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Scottish Catholic adoption agency given green light to continue discriminating against gays

  • Truth

    I wonder when we are going to arrive at a point where religious rights (which, increasingly, affect fewer and fewer people) are going to take second place to human rights, which affect everyone? I also wonder, as far as Scotland’s charities are concerned, who regulates the regulator …?

    • Jones

      ‘religious rights’. I suppose you are referring to the right to impose religion on other people and stop them living their own lives how they wish if it does not conform to a book written thousands of years ago?

  • The Equality Network agrees with OSCR that the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel’s judgement contains comments that are “difficult to follow”. These include the Panel’s interpretation of the difference between direct and indirect discrimination, and of what is and is not a contract with a local authority.
    It is important to note that the Panel based its judgement on its belief that St Margaret’s does NOT discriminate against civil partners. This was stated in evidence by St Margaret’s witness to the Panel, Brian McGuigan, and the Panel accepted it as fact.
    The Panel’s judgement says: “Mr McGuigan also made it clear in his evidence that a couple in a civil partnership would also be allowed to adopt. That couple would be treated in the same way as a married couple.”
    The Panel’s judgement goes on to say “the Appellant [St Margaret’s] … would allow a same-sex couple in a civil partnership to adopt on the same basis as any other married couple.” and “the evidence pointed to the fact that there was not any difference in the treatment of married against civil partnership couples”.
    If that is true of the way St Margaret’s operates, it is welcome.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I’m often confronted by muslims with a booth set up under the guise of wanting my opinion, but really they want to show me the wonders of islam. After my responses, I’m surprised I’m not arrested more often as apostasy is illegal here. Also, I often have Roman catholics question me about things relating to their church, which is kinda silly since I was raised anglican but I am a fervent follower of Richard Dawkins et al. They don’t know that of course and I can speak catholic as well as anglican which is often called catholic lite. Anyway, one of the FAQs is “When did you last confess”? My answer is “My next confession will be my first, but I don’t think I’ll go because I don’t want it to look like I’m bragging to the priest”. I just am truly sorry for all the kids that are going to miss out on loving homes with parents who want them so badly. I’m also possibly even more sorry for all the kids that will be raised in homes where the parents may want them as badly, but then proceed to brainwash them with catholic superstition.

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    So would this mean that a gay business could discriminate against a Catholic because of disagreement with the Catholic ethos regarding gay relationships?

  • David Greensmith

    So much for equalities legislation. What’s the point of having legislation to prevent discrimination if it won’t be applied? Imagine if there was an agency that refused to place children based on racial discrimination?

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