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MP Nigel Evans pays tribute to the ‘legendary’ Tony Benn

  • atalanta

    I didn’t always agree with his politics, but Tony Benn embodied many aspects of British politics at its best: honest, forthright, witty, always well briefed, devoted to public service and passionate about public participation in the political process.

    Why PN asked Nigel Evans to write this obituary I cannot fathom. Yes, he is innocent until proven otherwise by the courts. But he is facing very serious charges, and his authorship inevitably distracts from the topic at hand.

    • pinknews

      We didn’t ask him to write an obituary

  • Moor Larkin

    Nigel neglected to mention Tony’s tenure as Post Master General way back when, when he was so appalled at Pirate Radio taking away the BBC Monopoly that Tony then ensured Piratism was banned, thus leading to the creation of Radio One and the arrival on-shore of all the young deejay dudes. As the butterfly flapping his wings might have remarked, “How’s about that then?”

  • uptheanti2010

    Whether he was asked to or not to write an obituary is besides the point. I think what’s important is that Nigel has written the most heartfelt, moving and kindest tribute to a great statesman, supporter of gay rights and trade unions to say the least. Nigel Evans has shrugged off all political colours and paid tribute to him as a human being and that is what is important. May Tony RIP and my respect to NIgel Evans.

    • patricklt

      I don’t think that this is beside the point. While the piece written is all that you say it is and a good tribute to an outstanding parliamentarian and politician, I certainly hope that PN did not commission Mr Evans to write it. From a journalistic point of view some might view such a commission as erring too close to a matter that is still sub judice. Could this not be construed as providing an element of support to Mr Evans before the judicial process has run its course?

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