance should be politely told to leave. If they choose not to, they should be removed from positions of influence.

    Lets hope GCHQ isn’t too busy spying on our webcams to monitor this guy.

    • kostas.lacon

      You are so polite !
      I am not sure that a gay must be polite with their prophet Muhammad …because in Hadiths he orders to kill the homosexuals.
      The right thing is to say the truth about islam even if this is not politically correct..
      Sorry I can’t be polite with my personal “Hitler” …

  • BudClark
    • Michael Patrick

      WOW ! that explains a lot. thanks Bud clark !

  • JD

    Given that ALL Muslim men bugger their sons – I cannot see how this backward monster of an outdated irrelevant superstition is even being listened to let alone reported on – pathetic old git

  • white squirrel

    well no gambling in Islam of course

  • Omar

    I am gay Muslim, I never came out of the closet because I fear muslim community harming me. Thank God I live in United States, my cousin came out as lesbian and the family threaten her life. She was disown by most of the family except her mother,sister and me. I was supportive her till this day. I told her never care about Muslims community and join lgbt community.

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