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Comment: Same-sex marriage is almost here but the fight for equality continues

  • Maryland Kid

    Since when were England and Wales among the first countries in the world to legalize same-sex marriage? Considering that the constituent Kingdoms of Greater Britain are analogous to the American States, then England and Wales are the thirty third government to pass marriage equality. Or 36, if you count Mexico.

  • Philip Breen

    You have hit the nail on the head. Also, in the UK, while we have gay marriage from today & the decriminalisation & disregarding of some former gay offences, others are deemed by the Home Office not to have been ‘discriminatory’, such as sections 13 & 32 of SOA 1956 & section 4 of the SOA 1967 all of which relied on the pretty police routine to entrap men looking for other gay adult partners. Yet, these spent, victimless (unless proven otherwise which the police case notes of the last 30 years clarify) and homophobic offences are among the offences that ‘can never be filtered’ according to 2013 Home Office rules for disclosure by the DBS of old criminal offences. So thousands of gay men (on whom these offences in practice relied for context for the most part) are branded criminals for the rest of their lives and necessarily risks to children and vulnerable adults because they cruised for sex with adult partners. Therefore they can neither work with children and vulnerable adults nor volunteer. This needs dealing with and urgently. The situation is farcical and unjust.

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