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Comment: Ben Summerskill was ‘cynical’ about equal marriage, not the Lib Dems

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Well said, Chris! Good for you for taking the time to write this piece and help to set the matter absolutely straight and prove Summerskill the person he unfortunately is. As you say, now that you’re with Labour you’ve no reason to defend the LibDems, so, yes, Summerskill ought to hang his head in shame for having convinced you to do so in this instance.

  • Josh

    Cynical is Stonewall’s refusal to actively advocate transgender inclusion.

    • Then again, given the crappy work they do for us bisexuals, I’m not sure if I were trans I’d want Stonewall on my side…

  • Jones

    The Liberal Democrats stand for equal marriage, the clue is in the name – Liberal.

  • Olaf

    Enough already!

  • Eric James

    ‘I’ve entirely no reason to defend the Lib Dems, so perhaps we could take it as Ben Summerskill’s greatest achievement that he’s convinced me to do so.’ So that’s Ben Summerskill’s greatest achievement? Really? I think the vilification of one of the greatest fighters for gay rights we’ve ever had on this site is frankly ridiculous. You need to choose better targets. Or is there a ‘cynical’ – seems to be the buzzword – reason for laying into him so regularly?

    • RJ

      Eric – that made me laugh – thank you.
      Ben has been an apologist for equal / gay and lesbian equality and rights and has been on the wrong side on many occasions, often delving into work that has already been ongoing for decades – such as LGBT in schools, overseas and the myriad of ‘new’ things that Stonewall comes up with.
      I have had issues with Stonewall for many years, mainly because they run roughshod over organisations such as Schools OUT UK who have been doing tremendously amazing work for such a long time and don’t get me started on the lack of representation for bisexuals and trans individuals.

    • Paul J

      I didn’t realise that taking a very well paid job at a charity made you “one of the greatest fighters for gay rights we have ever had”. I’ve done a lot of (unpaid) fighting for gay rights in my life, but funnily enough don’t have an OBE or profiles in the Guardian going on about my achievements. Nor would I want to, because I haven’t done nearly as much as the brave men and women who have come out in hostile environments, faced down abusive bigots or pursued risky and stressful battles through the courts. Maybe they were the greatest fighters for gay rights?

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Excellent article, Chris, well done. What is so galling is that under Ben Summerskill’s watch and StonewallUK coming extremely late to the equal marriage debate, it seems to have taken much of the credit for successful passage of the bill. Why was that I wonder? C4EM, Out4Marriage, Pink News and others did far more to make it happen.

  • Tom Cruising

    Pink News’ vendetta against Ben Summerskill is getting a little desperate, pathetic and boring. And to use its rhetoric, ‘cynical’.

  • mike smith

    I think we should just let Summskill enjoy his retirement and let him think what he likes but just ignore him now.

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