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Catholic League: Boycott Heineken, Guinness and Sam Adams, they support gay equality

  • Colin

    This old bast— lives in the past. Let him go!

    The world is moving on from religion. Let it die slowly and painfully. Controling people never works. Educating them works and then they work out for themselves a society that is inclusive is best for all.

    Good bye catholic hog wash.

    • Rumbelow

      Think of how stupid the average person is and then realise that half of them are stupider than that.

  • “Tolerance and Diversity” = “The right to hate, and the right to discriminate”.

    I think I’ll just boycott EVERYTHING. Saves time.

  • Yesh U R

    Catholic’s and tolerance and diversity? I am laughing fit to bust at that, add to that the idea that the Catholic Church respects the First Amendment and you are in clown school. That bastard criminal organisation should be abandoned by all of its brain-washed flocks if they had one scintilla of decency left in them after the recent revelations of the horrors it has perpetrated. As for the Catholic League it can go and itself.

  • Truth

    Even if I was not gay, I would find the spectacle of this vile, religious bigot spewing forth his hate-filled rhetoric revolting in the extreme. Have they NO IDEA how disgusting they appear? Advocating the boycoting of companies because they supported equality over discrimination? They are more and more ridiculous in their Neanderthal attitudes. The sooner they go the way of the dinosaurs, the happier, more loving and compassionate the world will be.

    • Pink Stink

      So many adjectives, so much hatred against a person who has broken no laws and merely used the platform of free speech to express opinions about behaviours.
      He has shown no hatred nor malice toward any individual , unlike your own ill conceived personal attack.
      People have the right to be disgusted by behaviour they find disgusting. Would you say that a person who is disgusted by scat is a scatophobe and a bigot?
      Does this make you realize how weak your argument is and how the homosexualites take disgust of behaviours personally and respond with personal attack rather than effective rebuttal?
      Personally, I believe homosexuality is sinful , degrading and physically and mentally damaging yet I hate no particular individual homosexualite, I merely hate their behaviour and their attempts to indoctrinate school children to believe that it is not immoral when parents of conscience have the right to train their children otherwise.

      • Oooolala!

        Personally, I believe the Catholic Church is sinful, degrading and physically and mentally damaging yet I hate no particular individual catholic, I merely hate their behaviour and their attempts to indoctrinate others that it’s ok to discriminate on how someone is born versus a religious belief that is the choice of the individual or imposed on them growing up.

        • Pink Stink

          I agree that the Catholic church is sinful, particularly in view of the disproportionate amount of child abusing homosexual priests. They do not teach bible standards nor do they practice them.

      • Rehan

        Bless. Homosexuality might have been ‘sinful, degrading and physically and mentally damaging’ in your case, but that’s your experience and your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Advocating the boycott of companies promoting equality based on these opinions is a different issue, though perhaps that aspect of the matter eludes you.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        “Pink Stink” you say Donohue “has shown no hatred nor malice toward any individual”. Oh, dear. Look, please, so that you don’t come to any harm, please check yourself into mental health counselling pronto.

        “Pink Stink”, you’re stinking of the severe delusions typical of blind cultists. You’re stinking of blind obedience to a seriously deluded leader.

        See your general practitioner quick and insist on an immediate referral to a mental health professional.

        You CAN beat this thing. You CAN get well.

      • Dolly Digest

        Stink – this individual has shown malice and hatred towards a vulnerable too frequently persecuted minority group. He has used his platform of free speech to oppress a minority group. His hateful and vile speech is targeting an innate and biological trait which cannot be changed now matter how much these crazies wish it could. Your own comment infers that you too are a homophobe and a bigot – consider yourself effectively rebutted.

        The only arguments that are weak, insubstantial are those of the anti-LGBT and anti same sex marriage brigade for they are nothing but bigots and quite frequently racists too.

        Your belief that homosexuality is sinful is absolutely ridiculous. Why? Because homosexuality is innate,biological and perfectly natural. However, your vile religious fueled hatred of LGBT is not natural, it is learned. May be you focus more on being a decent tolerant civil individual rather than your religious delusion.

        • Pink Stink

          Homosexuality is not a group , it is a behaviour. He has shown no malice to any individual, merely an aversion to what he rightly considers disgusting behaviour, just as you may consider scat disgusting, or would that make you a hater of the scat community?
          Please assimilate this basic information and learn from it as It is you that is delusional to believe that homosexuality is moral biologically natural and beneficial when the evidence shows that homosexual males are 50 times more likely to have AIDS than straight males.

          • Truth

            Your self-loathing is palpable! It’s the same vile self-hatred expressed outwardly by Freda Phelps, Scott Lively, Bryan Fischer, etc, etc, etc. Accept yourself for who you are:- a brainwashed cultist who has been taught to self-loathe and, consequently, has an unnatural interest in what gay people do. It’s obvious you are conflicted to be on gay blog sites like this, venting your spleen at who? Yes – yourself! Truly heterosexual people couldn’t give a monkey’s what gay people get up to. So, do yourself a favour. Come out the closet! And don’t give me any ‘god says’ blargghh. The bible is used by homophobic closet-cases simply to prop-up their self-loathing.

          • Pink Stink

            Spare me the psychoanalysis. You are not qualified to practice psychiatric medicine, especially online to complete strangers.
            You are embittered because you take it personally that many are rightly disgusted by homiosexuality. This is not about me but rather the wider issue of how homosexuality , especially when accepted, harms society.
            The behaviour is learned, it is not genetic any more than a sexual persons attraction to animals or prepubescent children.
            Human beings are the only animal model that spurns sexual connection with the opposite sex in favour of same sex. It is unnatural.

          • Oooolala

            Pink Stink! The world of psychiatry has modernized and moved with the demands of modern life unlike the Catholic Church. There is more a need for their expertise than ever to help those left in a bad way by the church who have realized that living by a book written by man ain’t all it’s cracked up to be by people who pick and choose their own interpretations when it suits and then hide behind it to justify their screw ups and evil in life! Hail the psychiatrists that pick up the pieces!

          • Psychologist

            STINK – TRUTH may or may not be qualified to give
            psychological diagnosis, but I AM !

            You are so incorrect in what you seem to present as FACT – that you really should do the years of research I have done before opening your mouth and spouting all this rubbish, which is entirely unsubstantiated, factually incorrect, and just plain WRONG. Again, proof (if any further proof were needed) that you spout this in order to substantiate your OWN homophobic agenda, because you’re clearly in denial that you’re GAY !

            Homosexuality has been PROVED to be entirely NATURAL! (over many, many years of proper scientific research, in many different countries and parts of the world).

            HOW ? Because the definition of NATURAL is “something which organically occurs in NATURE” (ie NATURAL).

            Research on animals in their NATURAL surroundings has
            studied and discovered (as of 2000) around 1,500 species, ranging from primates to giraffes, having been observed engaging in same-sex behaviors; this is very well
            documented in about 500 species. Which conclusively proves beyond any doubt, that same-sex attraction exists quite naturally not only in humans, but also right across the entire animal kingdom in the NATURAL world. That FACT is indisputable.

            So yet AGAIN ..
            YOU’RE WRONG !

            EXPOSED ! How do you feel about having ALL your arguments blown out of the water by science and research, as opposed to stupid superstitious beliefs written in a book from 2000 years ago, by uneducated, superstitious idiots who were almost certainly megalomaniacs?

          • Pink Stink

            There are no animals that shun opposite gender in favour of same sex, except some filthy humans.

          • Psychologist

            STINK – Once again, your comments are factually totally
            incorrect. Again showing you up to be the homophobe that you really are, who will resort to telling whatever lies you make up, in order to ATTEMPT to further your OWN agenda. You’ve failed miserably! All you succeed in doing is looking very foolish, lacking in basic intelligence, and a bigoted and desperate idiot, with NO validity in anything you claim !
            If you even bothered to do ANY research at all, you will
            find that there are many animal species (including humans) who display exclusively same-sex sexual acts, (rejecting, or ignoring opposite sex) observed in many scientific studies, over many years. Including a pair of Giraffes who were not ONLY same-sex orientated exclusively, but were even monogamous, and appeared to their observers to be “in
            love” with each other. Other same-sex species from the NATURAL animal kingdom included in the scientific observations are:- Lions, Elephants, Monkeys, Dolphins, American Bison, Penguins, Rams, Mallards, Koala Bears and Swans etc etc etc ……

            The point is here (which you very conveniently miss) is – that NO ONE has MADE any of these hundreds of species of animals reject opposite-sex, in favour of same-sex activity, they have done it quite NATURALLY, which conclusively proves beyond doubt that homosexuality is NATURAL, as it appears in most animal species as well as humans – NATURALLY !

            So once again, your “attempt” at spouting what you present as “facts,” is entirely wrong, and again, claiming lies
            and incorrect information, in attempt to legitimise your OWN issues !

            You’re in serious need of some therapy !

            EXPOSED ! (as a factually incorrect liar)

          • Psychologist

            TRUTH – Yes, you’re quite correct.

            STINK claims “”this is not about me…. ” Which is a classic response to deflect the issue from where it really originates, (WITHIN himself) to somewhere else ie PROJECTION being the defence mechanism being deployed in order to achieve this “cloak” from which to hide behind.

            He can’t even get his “facts” right ! I have studied the world research into sexuality, and sexual orientation for over 15 years, where ALL the “proper” scientific research concludes without doubt, that one’s sexual orientation is FIXED at (or
            just prior to) our birth ! It can NOT be changed (only denied) (as with STINK – which then causes homophobia). One’s
            sexual orientation (gay or straight) is absolutely NOT a choice, it is an innate and integral part of who we are.

        • Keith.//

          Of course it is learned, just as I learned to be disgusted by all manner of filth such as scat, which is disproportionately practiced by homosexualites.

          • Psychologist

            So you think that homosexuality is “learned behaviour” do you ? Are you a qualified behaviourist or psychologist to enable your comments to have ANY sort of validity ? The reason I ask is .. because I AM !
            Everyone’s sexual orientation (straight or gay) has been proven beyond doubt, (through years of world-wide research) to be fixed at (or just prior to) our birth !
            Get your facts right before you make ridiculous claims about which you clearly have no knowledge, other than your OWN homophobia (which is caused through being in denial of your OWN homosexuality !

      • Truth

        Pink stink … I wonder why you are attracted to a gay blog site like this? Your post STINKS of self-hatred. You really should seek help as it is blatantly obvious to me that you have ‘issues’ with your own sexuality …..

        • Psychologist

          Yes TRUTH – Indeed ! As a qualified psychologist, and experienced psychotherapist,
          I’m highly trained to spot and identify the deployment of the classic defence
          mechanism known as PROJECTION. “Projection”
          is used by a person who has an “internal issue or conflict in their emotions/desires”
          which is being “denied” – then “externalised”
          (as though their issue was SOMEONE ELSE’S – then dealt with EXTERNALLY.
          I’m an expert in homophobia matters, and can state clearly that this process is
          an inherent component in homophobic views and behaviour. Simply put – anyone who shows an over-concern
          about the sexual orientation of SOMEONE ELSE is deploying “PROJECTION” – where that
          use of projection is used to displace their dislike of their OWN suppressed
          homosexuality, so it “APPEARS” to be hatred of the homosexuality of OTHERS. Homophobes are simply as a result of denying
          their OWN homosexuality! In order to
          attempt to hide this, homophobes will often also deploy “legitimisers” such as
          quoting religious beliefs, in order to attempt to legitimise, thus hide THEIR
          OWN issues of being homophobic through being gay and in denial of that.

          • Pink Stink

            So psychiatry has now evolved in to online consultations with complete strangers??? Idiot and liar.

          • Psychologist

            PINK STINK – Please remember if you’re going to communicate with a highly trained psychologist, that I will see through everything you say. Your response is classic defence behaviour, calling someone a “liar” simply because
            you are unable to offer no valid counter-argument with which to offer a proper rational response. This exposes you for the lack of integrity you clearly have, as well as already having exposed yourself for being a classic homophobe (because you’re gay and in denial of that).

            Incidentally – ALL PHOBIAS are a psychological disorder.
            ALL OF THEM ! Including HOMO-PHOBIA ! Homophobia (such as you display here) is CAUSED by the denial/suppression of your own homosexuality, as a
            result of negative “anti-gay” conditioning, which comes primarily from religions. You have clearly sustained much psychological damage, and use PROJECTION and DISPLACEMENT defence mechanisms in order to EXTERNALISE that damage onto others. Go get some professional help, to assist you to find your
            real buried/denied gay feelings. You will become MUCH happier, and your homophobia will simply fall away, and so will your vile hatred.

            One must question, WHY are you on a gay website here in the first place ? EXPOSED !

          • Pink Stink

            Is online psychiatry as practiced by unqualified perverts disproportionate amongst the homosexualite community?
            Evidently so!
            Ah well, it keeps them out of our public toilets I suppose.

          • Psychologist

            Stink – Once again, you seem obsessed with men in public
            toilets ! I wonder WHY that could be ! Do you become turned on at those thoughts ? Struggle to suppress them ?

            EXPOSED ! (yet again) !

          • Truth

            Oooo dear, Pink Stink. Sticks and stones …. Personally, I’ve always found that people – particularly bullies – always resort to rudeness, insults and even violence when they are confronted with the truth.

          • Oooolala

            The world of psychiatry has modernized and moved with the demands of modern life unlike the Catholic Church. There is more a need for their expertise than ever to help those left in a bad way by the church who have realized that living by a book written by man ain’t all it’s cracked up to be by people who pick and choose their own interpretations when it suits and then hide behind it to justify their screw ups and evil in life! Hail the psychiatrists that pick up the pieces!

          • Psychologist

            Oooolala – Thank you for your comments. Yes, your comments are extremely valid, and factually correct. I’ve been a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist for
            over 25 years, and over those years, I have given therapy to many people where a large amount of their inner-conflict, was actually CAUSED by their religious conditioning. With a range of issues from internalised excessive feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and low self-worth, to self-harm and even suicide – religious
            conditioning is often at the heart of those issues. (including homo-PHOBIA.)
            It is well understood that religions (especially Catholic
            and Islam being the worst offenders) cause a massive amount of psychological damage, and deliberately DISEMPOWER people, in order to make them more submissive, which in turn makes them easier to control (condition) into becoming merely an AGENT for some perceived “higher power” (God). Living in
            this “AGENTIC STATE” is not only psychologically really bad for us, (because it actively removes OURSELVES in choices in OUR OWN lives, and disempowers us) but allows us to do “bad things” whilst taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions, but instead, claiming that it was “God’s Will” ! This is of course mere rubbish, as there is NO GOD, it is merely a “cop out” which enables religious people to take no responsibility for their vile bigotry and hostility against those who happen to not share THEIR beliefs.
            I should also add, that not ALL religious people behave this way. ONLY the ones who USE their religion as a “legitimiser” to substantiate their OWN issues and agenda.

          • Psychologist

            PINK STINK – You are unbelievably misinformed on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to start with you. You would be a patient for many, many months, obviously carrying so much delusional thinking and clear psychological damage due to having been exposed to totally damaging religious conditioning. It seems like you are very
            quick to dismiss the massive amount of research and conclusions regarding homophobia – but yet will no doubt support the totally unscientific and “bigoted-based” so
            called “gay cure”, often delivered (especially in USA) by UNTRAINED and unqualified “therapists” ! These so
            called “gay cures” have been proved to be based in nothing more than homophobia (of the “therapists” and organisations who they represent) and are known to be
            damaging for the person receiving the (so called) therapy, as it simply utilised rough, unsophisticated versions of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in order to attempt to change the persons BEHAVIOUR, in attempt to OVER-RIDE the persons real feelings and desires. This is unethical and damaging. Yet people like YOU, would no doubt endorse this sort of activity, which has NO scientific support whatsoever. Yet you dismiss correct science and proven psychological research. This confirms even more, that your agenda is merely a PERSONAL one, in that your OWN denied homosexuality is what drives your vile homophobia. You attempt to use religious beliefs to try to LEGITIMISE your own agenda, along with many others who do the same. Your arguments are totally invalidated for these reasons !

      • saintlaw

        You will die by your own hand unless you come to terms with your sexuality, you sad, deluded closet-case.

        • Fear the reaper

          Worry not about me. I am plague free and moral which affords me peace of mind whereas amoral pondlife such as yourself condemn themselves to a life of HIV testing and clinic visit

          • Rehan

            “Peace of mind”? Bless you, poor dear Keith, how is it actually possible to lack self-awareness to such a marked degree? You have the most diseased brain of any regular contributor to these forums (indeed your hysterical determination to express your “thoughts” alone speaks volumes about your “peace of mind”).

  • soapbubb

    Go and wan#k over the virgin Mary, you old basta8rd c8ntbag! Then swallow a crucifix and choke!

  • Mitch Burns

    LOL, God/Jesus only drank wine with his followers not beer, so why boycott when the should be sustaining from it anyway LOL. I guess when it suits their purpoeses

  • Don_Harrison

    That is Childish

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I wish I could drink enough Guinness, Sam and Heineken to compensate for any catholic boycott, but alas I don’t think my liver could take it after years of trying to do just that (sigh)

  • Brett Gibson

    Yeah, we’ll see what half of Ireland and Holland are drinking at the weekend….tool. Do us all a favour and boycott life.

  • saintlaw

    He is like a celebrant at a black mass who inverts the meaning of the words “tolerance and diversity” so that they mean their exact opposite.

    How stupid does he think people are?

  • jlvnv

    Here we have the leader of a Catholic group that has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. For them to masquerade as a Christ-like endeavor is hypocritical, demeaning, tiresome, loathsome, and demonstrative of the hate which emanates from the evangelical sectors of American society. Their vitriolic methods are unquestionably dangerous hate-mongering. And they wonder why the millenials have had enough of religious groups which are intolerant.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    This is the self appointed head, he doesn’t even have any real right to represent Catholics.

    He did an interview on CNN and was shocked to hear that the Bible forbids shellfish or mixed fabrics and such like

  • lee

    tolerance and diversity you silly old fart – you really are a very backward old man, bless you

  • Steven Gregory

    The “Catholic League” consists of little more than Donohue and some home emailers and survey respondents. Let them boycott the beer companies and we’ll see just how much pull they exert. I usually drink Corona or Rolling Rock, but I think I’ll buy from these companies for this summer’s festivities.

  • doug

    “…. called for Catholics to stop drinking’

    Some hope. LOL.

  • PeterinSydney

    Rather boycott this silly old fart.

  • JD

    Catholics? Boycott Alcohol? HAHahahahahahahahahah — ooohh my sides ache – -My Bargain, if ALL Catholics give up booze and Irish Catholics stop drinking Guinness then I will submit to conversion therapy!

  • jazatw

    Welcome to the free market and freedom of expression. If he wants to call for a boycott then good luck to him. I can’t imagine it is going to do very much, but it is his prerogative. If Guinness et al boycott Paddy’s Day because of their stand, we can’t really complain if someone calls for a boycott of Guinness because of its stand.

    • saintlaw

      Of course because good is equivalent to evil and justice to injustice.

      You radiant teat.

      • jazatw

        I am simply saying that Guinness, by taking the stand it did, left itself open to the same tactics being used against it. The Catholic League (whatever that might me) justifies its actions by reference to their interpretation of the bible. Whether or not you (a) agree with their stand or (b) agree with their justification, it is hard to deny them the right to adopt the tactics they have while at the same time lauding someone else for using the same tactics.
        I don’t speak for the Catholic League but I am sure, were you to ask them, they would claim that they were being good and that we are the ones who are wrong.

  • Daniel

    “all those who believe in tolerance, diversity, and the First Amendment” The irony is utterly hilarious. That thing you call tolerance and diversity Bill, it doesn’t mean what you think it does.
    Hmm… something tells me that you and Murdick’s demands will go unheeded.

  • That There Other David

    Funniest thing about this is an American calling a European beer slop. Next they’ll be slagging off our chocolate :D

  • erin

    this is hilarious; he speaks of tolerance and rights but only for his anglo-saxon bible thumping followers, not for those HE deems not worthy of right and tolerance. that’s a fracking riot.

  • “I urge Catholics, and all those who believe in tolerance, diversity,
    and the First Amendment, to join with me in boycotting these brews.”

    Doublespeak worthy of a character from 1984.

    I’m sure we can offset any “boycott” by this crazy group, there’s going to be an increase in the LGBT community (and plenty of other decent people) supporting these brands, and I have a feeling it’s going to be higher than any losses.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, or nearly every character in Heller’s “Catch-22”!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Says the twice married bigot. He’s a multi-millionaire making money off of gullible Catholic to promote hate. He also holds a Ph.D. in sociology which he thinks makes him an expert on sexual orientation often claiming that paedophilia is synonymous with being gay.

  • RJBrown

    “I urge Catholics, and all those who believe in tolerance, diversity, and the First Amendment, to join with me in boycotting these brews.”
    I’m obviously not the only one that see the contradiction in her words and his actions – funny that.

    • RJBrown

      whoops – his words – then again, if he’s up for diversity would he mind?

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Bill Donohue’s hypocrisy is jaw-dropping, breath-taking, embarrassing, laughable!

    Bill Donohue urges members of his Catholic cult “who believe in tolerance, diversity” to boycott companies who have had the integrity to say no to his complete LACK of belief in tolerance and diversity!

    But this deluded religious cultist cannot see it.

    It’s up to those who are closest to him to give him a good talking to, to shake him up, and show him how utterly stupid he looks to rational people.

  • Kempie

    As a Roman Catholic myself, I’ll be making a point of drinking MORE Guiness.

    This dinosaur clearly has NOT been listening to the words of Pope Francis, and I’m sure he won’t be listening anytime soon either to His Holiness.

    An unpleasant individual living in the Old Testament – but only when it suits his own twisted view of society.

  • val

    Let me premise this by saying that I don’t fully understand this issue or why people care so much about this parade. That being said, what is this parade about? Is it about St Patrick’s? Is it about Irishness? If it’s one of those two, why do LGBT people want to parade in it with LGBT signs? Isn’t it tantamount to crashing someone else’s parade? Why not just let them have it? If I have missed the issue here, please illuminate me. Thanks.

    • Shaed Greenwood

      LGBT Irish people are proud of both aspects of themselves, and see historical oppression of Irish people as related to current oppression of LGBT people.

  • John Cuthbert

    “I urge Catholics, and all those who believe in tolerance, diversity, and the First Amendment, to join with me in boycotting these brews.”

    Sorry, Did I miss something. Is he seriously suggesting that we don’t drink a brand of alcohol that is showing tolerance because of believing in tolerance. Surely that is by its very definition intolerance?

  • From the Heartland

    This guy and his organization do NOT represent most Catholics in the US even though he claims they do. He’s a moron. Most Catholics I know (and I’m one) don’t give a patoot whether or not someone is gay. I’m out and have had no problem with others in my parish.

  • Rosalind Mercer

    I am not gay, but I embrace all mankind. This is what I think: the religious who believe in God should do well to remember that their God created us all, so that guy is quite wrong in his discriminatory diatribe. However the Old Testament is so full of hatred against many groups it is not surprising that the RC church’s followers have these horrible and archaic ideas, stemming from a book that is no better than Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It is hardly surprising how nasty some can can be. I welcome the day, albeit far off, when the intellect of the human race has evolved sufficiently to have cast off religious ideas and will embrace the real truth of life without the supernatural to subvert and corrupt its thinking.

  • gweilo

    Me thinks he doth protest too much

  • Rob Oakes

    I’m not a gay person, however I will not tolerate homophobia and I will fully stand up for gay rights and my gay friends. Religion is the worst thing to happen to our society, as an ‘intelligent’ society are we to believe what was written down by a bunch of people hundreds/thousands of years ago and if so why is only parts of a religion followed – for example: Deuteronomy 22:20-21 states: If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, 21 she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done an outrageous thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you. Is this still practiced? I would like to know in this day and age why people are still homophobic? It’s not like its a illness and its not a choice? Did you choose to like men/women? You are just attracted to that particular gender!!!!! For f**ks sake there are more important issues in the world than homosexuality!!!!

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