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Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert: Ben Summerskill tried to ‘rewrite history’ with attack on Lib Dems

  • john lyttle

    Pink News really has to conquer its sour, whiny obsession with Ben Summerskill. They might get sadly off on their fixation but, God, it’s boring as hell for the rest of us.

    • rapture

      Speak for your whiny self. It was/is very sour of summerskill and the misnomer stonewall to support homophobia/inequality and then attempt to deflect their failings of the communities they proclaim to represent onto others.

      • john lyttle

        And you know who’s telling the truth in this matter exactly how? Because you read it here and politicians would never lie, distort, or hop on a bandwagon for unearned credit? Or did the Voices clue you in?

        • George Potter

          Or he could know the truth because it’s a matter of public record. Stonewall opposed equal marriage until after the Lib Dems, the Conservatives and Labour (in that order) had publicly committed themselves to it.

          You may very well think that Stephen Gilbert might be telling complete lies but given that there were dozens of witnesses to Summerskills comments at Lib Dem conference in September 2010, the public record of Stonewall’s opposition to equal marriage claiming it would cost billions of pounds and live broadcast footage of the debate where Stephen Gilbert made his comments then it seems rather likely that he’s telling the truth.

          Unless of course, like Summerskill, you yourself live in a separate reality from the rest of us.

  • David

    It is known by anyone vaguely interested that Stonewall were, and possibly still are, against equal marriage. Other than being able to tax gay couples the same as heterosexuals I can’t see what the government saw in it other than justice requires it. So what have I missed. I never understood Ben’s opposition especially his fantasies about costing billions.

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