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Homophobic pastor claims Ugandan President will join procession in celebration of anti-gay law

  • Colin

    Well he is clearly feeling self important..what!

    Now we need all civilised countries, UN etc to cut off all aid, travel bans and to freeze the assets of Ugandan powerful. (thiefs)

    Education is what is needed and to show the links between power, church and politicians…Follow the money.

  • That There Other David

    Lol at rectal obsession. Yes, he clearly has one.

  • Jones

    Pastor Martin Ssempa, who today tweeted PinkNews out of the blue with the wise and simple words “rectal obsession”

    What that is why he is homophobic? Another closet case.

  • doug

    I don’t believe it; you know what barefaced liars these religious
    freaks are.

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