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Russia: Moscow’s largest gay club closes after string of vigilante attacks

  • Halou

    Does anyone else remember Russian propaganda saying that gays in Moscow face no difficulties whatsoever? I certainly do.

  • Remember everyone, Putler has no problem with gay people and the laws have no affect on the rights and freedoms of all citizens…

    Just like no Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine.

    It’s all imaginary!

    I think all that botox the freak has injected into his smacked-baby face has finally started to rot that idiotic brain.

  • That There Other David

    Oh, but how can this be? There’s no homophobia in Russia is there?

  • Not Telling

    Sad but not surprising at all.

  • Serkan M

    Russia will become…the new Nazi Germany.

    • CHBrighton

      Along with Uganda – check out what’s happening there now their anti-gay laws are in place. People being turned out of their homes, families split up, people arrested for their sexuality, people frightened to speak up etc.

    • nixiotemba

      they already are

    • Jan van Oort

      Not exactly. History does not repeat itself. Neither was Stalin’s USSR a compeer of Hitler’s Germany. It was, in fact, much worse.

      Putin’s Russia is fast turning, from a neighbour, into a nightmare. For the EU, for each European country separately.

  • Geoff Hardy

    Since the early 1970’s I have witnessed great changes. This happened because we came out, stood together and fought for change. We must stand together globally against homophobia in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria and the other 80 countries. Together we are strong. We must not lose hope.

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