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Rupert Murdoch: Boycott Guinness because it supports gay inclusion on St Patrick’s Day

  • Ethel Clutterbuck

    The writer Dennis Potter called his fatal cancer “Rupert” after the wrinkled old billionaire, whose power is now beginning to slip away.

    • Steven Gregory

      I wonder if he senses the vultures circling impatiently over him.

  • This from a man who has ostracised his gay son!!

    • Serkan M

      He has a gay son?

  • Truth

    A bit rich from someone whose tabloid empire bullied politicians and celebrities for decades …..

  • Danny Boyd

    LGBT groups are welcome to March in St Patrick’s Day parades in Ireland! The problem is in the US where the parades are organised by the catholic Ancient Order of Hibernians.

    • Philip Marks

      The SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band has marched in the SF parade for the last 15 years or so.

  • Carl

    Wow, Mr Murdoch talking about bullying! One needs to be very cynical (and in this case, homophobe).

  • skep

    “Where will this end?” Has he not considered before tweeting that I and others may well choose to boycott Sky (and all his other international media interests) if he continues with his homophobia?

    • TheTimeIsNow1

      There’s an idea! UPC starting to look better all the time.

    • rapture

      you mean you have not already?

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    What a vile and nasty bit of work is this Ruptor Murdock!

    Ruptor begs that the St. Patrick’s day parade is a “religious parade”, when it’s a celebration of Irishness, just named after a saint. It’s a day for everyone in New York to celebrate the contribution of the Irish (straight and LGBT) to the city of New York!

    Ruptor claims that Guinness has been bullied into pulling out. Well, let’s hope that Guinness itself loudly REFUTES this and informs Ruptor that it chose of its own volition to do the just and appropriate thing after the injustice was brought to its attention.

    Then Ruptor claims that “gay orgs” want to “take over” the St. Patrick’s day parade! What a groundless and nasty suggestion that is. (Note also the probably deliberate use of “gay orgs” instead of “gay organizations”: Ruptor the chief headline-writer of the world’s filthiest gutter-press subtly injecting the notion of orgies.)

    I hope that a great many Irish people will tell Ruptor it’s time for him to “retire”.

    (Ruptor: a breaker or tearer in pieces, a destroyer, one that violates.)

  • clm1990

    If Rupert Murdoch has a problem with you, you know you’re in the right.

    Keep it up Guinness, you’re doing the right thing :)

  • Jones

    How about we boycott your papers because they are a pile of trash?

    • JackAlison

      here here!!!!!!
      hes a despicable tabloid troll working hand in glove behind the scenes with western govts engineering world conflict cause it sells more news.Utterly loathsome and a horror of a human being

  • Daniel

    This man and his media empire are everything that is wrong with the world today – perpetuating hatred and myth. You only need to watch 10 minutes of his “Fox News” channel to realise just how bat-crap crazy this vindictive and vile old bigot really is.
    Just another reason I prefer to boycott his products.

    • Truth

      Brilliantly accurate and put.

  • Steven Gregory

    Murdoch is a prime example of the idiot conservative mentality that is dying off… just not quickly enough.

  • Stevie

    So satan has spoken eh, excuse me while I just go and scrape this turd from my shoe

  • Brett Gibson

    You’d think it would end when you start listening in and snooping on people’s private phone calls. Oh wait…..

  • CHBrighton

    A standard right wing trick: blame the people you want to bully for the behaviour that you yourself are guilty of. Dishonest, vile and poisoning the atmosphere.

    • Truth

      Yep – the christian Taliban have been guilty of exactly that ….

  • Colin

    Murdoch is part of the past…let him go!

    Well done Guinness. Human rights ahead of profit is the right way to go. It will be remembered by those it aided. Ultimately is is a good economic strategy as it grows the whole market. Everyone can win here.

    Murdoch serves his own ends….Who is he!!!!!!

  • Stephen_Glenn

    Darn it Murdoch. Now as a cycling fan living in the UK I have to boycott supporting my own national cycling team and most of my nations top riders on the UCI World Tourb because guess what? Part of you empire sponsors the teams. And I was so looking forward to six days of watching Grand Tours on home soil this year :(

    • Colin

      I appreciate that this is tough but admire your back bone.

  • Craig Y

    Why don’t we boycott Murdoch’s hack rags next, one wonders? What a shame that he owns none of the major Kiwi newspapers. Still, don’t let that stop the rest of you, especially in Oz and the UK.

  • one.second

    Boycott Sky and his newspapers. He is a vile old man.

  • Emma


    • Colin

      Spot on…Thank you.

    • I already boycott every one of his corporations disgusting products.

      When I was working in a regular office I managed to have all of his tabloid bullsh*t banned from the building.

  • Steve

    For one fragment of a moment I thought Murdoch was doing something right. Then I read this and I’m sorry, Mr Murdoch, but I believe my friends far more more than I believe you. You didn’t withdraw sales of Guinness, delicious as it was, for any political reason ( I say “was” because because I have no intention of drinking your stout, or cooking with it until you make a full apology): you just didn’t like the association between Guinness and fags: and I’m prouder to be a fag that I am to be a Guinness drinker.Your loss.

    • Casi

      I think you got it the wrong way around, Steve. (Murdoch doesn’t own Guinness, and they [Guinness] are the ones doing the right thing… which is what’s pissing Murdoch off.)

  • That There Other David

    I’ve a better idea. Boycott anything to do with Murdoch and his sleazy corrupt ways.

  • Shane

    This old vulture is still living?

    • Michael Grima Seychell

      unfortunately yes, vile old excuse for a man

  • jamessavik

    Murdoch is old and will die soon and good riddance.

    He can roast in hell with Phelps.

  • Bikerman

    Who let him out of his carehome without a responsible adult?
    Oh of course, she dumped him

  • Bikerman

    I’m proud to say I have not bought a Murdoch paper since the vitriol they heaped on us in the 1980s. I won’t have Sky in my house polluting my mind.
    Just my individual small gesture to the evil creep.

  • Oh wow, the irony of this disgusting old man, verging on being a criminal, preaching about what’s right and wrong!

    Lets not forget it’s him and his son who presided over the most disgusting period of harassment, hacking, bribery, corruption and media lawlessness the journalistic world has ever witnessed.

    Also interesting to note that it seems to only be old and soon-dead men who preach bigotry and hatred in he western world. You’d think they would have noticed that they are just very vocal members of a dying club.

    • $54737469

      Your last para: Not really. Ego can be a real bummer!

  • Liberalmann

    Boycott Guinness, not because of the smoke screen they put up today supporting the LGBT community in parades. Because they are part of ALEC, which has a strong anti-gay history. Drink Murphy’s anyway, they weren’t part of the ascendency like Guinness.

  • Who were the bullies in the first place? The St Patrick’s Parade organisers wanted to use their superior numbers to oust gays from participation. THAT’s bullying. Murdoch’s accusations mirror those of US presidential hopeful, Michele Bachmann, and display a lack of common or garden knowledge of basic arithmetic. How in any sense can a marginalised minority of merely 5-10% of the general population “bully” the other 90-95%?

    As for his contention “the family – father, mother children – is fundamental to our civilization”, this is straw man fallacy. No-one in the LGBT equality movement has ever said that heterosexual marriages should be replaced by gay ones, or should cease, or that heterosexuals should go through “gay conversion therapy” to become gay. It has been 100% the other way round with evangelists trying to convert gays into straights, and to ban same sex marriage.

    It is truly shocking that this man heads a news empire when he flaunts such fallacious reasoning.

  • labman57

    Once again, self-righteous Christian conservatives attempt to play the role of the poor maligned victim, indignantly wailing (with all of the chutzpah that they can muster):
    “How dare you be intolerant of our homophobic, misogynistic intolerance! How dare you deny us our God-given right to alienate and persecute anyone who does not share our dogmatic religious mores!”

    Bottom line: Christian conservatives continually strive to impose their own religious, dogmatic mores onto the rest of society and then attempt to be perceived as righteous martyrs when their efforts are rebuffed.
    Sorry folks, you are the persecutors in this conflict, not the persecuted.

  • PeterinSydney

    Citizen Murdoch has always been a nasty old bastard. Nothing has changed.

  • soapbubb

    Murdoch, Trump and Phelps: 3 of the biggest wank8ers in our world.

  • James!

    If you have sky and you say you hate Murdoch you’re a bit of a hypocrite.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Was Murdoch EVER young? Or was he born old and wrinkled and boring?

  • $54737469

    Rupert Murdoch has a totally inflated idea of who and what he represents. This egotistical, vile old man’s days are long gone.

  • jako

    If you want a laugh watch this. What a shame the ending wasn’t the reality.

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