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Exclusive- Ed Miliband: Coalition must take responsibility for lack of HIV testing by GPs

  • RJBrown

    Ed should REALLY get out more.
    With the amount of discrimination – homophobic and otherwise – that currently exists within GPs, I certainly wouldn’t want tests of ANY sort to be done by them.

  • Gareth Milner

    Are there not walk-in centres that give same-day results?

  • Jock S.Trap

    The more Ed Miliband speaks the more I cannot vote for Labour.

  • Adam

    I’m still voting Labour, lesser of the two evils, Camerons a pr**k,

    • SGL

      Really? lol, how do you work that out?

      • Adam

        What he’s doing to disabled people and of course the NHS too.

  • SGL

    The only people who should take responsibility are us gays in relation to getting tested. We dont need GPs anymore to test us, we can go to discreet gay clinics if need be. Just another attempt from Labour and an incompetent leader to divert from the real issue of him being a waste of space,

  • Daniel Spence

    What really needs to be dealt with is sex education. I go to a catholic school and while the teachers and students there are, for the most part, open-minded and tolerant, the sex education programme is terrible, especially for gays. The only time homosexuality was mentioned was when they were talking about HIV where they said “it’s not just a gay disease”. The rest of it was centred entirely around pointing out the weaknesses (not the strengths) of various forms of contraception and protection. And we’re supposed to be surprised that 80% of teenagers don’t use protection on their first time? The government needs to do with abstinence-only sex education the same thing it did to creationism. Keep it out of schools!

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