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‘God Hates Fags’ Church founder Fred Phelps about to die, claims estranged son

  • doug


  • J Smith

    So who’s ready to protest his funeral? “God Hates Bigots”

  • MrPeterCat

    Phelps has craved attention for himself and his twisted message all his life. In his and his church’s eyes, the worst response we could make to his death is to ignore it. It’s certainly what I plan to do.

  • gingerlycolors

    Just hurry up and get on with it, Phelps. Your death will be everybody elses gain. That man made a mockery of the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech by picketing funerals of soldiers and children claiming that their deaths were a result of America’s tolerance of homosexuality. I hope that plenty of gays, soldiers and other groups of people that he has p**ssed off over the years turn up to his funeral and show the mourners the same lack of sympathy that he did.

  • Dave

    thank god for that
    I won’t miss him anyway

  • Jordy

    We hear that one of the most evil men of the 20th century is about to meet his maker, and how we should not be as hateful as he was…sorry folks, I hope he has a long suffering death,, and i will be one of the first to piss on his grave.

  • alaskan1st

    Instead of a tombstone, they’ll need to have a porta potty on his grave.

    • Steve_R

      Were going to see hypocrisy on this one one! His family will likely hold a secret private funeral, and his grave will be unmarked, because it wasn’t it wouldn’t be fitting to be the scene of much dancing and celebration… he would never be able to rest in peace!

  • Steve_R

    So he dies! he’s one of the most hated bigots in history… and people protest at his funeral. The question has to be what are they protesting? He was hated… loathed and offended society from military personnel to sexual orientation. when society was outraged at what happened to Mathew Sheppard, or he protested saying soldiers deaths were “gods punishment for the perverted lifestyle of gay people. Even subsequent “future generations” of his family were appalled and turned against him. if people protest at his funeral why? his passing will be a celebration to those he caused pain and torment, his loss will be society’s gain!

    • “if people protest at his funeral why?”

      A taste of their own medicine?

      They thought nothing of insulting, attacking and tormenting grieving people as a hobby, it’s not about him, it’s about giving all his hateful and disgusting cult members exactly the same treatment they give others.

      While these gross wastes of skin are mourning his passing standing around his grave there should be a thousand people behind them calling them every disgusting name under the sun, carrying placards to offend him and his family.

      Maybe when those other cult nut jobs see the kind of farewell party they’ll get when they eventually fu*k off they’ll be thinking twice about their actions.

  • alaskan1st

    Nothing brings soldiers and gays together like Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Jones

    Let’s see his God save him now.

  • Truth

    Quote: “A former member of the adamantly homophobic Westboro Baptist Church, also known as the ‘God Hates Fags’ church, has spoken out about the church’s controversial leader, and said that she thought he could be gay.” Show me a homophobe, I’ll show you a close case. Good riddance to this vile, destructive, divisive, nasty hypocrite.

    • “Show me a homophobe, I’ll show you a closet case.”

      How very true!

  • lee

    brilliant news for a Monday morning -praise the Lord the vile old fart is about to die hip hip array

  • Cal

    Lots of silly forgiveness comments on other websites. I think die in pain, rot in Hell is more the spirit.
    His estranged son is angry he hasn’t been allowed to say goodbye. My heart bleeds.

  • allancsn

    ex communicated – you will not have any rights to God’s kingdom, will not be blessed while being burried; you will be put in the ground and that is it.
    and in Fred Phelps case if people know where your buried you will rot in urine for eternity – this man was an evil bastard and caused pain and misery to those who deserved love and support. I want to see his dead ugly twisted face racked with pain and I want to make a fridge magnet from it so I can curse him everyday.

  • That There Other David

    That’s actually a shame. He’s done more for LGBT rights than virtually everyone else on the planet.

    Nice of his family to throw him out though. Very Christian of them. I’m sure they’ll find some Old Testament verse to justify doing that.

  • Jock S.Trap


  • Dolly Digest

    Excellent news – lets us hope that the rest of the clan are not too far behind him…

  • I really want to be able to take the high ground here and express some sentiment of forgiveness, but no matter how hard I try I cannot ignore how loathsome and disgusting this man is.

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t wish him or his deluded cult members anything but suffering and pain.

    I wonder if there’s going to be a protest at his funeral? And I wonder if the cult will have him cremated to avoid his grave becoming a urinal?

  • The Halcyon

    Alas he’s well and truly passed the baton on to his daughter who is just as eager and willing to take up his mantle. Still, perhaps with his (imminent) passing, they’ll experience their own “Operation Yewtree” moment given all the abuse stories that have been circulating about the Phelps family for years.

  • white squirrel

    Having that much hate cannot truly be called being alive
    His body is just catching up with his mind

  • barriejohn

    What a pity that he’ll never know how wrong he was. It almost makes you wish that there WAS an afterlife after all!

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    I generally think death is an awful time for any family but I can honestly say I have no sympathy for this man or his family. When you spend your life persecuting others, picketing funerals and generally being awful human beings then i have no respect or time for you. Now if only the Westboro Baptist Church would die out. One less hateful organisation on this planet. If there was a God he/she would be appalled by people like this. He/she would not want these people spreading “the word of God”

    So excuse me while I pop to M&S and get a bottle of Bucks Fizz…

  • Dave G

    Whilst I agree with their sentiment entirely, there could be an unforeseen consequence to too many people queuing up to piss on his grave – ammonia results in mummification! What sort of horror movie could come from that>>?

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Well, he certainly won’t be missed. Sadly, after he goes, another will take his place. There is an endless stream of these nutters in America and he isn’t the only one of course. As crazed and despicable as Phelps is (banned from the UK too), we need to concentrate on the more dangerous ones such as Scott Lively who is a key player in the Ugandan homophobic hate law. He’s not been banned from the UK and it makes me wonder why the Home Office refuses to look into it. He’s far more dangerous than Phelps could ever be.

  • JD

    Good Riddance – and we get the last laugh – cause the vile bigot and ignorant f*@ker – will just rot in the earth – because heaven and god are all a crock of superstitious crap! Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Stephen MOLE

    It’s death’s door, not deaths door.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Truly, a bad man.

  • p

    Bye Bye…………………..No tears

  • Gary D. Sargent

    I know there’ll be protesters at his funeral but I think if they’re going to have any signs, a fitting one would be a banner, eight people long, with one of the verses from the Bible, Matthew, to be exact, which says, “And the King shall answer and say unto them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” I’d say that would be a fitting rebuke for the departing Fred, and for the remaining members of their cult. They’ve done enough damage to us, over the years, so why now use that self same Bible to condemn them, in like.

  • Daniel

    The best way to “mark” his passing is to simply ignore it – let it happen without coverage or the glory he very clearly sought. This insipid family craves media attention to fuel the nice little legal industry they have going in suing those who “impose” on their freedom of speech rights.
    Sadly this revolting little saga won’t end with the death of this twisted old man. The daughter has been running the show for years, and has shown herself to be more abhorrent than her father.

  • Jean – Paul

    The most I can do is wish Nathan an extra jolt of strength at a time like this.

  • Joanne Cooper

    I wonder if his funeral will be made a mockery of with protesters hopefully having the upper hand against these crazy people.

  • theacidqueen

    Actually, I don’t want him to die. It would be better if he lived till a ripe old age. But each day, he should be beaten around the head with that placard of Matthew Shephard until he’s bloody and semi conscious and then revived so he can look forward to it the next day. There is NO FORGIVENESS Phelps!

  • Michael

    though I don’t believe there is a heaven/hell just this once I do wish Hell existed so this pathetic excuse of a human can rot there .

  • Taurman

    I suggest the gays celebrate this old bigot’s life by turning up at his funeral with some very lavish pink flowers so that he has something to remeber them by in his long wait for judgement.

  • Rob Oakes

    Good! One less bigoot in the world.

  • Mike

    Its at times like this you really want to believe in God………..;-)

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