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Stephen Fry named presenter of the year for global homophobia documentary

  • barry

    Well done, Stephen Fry – you’ve received an award richly deserved!
    At last, we have a decent role model for our young gay people.

  • Marc Webster

    Congratulations Stephen, it’s well deserved….it was an interesting but sometimes disturbing 2 parter….you certainly did meet some evil people

  • Gin Mitchell

    Congrats, Stephen, old b.! They couldn’t have chosen a more deserving cove. The doc was stunningly brilliant. But I must insist, no matter how topping you may feel, you must NOT push yourself that far EVER again! Do You Bally Well Hear Me?? ……….silence, with a faint crackle of static……………..(sigh.)

  • Don_Harrison

    Thank you Stephen for your important work. You certainly deserve the award.

    Yesterday I watched on Channel 4 – Undercover Doctor “Cure me I am gay.
    Dr Christian Jessen investigates and undertakes controversial gay ‘cures’ in both the UK and the USA. where healers and therapists believe homosexuality is a problem that can be “fixed”.

  • Jones

    Rightly awarded, mostly because he resisted the temptation to punch those homophobes.

  • Truth

    Excellent achievement for what must have been a harrowing filming experience. If just ONE homophobic religious nut job was shamed and embarrassed by the programmes, it must surely have been worth the traumatic experience endured. Well done and thank you for being so readily prepared to fight our cause.

  • George Broadhead

    Unsurprisingly Stephen Fry is a dedicated Humanist:

  • Colin

    Well done Mr Fry and your colleagues.
    You are important to society Stephen, not just gay people. You change attitudes. I know it must be tough at times but please keep up the good work in your wonderful style.
    Regards and well done.

  • jako

    Truly deserved. Congratulations and thank-you for using your high profile to expose people and their ugly thinking the majority of us have had to endure all too often during our lives.

  • marshlander

    A well deserved accolade. I felt uplifted and informed observing Stephen Fry’s passion, intelligence, courage and empathy.


    Fry speaks about the evil and horrific people he met while preparing his documentary. We have them right here in the US. (Remember Matthew Shepard, for one?) I “came out” 46 years ago this summer with my first partner. At times I tend to believe gays were safer when less was known about us. Yet, on the other hand, I have seen gay rights grow exponentially. In 1968 the very idea of getting married did not even exist. But, I continue to feel deep, deep sorrow over the hate toward us, and the lies that are told about us to fuel that hate onward.

  • chris

    Stephen Fry needs to stop being an anal sex deny-er, he can speak for himself, but as for the majority of us we call a plough, a plough !

  • Leigh_Oats

    Well done, Stephen. If there’s a heaven then you’ll eventually bask in it.

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