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BBC panel show denies censoring debate about Islam and homosexuality

  • Nicolas Chinardet

    A rep from the Mosque was on the Today programme this morning. He said that the agreement with the programme was that they would be discussing immigration and that homosexuality had not been mentioned.

    That said I understand that that part of the programme was going to happen on the carpark, not in the mosque itself, so I’m not sure there was actually a problem.

    Also, if you are going to agree to a programme called Free Speech you should probably be a bit more prepared to to support said free speech and not allow only the subjects you approve of to be discussed.

    • I guess there is an argument that it is their venue so they should be able to dictate what is said and done on the premises.
      That said, maybe the BBC was trying to cause problems deliberately by not telling them the full agenda.
      I guess we will never know

      • If they want to dictate what is said and done on the premises, they cannot agree to have a debate like this with the BBC present to begin with.
        They don’t get a free pass to ignore laws in the UK just because they are a religious organization. If they don’t agree with the right to freedom of opinion and expression, they should shut down the mosque and move it to a country where they have such dictatorial laws.

        I’m all for freedom of religion and the right for people to practice their own brand of worship, but there really is a problem now. No religious group of any denomination should be able to arbitrarily dictate discussion anywhere in this country, especially not with regard to the “impartial” BBC.

  • Richard

    Someone threatens them and they don’t think to call the police?

    • Exactly.
      If it were the other way round the Police would be all over it. If it is true!

  • atalanta

    So Mentorn’s argument is that it wasn’t censorship, it was a judicious response to intimidation.

    so, why on earth aren’t they making that the story – and a huge story.
    “BBC unable to host discussion due to threats to attack the programme
    venue.” Their failure to publicise that intimidation is self-censorship
    of the worst kind. Would they even have told us about this if they hadn’t been pressed on censorship?

    When are we going to stop making excuses for violent bullies?

    • Truth

      When people stop pussyfooting around and making concessions for ‘religious belief’. I’ve always said, ‘believe what the f**k you want. Just don’t try to impose it on to those that don’t’. Trouble is, people of ‘faith’ believe they are right and everyone else is wrong and will stop at nothing to persuade you to see things their way – with violence, intimidation and discrimination if necessary. What a delightful way to live your life: bullying others into your way of seeing things …..

  • So why isn’t the BBC making a bigger deal over this and reporting the truth about this situation? Why has it taken this story and others to bring out the truth that THEIR OWN COMMUNITY threatened them?

    When is enough enough? They have the same protections the rest of us have, so would the BBC be banning all kinds of discussions when a venue is threatened?

    If BBC Question Time was to discuss LGBT people in Islam at a shopping center in Hull, and the venue received threats from Islamic extremists in response, would they sensor that too?

    If all it takes is a few threats from an extremist group to silence any discussion anywhere presented by the BBC, they may as well shut down now and vow never to dare to debate anything ever again!

    What utter bullsh*t from the BBC. This is completely ridiculous. It’s no better than Lego Land having to close for the weekend and cancel a family day for Islamic kids and their mums because a radical group of neanderthal BNP crazies threatened them too.

    Let the Police do their jobs, and stop pandering to extremists. Stop closing down and shutting up every time some nutty radical picks up the phone!


  • Steven H

    Not the first time said, and I’m sure not the last: Religion. Poisons. Everything.

    Oh, and the irony with the name of the show is so rich it must be fattening right?

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