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Tory and Lib Dem politicians react with ‘scepticism’ to UKIP gay marriage ‘u-turn’

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Not so sure if Farage is no longer opposed to same-sex marriage and actually hasn’t said as such. Not wanting to overturn it should UKIP ever gain any real power doesn’t mean it supports it surely? Maybe I’ve misread it.

  • Cal

    He answered all the questions in a very general “we are against discrimination” way. He still has plant of scope to turn back the clock on our rights. I’d be vaguely interested to know what has brought about his change of conscience, if that is what it is.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I don’t trust anything Farage says. He hasn’t categorically stated he supports same-sex marriage. Just remember, Tory MP Peter Bone, a fierce opponent of SSM introduced an EDM for a referendum on it but withdrew it while remaining just as opposed to SSM. Farage is feeling the heat from the backlash against some of the loons in his party, e.g. David Silvester et al. There’s only one thing I agree with Farage on, i.e. civil marriage for all, religious solemnisation after the fact for those who require it, emulating the French system.

  • Jones

    He better not un-done gay marriage but first he’s got to get a seat in the House of Commons before that can even be thought of.

  • Serkan M

    Saying you wouldn’t abolish same sex marriage isn’t the same as saying you wouldn’t promote it either.

    Hes not getting my vote that’s for sure.

  • Two Bob

    What u-turn?

    • Oh come on, it’s widely known that large swathes of UKIP voters are homophobic, racist and generally xenophobic old people who drool over Daily Heil headlines.

      Some stereotypes are true.

  • Anyone who trusts this party needs their head read.
    It’s not great that we only really have three other failures to vote in, but each and every one of them would be safer than voting in this crazy bunch of xenophobic loons.

  • Jeremy Wright

    It’s not a salient issue in the public consciousness frankly. A minority are affected positively and those who have flocked to UKIP did so long ago last year in February to May, but if he’s going to have a broader appeal than ultra right Tories and genuinely represent libertarianism then toning down gay marriage opposition is a good place to start. It is cynical but unsurprising.

  • That There Other David

    Scepticism when it comes to the words of Nigel Farage is very healthy, especially when he doesn’t appear to be speaking for the rest of his party on this one. It wouldn’t surprise me if UKIP were about to experience another Kilroy-Silk style split in the ranks.

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