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Texas man killed his daughter and girlfriend because they were gay, claims mother

  • kore

    So this registered sex offender thinks the actions of his daughter are disgusting? Probably because whatever offense he committed was sanctified by his ‘holy’ literature. At least in the US he’ll get thrown in jail, imagine how often this happens in Muslim countries where ‘honor’ killing is legal and daddy walks away scot free with his children/wife’s blood on his hands.

  • Brett Gibson

    Well lucky for him he won’t have to deal with what he’s done for much longer because Texas will execute him. Good riddance.

    • Steve_R

      Brett, Whilst it is a fact that Texas has a reputation for the number of executions it carries out, recently there are several factors which are causing delays and prolonging the criminals life.

      The average time with before an execution is carried out is 14 years after sentence. That is the time it takes to exhaust the appeals process etc. In some cases the appeal results in a life sentence instead.

      Some appeals have successfully delayed executions for decades, some criminals have even died of natural causes due to the length of the appeal process.

      With pharmaceutical companies questioning the ethics of their manufacture of drugs – cocktails used in executions, or refusing to continue to manufacture them, states like Texas have had to postpone numerous executions due to the lack of drugs used or because of appeals arguing that substituted drugs are resulting in prolonged or inhumane suffering during the execution.

      It has not been unknown for the death row inmate to outlive age of his younger victim life span due to the appeals process. In some cases the victims family don’t survive long enough to see the death sentence carried out, a sad but unfortunate fact!

  • Cal

    Texas may take his side!

  • Colin

    We sure have a long way to go. How can anyone kill their own child!

    Education please…this planet needs to face the “evil” of religion. It adds nothing to the planet but allowes people to do unspeakably horrid things to others.


  • ıts very terriblle.

  • ıts very terriblle.

  • Steven Gregory

    Why would anyone want the death penalty for this monster? Make him live a long life cut off from human contact and only basic sustenance. Create a video loop of his daughter and her girlfriend and make him face it every minute of the rest of his life.

  • Truth

    This is what religious conditioning does for you …. brainwashes you to believe .. ‘thou shalt not suffer a homo’. So, this imbecile is left believing that murder is less sinful than homosexuality.

  • canuckgirl

    This man is unconscionable! He murdered his own child while my parents only disowned me 9 years ago. He could have gone on his merry way and not had anything to do with his daughter. He is a registered sex offender and he has the nerve to judge?! This man is clearly 2 sandwiches short of a picnic! Put him in solitary confinement with no human interaction for the rest of his life! Make him suffer and think about what he has done.
    Disgusting piece of DNA.

  • So evil. No love for his daughter at all.

  • Truth Hancock

    So this guy killed his daughter to go back to jail where he could be gay. This is the sort of thing that gives Islam its bad name. Where are the peace-loving, nonjudgmental muslims? No, it’s not a joke.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    Evil Evil Evil man

    I dread to think what type of upbringing his daughter had she was probably terrified of him finding out all her life.

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