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Chick-fil-A boss: I learned a lot from gay marriage controversy, but haven’t changed my mind

  • Brett Gibson

    This man is as dumb as his company’s name. Glad there’s none of his kind over here.

  • In other words, he regrets losing out on potentially millions in profits, but he’s still ignorant enough to stick to his bigoted opinions.

    American Republican Christians are absolutely bizarre, full of contradictions and nonsense. I don’t know how they don’t just have mental breakdowns with all the ridiculously insane contradictions they hold.

    • Steven Gregory

      Actually, when gays and lesbians and our allies left, grease-lovin’ Jesus folk swarmed the place. I guess there were too many of us who never set foot in the place to make that big a dent.

      I went to an anniversary party where they had picked up piles of catering, because she worked for a company with a corporate account at Chik Fil-Atio. She didn’t know about the whole mess, and she and her husband are definitely pro equality. On a good note: she’s the one who calls in catering orders for in-service lunches and CFA doesn’t get orders from her anymore.

  • David

    That’s ok, I have changed my mind about never buying anything from your company either.

  • That There Other David

    Just keep slirping the fizzy drinks Dan. Hopefully they’ll rot your guts so bad they start to resemble the inside of your mind.

  • Steven Gregory

    In other words: “I learned a lot, but I didn’t learn anything.”

  • Truth

    Perhaps being more aware of our appearance and more health conscious than some of our heterosexual counterparts (said with tongue-in-cheek), many gay people probably didn’t eat much of this stuff anyway and so a boycott had little effect. But, if every one of us tells a supportive friend, colleague, neighbour not to buy this moron’s goods, perhaps that will serve to ‘change his mind’? The ONLY way to focus the mind of the religious bigots behind big business, is to hit them in the pocket. Their religious and moral views always seem to vanish when their income is affected ….

  • Rehan

    “Biblical families”, I love that – just like that of the Patriarch Jacob (12 sons and one or more daughters by his two wives – who were sisters – and their two serving-maids), or Tamar (married to two brothers in turn, then had children by her husbands’ father), perhaps?

    The Book of Genesis is certainly an eye-opening guide to modern families…

  • Christopher in Canada

    Biblical families include David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi, and Lot and his daughters. And a lot of polygamists.

    • Tribeless

      Don’t forget the abundant incest and paraphilias.

  • Created Gay

    This sounds to me like a case of sorry he lost money, but not sorry for being a bigoted homophobe.

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