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Tom Daley captured by Google StreetView on edge of diving platform

  • Ashley

    Am I missing something in this ‘story’? … ‘A picture has been taken’

    • joblow

      I think they mean you can zoom in on his boy penis ..hahahaha
      No thanks i like men ;-)

      • I concur; I’m tired of giving lessons.
        You can eat candy only for so long until you start to crave real meat.
        …and someone that already knows what to do with it.

  • Steve_r

    Interesting thing here is Tom came out! moved on…. none issue! he’s an attention seeker, fame hungry, lol!. seems to me that a lot of people are actually more obsessed with writing none stories about him. The irony here is that by being honest and hoping to distract attention… he has actually “and unfortunately attracted attention” poor guy can’t win!

    • Jones

      I disagree that he is attention seeking. He came out to his fans to put the record straight to the media so they would stop asking him questions like “So have you got a girlfriend yet?” But as you say because at the moment coming out for someone like him is still a big deal, he got quite a lot of attention.

    • Cal

      Some people are attention seekers – and it would be a dull world without them. Hiding in the closet is damaging all round. He came out. Good. He’s a photogenic young sportsman with many fans. Good. He has helped other people come out. Good. He seems like a thoroughly nice young man. Why would anyone have a problem with him or his sports and media career?

  • George Penfold

    Well this is amazing news, world shocking event that will indeed shake our civilisation to its roots. I’m lost for word ( no I’m not ) on how stunningly important this news is.

  • The Halcyon

    Flimsiest news story EVER.

  • MarkN

    As Jane Austen might have said, “IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good body must be in want of a photographer”…

  • p

    So what look where I live on google street map and you can see my puss cat – now this is real news :p

  • PAUL

    Who cares FFS !!!!!!!

  • marshlander

    Whether the lovely Tom Daley invited the photograph or not I am much more disturbed by the fact that Google StreetView has made similar potential invasions of privacy possible.

  • Philip Marks

    OMG lighten up, people! He’s a fetching and quite decent young man who has become a world-renown athlete. Knocking him as an ‘attention seeker’ — as if it’s wrong for people to seek attention? — or hitting him for being photographed is just laughable. Jealousy maybe. Yes this is total fluff but it interested enough people for YOU all to click on it. I like Tom. I like to look at him also. I like to listen to him sometimes. Get over it.

    • p

      But when I clicked on the link I thought literally he was diving into a pool in the middle of a city, that is why I clicked on it. I thought it was for charity or something. Believe or not, not everybody on pink news actually likes looking at semi nude men ;) Give me Tonia Couch any day…………

  • Oodle McDoogle

    Does Tom Daley even own any clothes?

    • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

      He doesn’t need them Why cover up such beauty?

  • Geoff Jones

    The real question here is “why have Google blurred his face? Everyone who sees the photo knows who it is, and he makes a living out of posing nearly nude whilst he does his excellent diving. He has a beautiful body, and he quite naturally wants to show it off – let’s be honest, who wouldn’t if they had a body like his?

    • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

      Duh! His face isn’t blurred; just move the oval curser off his image and it will be clear….sheesh!!

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