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‘God Hates Fags’ church founder Fred Phelps dies

  • Sasha


  • Daniel

    The best thing to do with this now is to have nothing further on it – his passing should be in silence, so that he is denied the attention him and his despicable clan sought/seeks.

    • Bent Pin

      I agree, but we can all have our private dance of joy at the same time.

    • darren

      Don’t you self-righteous queens ever get a nose bleed from taking the high road all the time? I will urinate on his decaying corpse. May the flames of hell eat his saggy @ss out. And eat it good

      • Daniel

        Pandering to their hatred only pleases them. Ignorance of them is what they despise and fear most.

  • Peter


  • Rumbelow

    Gee kid, tough! Sincerely hope nose doesn’t fall off.

  • That There Other David

    Oh well, that’s that then. Shall we put the kettle on?

    • white squirrel

      Probably not, there are stil the followers
      although it is hard to see any of them having quite the single minded anger at the world to carry it forward for long, and i can easily see the ‘church ‘ falling apart into schism before a year is out

  • Gaz Wkd

    On what’s labelled the official day of happiness… how ironic ;)

  • Brett Gibson

    Drinks on me lads and lasses

  • Jock S.Trap


  • Not Telling

    The amount of hate in the world has just gone down.

    It’s a shame that Fred Phelps won’t even see whether he was right or wrong about gay people because he’s dead and there’s probably no afterlife. Oh well.

    The irony is that Fred Phelps probably helped the gay movement more than he hurt it by alienating less extreme homophobes. I bet many moderates ended up reconsidering their position on gay rights thanks to the WBC.

    Bye Fred.

  • Joanne Cooper

    I suppose Phelps was right all along it takes a fag to know a fag if you want to put it that way maybe he was to ashamed to call a gay person gay in front of his congregation.

    • Bent Pin

      I don’t understand what your point is, Joanne.

  • Craig

    I’m sure some other half wit moron will replace him!

  • doug

    We have plenty of our own home grown scumbags like Keith O’Brien and Patricia McKeever. The latter recently questioned why Stephen Gately could have a Catholic funeral and a convicted Nazi mass killer could not.

  • CHBrighton

    I wonder what he thinks he achieved with his life? The objective view would be nothing decent, I think.

  • Daniel Autumn

    I like that he’s died on the First of Spring. It’s like a good omen.

  • Philip Marks

    The best thing to do now is to ignore him –as it always was the best thing to do… His genius was in his ability to find new ways to stir up outrage and hate. Yes he helped us in the end though. Now then, if he was right, having been excommunicated, he is in hell with Matthew Shepard and all the others he picketed. That would be ironic justice for him if not for them.

    • white squirrel

      It seems a strange thing they would excomm him on his deathbed
      surely that would make them lacking in xian love and charity lol
      as for being in hell – from his veiw he was in hell while alive and his last thoughts would probably have been about gay men having sex lol

  • gingerlycolors

    Fred Phelps in Hell! Homophobes die, God laughs!

  • GulliverUK

    Somebody I never knew, wouldn’t have wanted to know, and who didn’t know me, is dead – I don’t care. He was a hater of mankind, and if there was actually a God it would have found a way to move dear old Fred closer to it, much, much sooner, say 40 years ago, to spare the rest of us.

    He caused a lot of harm to a lot of people – the world is certainly better off now that he is silent, but those he groomed will probably carry on, and he has effectively multiplied his hate. I’m not glad he’s dead, but I will appreciate a bit of peace and quiet. Wouldn’t it be a lovely thing if WBC just packed up their hatred and turned over a new leaf. Ah… we can dream.

  • Jean – Paul

    “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Clarence Darrow

  • postopgirl

    Bye …… Whilst we won’t miss you, we still love you as one human being to another, we don’t hate unlike some, hate is a vile emotion which is alien to decent human beings, A word in the ear to those who will take his place, your god believes in the good within people and expouses that we love our nieghbour, why not use this as a fresh start and try preaching what your god preaches, bless you all

  • Cal

    It will be interesting to see if the family carry on with vigourously or just peter out. They’ll keep going for a while anyway as the daughters are filled with vitriol.

  • Rahman Alim

    He never knew it, but what a total waste of a life that could have been filled with joy and happiness rather than hatred and bile towards others. But his greatest crime was to twist the minds of his young children and grandchildren towards hating other human beings. I don’t believe in Hell, but if there is one, Fred will surely be there.

  • lee

    wonderful news this evening hope you rot in hell in dirty vile old baster*

  • Ra

    We do not go into mental institutions and hospitals to punish patients for their mental illness, so please act with a healthy response by being respectfully grateful his deeply misguided and horrific hate is passed too. Walk and live with the grace he could not cultivate and grow.

  • Pink Stink

    Of course, he lived longer than most homosexualites ever will.
    Homosexualites have a disproprtionately high mortality rate.
    Where is your ‘pride’ now!

  • Pinky Stinky

    Of course, he lived longer than most homosexualites ever will.
    Homosexxualites have a disproprtionately high mortality rate.
    Where is your ‘pride’ now!

    • Bent Pin

      Quentin Crisp – 91 when he died. I could probably find plenty more examples of homosexuals who lived to a ripe old age, and plenty of god-bothering idiots who died young, too. Our usual troll is talking rubbish as ever.

    • Rehan

      He lived longer than most “heterosexualites” [heterosexua-lights?] too. (US male life expectancy 77.4 [WHO])

      What, if anything, is your point?

    • white squirrel

      A lower life expectency for gays
      a higher murder rate of gays
      having no connection of course

  • JohnE

    Lots of ignorant comments here.
    The message of the WBC was never about hating homosexuals or about human hatred in any form. It was about the hatred of God – the main theme of the Bible. “God hates all the nations”, “God hates all workers of iniquity”, etc.
    Whatever you think of them as people, they are an excellent corrective to false religion which is now everywhere. The themes they preach on – the absolute depravity of man, God’s hatred for sin AND the sinner, predestination and reprobation, etc. – are entirely Biblical. Their view is traditional five-point Calvinism, which is what the Bible actually teaches. It’s also what almost all churches taught in the past – back in the day when people actually read the Bible.

    • Bent Pin

      isn’t it nice to live in an age when there are lots of other books to read and te Bible is just a doorstop.

    • Cuisle

      For a moment there I almost got caught out by the bile and thought the Bible really was about hatred. But actually it is people like JohnE, and the Calvin he talks about – back in the day when anyone who spoke out was called a heretic and burned – who cherry pick the hatred and forget about the God of Love. That’s why I stopped going to church. I had enough of his sort.

    • white squirrel

      yes it can be said that WBC uphold the core values of the bible
      one of the main reasons to reject it as a basis of life /moral values

    • Rehan

      …corrective to false religion

      All religions are false. The only corrective is Reason.

    • Joanne Cooper

      When someone like Phelps preaches hatred like he did and oddly enough people stupid enough to follow him and believe what he says is to be true then bigger fools them but he made a lot of people outside his circle hating him for probably not what he preached but what he said about gay people, trans* people and so on and so on, so you can’t blame people making vile, nasty and in some cases ignorant comments call it a way of relieving tension for now but in a few weeks time he will be gone and forgotten and coming to your point with the bible I’m not religious so I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo stuff but what the bible teaches and can learn people isn’t being used to that affect it’s been used to practically shove it down peoples throats can I say that and making people believe that god really does hate those who aren’t normal am I normal not in the eyes of people like Phelps and what he preached it’s actually being abused and people are to ignorant to sit down and read it properly and try and understand from it I could be wrong in that statement.

  • Wingby

    Nothing to see here. Move on….

  • Keith—-

    Did you know that humans are the only animals that practice homosexuality. No other animal has an exclusive sexual attraction to the same sex whilst shunning sex from the opposite gender?
    Of course, certain homosexualites have endeavoured to claim that certain animals that bond with the same sex are homosexuals yet such animals seek out their opposdite sex for mating. Normals call this friendship. Homosexualites wronglu claim it as homsexuality even though it does not fit the definition.
    It is interesting though that those that practice animalistic behaviour would look tpo the animal kingdom for their cue on sexual mortals. Some creatures practice cannibalism after mating. Do the homosexualites conclude therfore that cannibalism is natural and moral for humans also?

    • Bent Pin

      Keith, take the pills and lie down, there’s a good boy.

    • Rumbelow

      WRONG!, field research has shown that sheep can display exclusively gay behaviour throughout their lifetimes, even when opposite sex sheep are available to them they choose to mount or be mounted by other sheep of the same sex only.

    • Daniel O’Brien


    • Rehan

      those that practice animalistic behaviour would look tpo the animal kingdom for their cue on sexual mortals

      Awww, bless. Poor wee Keith, unable to see the contradictions in his own post yet again. Still, your knowledge of the behaviour of all the animals in the world (based presumably on your common interest in practising heterosexuality) must be impressive.

      PS: you consider yourself a sexual immortal, perhaps?

  • Taurman

    What if God is gay? How will Phelps handle it?

    • Bent Pin

      He’ll hang around the Pearly Gates with a sign reading ‘God is a fag’.

      • Taurman

        I like it, or the other hand it might force him out of the closet.

  • Keith Patrick Murphy

    Good riddance to this shell of a man

  • Mrs-Slocombes-Pussy

    Let’s all get banners and go picket his funeral wearing nothing but jockstraps. What’s sauce for the goose………

  • Dorian Gray

    R.I.P. An holy men dies.

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