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Nigel Farage confirms that UKIP will not campaign to abolish same-sex marriage

  • Sparkyu1

    So he’s anti-marriage equality even if he won’t try and repeal them, still looking at changes. He’s in favour of legal discrimination. He is in favour of excusing homophobic bigotry and blames his homophobic members on “media slant”

    And can’t even provide any details of his policies beyond “BOO EUROPE BAD WAAAH!” No thanks

    • Michael

      I don’t understand this obsession with wanting to amend religious beliefs to suit a different agenda. The equality issue which is the main issue was addressed by civil partnerships. I’m sure there are other religions whose views on the LGBT community are equally more pressing to address. Secondly as was mentioned the manifesto is currently being written so how can you lambast someone for not telling you what they are. Understand that no political party has any policies at all this close to a general election.

  • Oodle McDoogle

    Nigel Farage is a demagogue. I grant him that he adds entertainment value to every political panel, but politics is not about entertainment. Hopefully, I’ll never have to wake up to a nightmare version of the UK with Nigel Farage as PM.

  • CHBrighton

    UKIP keep telling us that they are not like the Front National (FN) in France. But the rationale behind the FN’s policies sound just like the rationale for UKIP’s policies (which it doesn’t have at the moment as far as I can tell – so how do people know what they’ll be voting for in the forthcoming EU Parliament elections?). And FN leader Marine Le Pen has said several times that the FN and UKIP are closer than UKIP will admit. FN says partnerships are OK but equal marriage is a step too far – just like Farage/ UKIP.

  • That There Other David

    Nigel Charade tells everyone what they want to hear. I don’t trust him as far as I’d like to kick him.

    • RedDevil9

      It does worry me the rise of the far-right again in Europe. The fact that people would actually vote for a party like his at all, shows that we’re partially regressing as a species. I’d usually call those that vote for them Neanderthals, but I wouldn’t want to insult Neanderthals, who were far more intelligent.

      • Two Bob

        Maybe because not everyone lives in Brighton?

      • Nan Tucks Ghost

        Why bring the ‘far-right’ into this debate? UKIP isn’t far right.

        Why the hell are we regressing as a species because people vote UKIP?

        I don’t think you have much of an idea about UKIP, its policies or the majority of its supporters.

        • RedDevil9

          They’re just the BNP in slightly more expensive suits and have a slightly better vocabulary. Apart from that, there is literally no difference between them at all.

          • Jingogunner

            There is actually a vast difference between UKIP and BNP; you must be an Anglophobic Far Left Extremist Bigot to be so paranoid..

          • RedDevil9

            A far-left extremist? What’s one of those? See, that’s the problem with people like you, you call someone who wants equal rights for all human beings, no matter what their diversity, an ‘extremist’. You’re deluding yourself, you’re making excuses for bigots in suits.

          • Please don’t comment on politics again. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

          • RedDevil9

            What’s embarrassing is UKIP trolling any online story that has UKIP in it. Good luck getting even one MP next year. Your own ‘leader’ came third when he tried.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            If trolling is correcting your misapprehensions, then I’m happy to do it. A lot has changed since the last election. We’ve seen the Tories in government since then.

          • RedDevil9

            If you think I have any ‘love’ for the Tories, then you miss the point. Does that mean we have to go even further to the right? UKIP will attack everyone who the Tories have and even more people. Time to take those blinkers off. Farage will never be PM, and if you want that fantasy to come true, then expect to see him yelling out and beating his hand down in the Commons, whilst occasionally pausing for breath and sweeping his hair to the side.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            No, I didn’t have you down for a Tory, or Labour or Lib Dem ‘lover’. I have no idea which party, if any, you support. I think it’s extremely unlikely that Farage’ll ever become PM. Neveretheless I hope we’ll one day have a properly informed, public debate about our membership of the EU, and the effect it has had, and continues to have, on our democracy. In pushing for that Farage has my support.

          • Barry Scarfe

            There are some profound differences. UKIP is an ultra-Thatcherite Tory Party and thus disagrees with economic nationalism. The BNP is a nationalist party and therefore it is against excessive economic neo-liberalism and believes that free enterprise should should not so completely unhindered that it operates to the nation’s detriment. In other words, it admires the sort of economic policies in post WW2 Japan thus protecting the British economy from excessive globalization.

        • However you want to paint it, UKIP is a xenophobic party, and all those I have met who give it any credence also express racist views, or simply repeat ignorant Daily Mail headlines.

          The people who support this party are generally the kind of simple-thinkers Hollie McNish talks about in this amazing spoken-word video.

  • TampaZeke

    The headline is misleading and some of the comments here reflect that people didn’t read what he actually said. So let’s review what was asked and what he actually answered.

    The question was, “would [UKIP} seek to overturn the marriages of the tens of thousands of same-sex couples who will be married by May 2015?”

    Answer: No.

    Nowhere does he say that he wouldn’t attempt to repeal the law; only
    that he wouldn’t take marriage away from people who were already
    married. There is a HUGE difference. California repealed their
    marriage law but didn’t take the marriages away from those married
    before the law was repealed. There is absolutely no indication that a
    UKIP government wouldn’t do the same.

    • Harry

      Indeed. This is really important. The question was wrongly phrased but nowhere does Farage say that he will maintain the existing law on NEW marriages.

      • Guest

        hey, I’m a UKIP supporter; they are are VERY APPROACHABLE. Why don’t you email them on the website, or email Nigel directly on his website and ask them? I IS very important question and it needs asking. So please, contact UKIP and Ask!

      • Jingogunner

        hey, I’m a UKIP supporter; they are are VERY APPROACHABLE. Why don’t you email them on the website, or email Nigel directly on his website and ask them? It IS a very important question and it needs asking. So please, contact UKIP and Ask!

  • Windymac

    Fingers in ears. La la-la la-la. Why does anyone bother?

  • Cal

    Why are there “increasing numbers GLBT people in UKIP”? The mind boggles!

    • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

      To be fair a lot of people regardless of their sexuality are sick of the current government and things like the EU.

      Not saying where I stand but I am just saying there not every LGBT person is a left winger a significant number are on the right and will identify with some of UKIPs policies.

      • Cal

        Oh, believe me, I know a lot of Gay people are very right wing. But UKIP???

        • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

          Even though I am not against the EU the Lisbon treaty should have been given a referendum since it is flawed in several ways and such a movement of powers to Brussels should have had accountability.

          There are people who think the UK would be better of without the EU, currently only UKIP are the party offering these people a way out

          • Cal

            I would prefer our elected politicians to make decisions on Europe rather than opening it up to the great unwashed, who will be unable to make educated decisions. They will vote us out because they saw 2 Romanians in the Pound Shop that morning.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            If I thought our elected politicians made decisions after considering the issues, instead of their own self-interests, I might agree with you.

            I think I have as much chance of making an educated decision as they do. We live in a democracy; they should work to gain our informed support when they stand for election. It’s perfectly obvious they make no effort to do that.

  • icini

    Why are there more GLBT people in UKIP ? Perhaps they have attended a meeting of their local branch and found that they were perfectly well accepted, that no one was prejudiced against them and that they agreed with most of UKIP policies. At least 30% of the population do according to recent polls. Why should GLBT people be different from anyone else ? Most UKIP activists now seem to be from the 2013 intake, these people are quite different from those of say 2010.
    Anyway, you can ask gay Ukipers yourself, they have their own facebook group and page

    • Daniel

      The same reason there is a LGBT contingent in the GOP; people are hoodwinked into believing all the right-wing rhetoric and that they’d be safe.

      • Jingogunner

        You must be an Anglophobic left extremist bigot. ha ha ha! Or, you could be a witless ninny if you pretend that Conservative or Labour will gain you ‘safety’. Can I ask, Mr Far Left Extremist Bigot, what you mean by ‘safe’, :- safe from what?

        • Daniel

          Thank you for so eloquently making my point.

          If you truly believe that far right politics would protect or fight for LGBT equality, then you are truly naive.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            So have your argument with someone who supports the ‘far right’ not UKIP.

          • Daniel

            UKIP sits further right on the political spectrum than most other parties, and allies itself with a number of other right-wing populist parties in the Euro Parliament. It’s policies are specifically right-wing and at times show extreme views. It’s main (and it appears only) policy is nationalism and withdrawal from the EU.
            By any definition, UKIP “supports the ‘far right'”.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            But as their rivals are all high tax, statist parties, it isn’t really difficult to be on the right of them. UKIP aren’t going to sit with parties in the EP that want more EU integration and that’s their only other choice (apart from being ‘non-attached along with parties like the BNP.) The EU requires parties to join groups of other parties from different countries to take advantage of funding, speaking time, etc. None of that makes them ‘far right’.

            Which UKIP policies do you see as being ‘extreme’ or ‘far right’? Please quote specifically from the party.

          • Daniel

            Rivals? UKIP have 12% of EU Seats, 1.02% of Council seats and 0% Parliamentary seats… hardly a rival.
            It is rather difficult to quote any specific policies, given that a) the main one is a nationalist withdrawal from the EU and b) the party keeps making constant roundabouts on other policies. Nationalism and isolationism are traditionally far right political ideals. I’ll pick two policies for today. The first is continuing to demand that there be a two tier marriage system for homosexuals and heterosexuals. It wasn’t acceptable for catholics to have a second rate marriage, and it wasn’t acceptable for black people to have a second rate marriage. It isn’t acceptable now in a modern society to have inequality. Demanding inequality based on a physical innate characteristic is particularly right wing.
            The second is the intention to withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights. The removal of fundamental freedoms of the person is a dangerous and extreme tool which opens the doors for the state to abuse and remove such freedoms.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            Well UKIP seems to have struck fear into the heart of our political establishment despite not being rivals.

            UKIP doesn’t want churches to have to carry out same sex marriages. I have no problem with this policy as it does not demand inequality, homosexuals and hetrosexuals have all the same rights, and nor is it ‘far right’.

            Isolationism plays no part in UKIP’s thinking and imo reverting to independence or as you prefer it ‘nationalism’ is perfectly reasonable when the alternative means submitting to an entity which is corrupt, self-serving, anti-democratic and quite obviously imo acting contrary to the British people’s interest.

            Parties change policies between elections … It’s hardly uncommon! And UKIP’s policies are under review anyway. I don’t expect many radical changes, just refinements and more maturity as befits its growing stature.

            I don’t place much value on the ECHR. I have never felt my human rights to be threatened as they are now … the state has already abused and removed fundamental freedoms and the European Courts looked the other way. It came about with the highest and most noble of intentions after the atrocities of WW2, but d’you think the people who drafted it ever think it would be used by a sleazy footballer to protect his reputation, or a convicted rapist to fight deportation, or a convicted murderer to gain the right to vote?

          • Daniel

            There is an old adage appropriate to UKIP – empty vessels make the most noise. Just because UKIP has made lots of noise does not strike fear. It’ll simply split the vote previously herded to BNP and Tories.
            Actually you mis-state the UKIP policy on marriage equality. UKIP firmly states that it believes Civil Partnerships are adequate for homosexuals, and shouldn’t involve marriage. That’s right there on the website.
            As churches are forbidden from performing marriage between two persons of the same gender, the “policy” as you state it is rather pointless.
            Homosexuals and heterosexuals do not have the same rights; there are a number of areas which this has still to be resolved in.

            Removing the UK from a common trading bloc, where free movement of trade, skills and goods is an isolationist policy. Re-introducing borders that prevent EU nationals from entering is an isolationist policy.
            Frankly, withdrawing from the EU is short-sighted and dooms the UK to a bleak financial future. It’s not as if the UK has any substantial industry to fall back on.. 35 years of policy has seen to that.
            Ah yes, the populist approach to the ECHR. For every case you disagree with, there are hundreds that go through the courts which protect freedoms. You cannot pick and choose who those freedoms apply to. A rapist has as much right to the protection of the law as the victim. They are human rights precisely because they apply to all humans irrespective of subjective opinion.
            It has ensured that people are not discriminated against on basis of physical characteristic. It has ensured that people have the right to a fair trial; and not behind closed doors. It has also prevented certain abuses of power by those in power. Furthermore it provides a balance and check for UK courts to ensure that public policy does not interfere with the judiciary, and retains the principle of separation of powers.
            Those freedoms you so blithely throw to one side protect everyone. Once they are removed, it allows many of the equalities and freedoms of today to be wiped away. No government should have the ability to remove legislation which protects human rights.

          • Nan Tucks Ghost

            “The vote” doesn’t belong to any party. Your point is therefore null and void. And UKIP and its supporters, far from being empty vessels, are the ones who think for themselves instead of swallowing the propaganda. If other parties get less votes as a result of UKIP’s campaigns, I as a UKIP supporter think that’s a very, very good thing! You as, presumably, the supporter of another party will have to live with it or campaign for your preferred party a bit harder.

            But as civil partnerships give people exactly the same
            rights as marriages do, it is a marriage in everything but name. And the policy has moved on from then as this
            article makes clear. It is also still evolving. Or, in which areas are homosexuals and hetrosexuals still not equal? Churches are forbidden from performing same sex marriages only until the European Court of Human Rights rules otherwise.

            UKIP’s policy isn’t isolationist. We will still have the movement of trade, skills and goods where it is mutually beneficial. And how does tying ourselves into a corrupt,
            anti-democratic, expensive bureaucracy, with a declining share of the world’s market, help our economy?

            If a rapist has as much right to the protection of the law
            as the victim, you and I are world’s apart. Take the case of the Somalian child rapist who was detained for 2 years after refusing to leave the country voluntarily. Strasbourg said he’d been his right to freedom and security had breached and ordered the govt to pay £7,000 in damages to him. I’m not sure how I’d describe your attitude, but ‘populist’ it aint! At best the Court seems to be highly politicised and very selective about those it will assist. And ‘separation of powers’ is irrelevant when both the EU and Strasbourg sit over national courts and governments anyway.

          • Daniel

            Once again your argument is fallacious.
            Civil Partnership deny a number of rights that marriage grants; in terms of pensions/financial rights, international recognition, equality for all and also particularly in terms of right to a private life.
            Ah yes, the “evolving policy”. So far in the last week, UKIP has been supportive of marriage equality, then it’s not, then it was confused, and then the Welsh got involved. Quite a heady ‘evolution’ in such a short space of time. There’s evolution and then there’s chaos.
            Incidentally after over a decade of legality of same-sex marriage in various countries signatory to the ECHRF, the ECHR has yet to require any marriages in churches; in fact strong indication is that the ECHR is minded to leave the status quo in place for the foreseeable future. So again, a lot of hot air about nothing. Perhaps UKIP wants to investigate how marriage equality caused the recent floods in the South West [sic]?

            Your final paragraph also makes my point rather eloquently. Once again for your assistance; human rights apply to all humans, irrespective of whether you agree with the circumstances or not. They cannot be switched off subjectively; to do so is a very very dangerous precedent. Allow me to present a hypothetical. You are accused of a sexual crime by a vindictive person. You are innocent. However, the case goes to court and you are convicted, when the jury believes the “victim”‘s word against yours (yes, this does happen – corroborating evidence is not required). You are imprisoned for 2 years, and required to sign the SO Register for life.
            You are a convicted sex offender; despite being innocent.
            Are you to be denied any human rights because the rest of society believes you are a convicted criminal? Sorry, what’s that? You didn’t do anything wrong? But the court said you did… rights still denied.
            Still so sure that rights should be denied on a subjective basis?
            Also – there are hundreds of cases currently clogging the appellate court of wrongful conviction for crimes exactly such as this.

            You also clearly don’t understand what the “separation of powers” actually is; at its simplest, it’s the separation of the legislature, judiciary and executive.
            Incidentally the EU and the ECHR are two entirely separate entities and have nothing to do with each other. Perhaps reading up on the subject is advised?

          • Barry Scarfe

            No, I disagree. UKIP is NOT nationalist. It is an ultra-Thatcherite Tory Party whose main (and really only profound disagreement with the present political Establishment) is the issue of Britain’s membership of the EU. Apart from that, it thinks that Thatcher, Brown and Bliar weren’t economically neo-liberal enough! It is quite bizarre that ordinary people are voting for it as its economic stance only really benefits the ultra-wealthy.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I don’t recognise from these threads any of the names of those whose questions were presented to Farage. And how come I haven’t noticed an invitation to submit questions to Farage? I visit PinkNews everyday.

    • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

      It was an email back in January

  • Brimstone52

    No shortage of closed minds here then.

  • Daniel

    Absolutely no trust in this man. Ignoring that he’s a politician, and therefore has a higher propensity for lies and untruths; this man changes his direction so often that he’d confuse a roundabout.

  • white squirrel

    he states:
    ..destruction of protections for organisations or people who may oppose gay marriage based on religious or deeply personal reasons.

    ok while argueing that religious reasons might just about be an excuse [ although religion should not have that right of exemption]

    what exactly are the [non-religious ] ‘deeply personal’ reasons he is referring to ?
    that someone might hate gays perhaps ?

    his definition would thus also include protection for ‘secular organisations’ [which ones UKIP? BNP? Tory party? ]opposed to gay marriage
    [ and gays too no doubt] for ‘deeply personal’ reasons

  • Jock S.Trap

    Don’t trust em and you gotta remember they cannot win a General Election because we cannot forget they DON’T have ANY MP’s. They may change but they cannot win.

  • Janet Wall

    I don’t care what that man or his party says, I will never vote for him or his party. To me It’s turkeys voting for Christmas. They propose A flat rate of 30% tax. what working person would want that? All you get in return is being able to say we are a lonely island. And there is plenty of documented evidence of Farages dislike of Nikki Sinclair. He is not LGBT friendly neither is his party

    • Ray Finch

      The flat rate proposal (which is presently being reviewed anyway) was based on combining income tax with national insurance, which is an income tax in all but name anyway, so it would not have had a negative effect on those of us on the basic rate. UKIP also (before the libdems did so) proposed raising substantially the starting level at which tax is paid.
      Why “a lonely island”? It is a big wide world out there which UKIP proposes being more in tune with than simply a member of a political/customs union that has a quickly diminishing share of world influence and GDP. The fact is that countries such as China and Mexico (to name but two) can trade freely with the EU, why can’t an independent UK?
      Any personal likes or dislikes between Nigel Farage and Nikki Sinclaire are nothing to do with her sexuality or gender. Sometimes people have disagreements. Life is like that. As for not being LGBT friendly, how do you know this? Speak to any of our LGBT members and ask them. I am sure their personal experiences are more valid than hearsay or media smears.

    • Jingogunner

      No, you are incredibly wrong. What you will get with UKIp is the return of long lost and sadly missed old favourites like buses and trains running on time at an affordable price,, British jobs for british workers, British health care for British people and rejection of foreign fanatics who come here to stir up hatred. If you are so keen to give away British sovereignty, jobs and pay billions in foreign aid to dictatorships, I suggest you continue to support an Anglophobic far Left Extreme party like the Labour party which will continue to allow open borders and submission to the EU, whilst gaining your vote by appearing to offer you “gay rights”.

  • RedDevil9

    Who could give a flying fig what he thinks about anything? What’s he going on about ‘a two-stage marriage’? OK then. Straight people can get married, but not really, and then do it all over again a bit later on.

    • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

      Its distinguishing between civil and religious marriage.

      Until the 1970s only the CoE could do both at the same time.

  • Valerie Arnold

    So many negative views on UKIP, obviously by people who do not know what UKIP is all about, please take the time to listen to Nigels speeches in Brussels, he is a man who is patriotic to this country and it’s people, he believes in democracy and freedom which we will lose if we stay in the EU. As for gay marraige, if we dont get a change of government, and stop taking in radical Muslims, gay marriage will be the least of their worries. UKIP listens to what the majority want, you can never please all the people all the time. Nigel Farage and UKIP have got this country interested in politics, even the young, and allowed debates that the other parties denied us.

  • Tony Malony

    I am a active member of UKIP and quite frankly the gay marriage issue does not bother me one bit, it is not going to bring society to it’s knees and destroy the union of marriage between a man and a woman. Whatever two consenting adults do together is their own business and nobody elses.

    • icini

      Me too

      Much more irritated by this stupid Alien advert that keeps popping up than anything to do with gay marriage.

  • Nigel has stated, “The
    statement attributed to me yesterday was not made by me and not
    approved by me. It was a draft by a staff member that should never have
    been sent out.”

    Good. At least one party is on the side of decent values and against cultural Marxism.

  • Don_Harrison

    Trust Nigel Farage?
    Sorry mate there is now way that what you say that is reliable. You come out different crap just to get votes. How can you trust a party with no policies other than leave the EU?

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