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Lynne Featherstone: Former Stonewall boss Ben Summerskill ‘couldn’t be more wrong’

  • Cal

    Everyone knows the effort Lynne Featherstone put into achieving marriage equality. Summerskill has made such a fool of himself. Again.

  • lee

    not the first time summerskill as got it wrong

  • Wingby

    I might add that part of Summerskill’s about-turn was due to the immense pressure many of us put on his board, plus the way we exposed his blatant lying about supposed costs of equal marriage.

    What an ignominious postscript to a sorry career.

  • Liam

    Is every deliberal lemoncrat going to come out and denounce him? Fair enough I suppose but I don’t think it’s necessary, it was so obviously ridiculous.

  • Eric James

    I wonder how many of these posts have been written by Benjamin Cohen…

  • Homo Demon

    I don’t understand why B.C. has gone down this route at this particular time?

    Whenever people will hear his name in the future they will inevitably remember these rants, rather than his legacy. It wasn’t very politically astute of him, regardless of whether or not there is substance in what he said.

    It’s a shame.

    You would have thought that if he had wished to continue as a person of influence and as a commentator that he would have chosen his battles more wisely. He could have done the occasional article, crafted a powerful blog and been provided a voice in addition to the dominant narrative from the usual suspects who seem to dominate the voice of the gay ‘community’.

    Sadly, he has emerged as a figure akin to an embarrassing old uncle who enjoys inappropriate ranting.

  • Stephen

    Ben Summerskill is a homophobic bigot whose opposition to marriage equality has shown how utterly irrelevant and useless Stonewall has become.
    He should have been sacked immediately after it was revealed that he was campaigning against equality.
    The fact that he wasn’t immediately sacked shows how rotten to the core Stonewall has becomes.
    Stonewall is an utterly worthless group

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