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Bristol Pride blasts mayor appointment of councillor who made anti-gay jibe about Ian McKellen

  • Ivan Jaxkson

    Couldn’t agree more. There is no room for homophobia in our city. This is not someone we want representing us. It makes a mockery of the role making bit look like a ‘job for the boys’ .

  • Soundmary

    The worst thing about this is how he has totally ignored the questions from the Bristol LGBT community. What exactly did he learn when he visited Stonewall? And what did he mean by his bizarre comments in council? “I don’t jump off wardrobes and expect to be represented – these things should stay in the bedroom where they belong”. What does that mean Cllr Windows? It sounds like you wish to silence and ignore LGBT people and that we do not deserve any consideration. Please do correct me if I am wrong?

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, what exactly does he mean by saying he is “disturbed” by Ian McKellen and Stonewall visiting schools to talk about combating homophobic bullying.

  • Anonymous

    The real issue is being overlooked. Homophobia or no homophobia, we need to campaign for Cllr Windows’ travel expenses to be reimbursed. They are jolly expensive!

  • max

    I find it sad that this man can’t differentiate between “sex” and “sexual orientation”. what does need to stay in bedroom? what is belong to bedroom? sexual orientation? tackling homophobia & bullying?
    How come that he is not able to see bullying in school and its destructive consequences?

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