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Evening Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev: Russia is not a homophobic country and I’m not gay

  • TakisPapas

    ……idiots in Russia also become parliamentarians, ministers, police chiefs, bishops etc etc…..which makes a huge difference in the lives of lgbt people there….

    • craig

      to be fair, that happens in every county in the world!

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    In denial about Russia I think. His comment is identical to Russian government officials as well as Putin’s. In a poll conducted in Russia last year, it revealed 86% were in favour of the anti-gay law.

  • Madgeographer

    Yeah, I agree. Russians are not evil. They are just not exposed to gay people. They even equate homosexuality (sex between CONSENTING ADULTS) and paedophilia (sex between an ADULT AND A CHILD where CONSENT IS ASSUMED).

    It is a part of political game. Putin needs people to be distracted from Russia’s problems like corruption, growing international isolation or his impotence to reform the country, so he is defaming an already weak minority to deffer Russians from throwing him out. However, there are protests in Russia every year, so it is already happening – people do want to ditch him.

    Russians usually think they are smarter than everyone else, and especially smarter than the West (which they always decline to be a part of, even though they are), but in seeing their own country, most of them are just plain blind and stupid.

    • “They even equate homosexuality (sex between CONSENTING ADULTS) and
      paedophilia (sex between an ADULT AND A CHILD where CONSENT IS ASSUMED).”

      Paedophilia is NOT and NEVER will be about CONSENTING sex between an adult and a child. It is child abuse in every sense!

      This same misconception in this country was, for years, brought about because gays were only ever talked about in a negative manor.
      Look at what things were like before decriminalisation.
      Every media story about gays was negative.
      It is no wonder the great unwashed thought were were perverts and child abusers

      • Madgeographer

        Exactly. That’s what I meant. One person assumes consent. But people in Russia are told it is the same. It demonises innocent people.

        I am glad to hear what ou want to say because you witnessed Britain in the Past, and it wasn’t always a pink warrior.

  • Chrismas

    “Idiots” is a bit of an understatement isn’t it? Religious zealots, thugs, neo Nazis, people who would otherwise be deemed criminals in other countries – they aren’t idiots, they are bloody dangerous people. When homophobia runs riot through media, politics, law, the judiciary – indeed all of the components of a country’s society – one would think that is the very definition of being intrinsic. Russia IS intrinsically homophobic. I agree that doesn’t mean isolation will force change, but you have to recognise the problem before you can change it, denial doesn’t help. Furthermore, it’s very easy to say you don’t care if people think you’re gay when you’re a billionaire media mogul, quite different when you’re a poor primary school teacher being hunted by a pack of animals with no opportunity of escape or legal right to defend yourself.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    That’s one hell of beard that man is wearing, isn’t it. And his saying Russia is not homophobic does not make it the case. But you have to be very careful if you’re Russian, even if you live in London. They’ve shown they can “come and get you” if you stick your neck out.

  • That There Other David

    Oh Evgeny, don’t you get it? There are two Russias, the one you and your multi-billionaire family inhabit and the one that everyone else gets to live in. Even if you and your gay friends are happy as Larry in your motorcades and penthouses the every day Russia around you is very homophobic, and Putin’s regime is making that worse.

    As for whether you’re gay or not, maybe that matters in Russia, but here does anyone really care? Whether you like titties or cock is your business love.

  • lee

    wow that beard – and your not gay

  • Joe

    Russia is homophobic country period. Go watch videos of gays being abused or killed. Also Saudia Arabia is not homophobic country,haha! Go home

    Evgeny Lebedev your drunk.

    • saintlaw

      He’s not my drunk.

  • GRP100

    All of us should boycott the news paper no matter what this bloody russian says, they lie through there teeth just look at their leader….say no more. DON’T BUT THE PAPER

    • Gerry

      The Independent and the Evening Standard are two of the most pro-gay publications in the UK.

      Evgeny Lebedev has turned the Standard around and tripled its circulation by distributing it free.

      He’s a powerful friend of the gay community and we should strongly support him.

      • $7406883

        The Evening Slander is only free because it’s worthless.

      • saintlaw

        The Evening Slander is only free because it’s worthless.

    • That There Other David

      Erm, you don’t buy the Standard. It’s given out for free at Tube stations etc.

  • Ian

    Whatever the situation in Russia I’m glad that Mr Lebedev’s publications in this country have been supportive of SSM. and as far as I can tell the continue to be supportive of equality more generally.

  • Lawerence Collins

    If Russia isn’t homophobic, they’re doing a damn good job fooling the rest of the world!

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