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MEPs condemn Cyprus Archbishop for calling on Christians to ‘condemn homosexuality’

  • Colin

    Thank goodness and thank you.

    I feel optimistic about the future of this planet when I hear statements like this. Human rights are conflicting with religious control world wide. It is time we as a race looked forward and let go of the past. It was never glorious.

    Let go the fear and embrace equality in all it’s different aspects. We need an UN with teeth however.

  • Truth

    Just who ARE these anachronistic idiots, dressed in silly clothes, that they are allowed to get away with this hate-speech? Why are they immune from prosecution for incitement to hatred? Is it simply the’protective ‘cloak’ of religion? Are people so brainwashed by superstition that they feel unable go challenge these vile hate-mongers? I think it is childish and pathetic that we continue to tolerate this nonsense in a supppsedly grown-up and civilised world. Religious belief is not and can never be a license to peddle hatred.

  • Jones

    This is why it’s a good job that there isn’t an official religion of the European Union.

  • TakisPapas

    No talk about “moral integrity ” by the bishop, when it comes to the church’s fortune? Sadly not spent for the benefit of the poor???

  • wildseas

    inciting hatred is against the law. You are not above the law Archbishop be very careful.

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