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Lib Dem peer Lord Paddick: Today I’m legally married at last!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Congratulations to Brian and Petter and to all British couples who married outside the UK. I heard Brian’s speech two weeks ago during the regulations debate for equal marriage. Moving and poignant as was Baroness Barker’s. Well done to all. A proud day for the UK indeed.

  • JackAlison

    Great story and very happy ur happy! Congratulations!
    Can really feel that reading the article.
    Its amazing that this small but fair change to other human beings can bring such happiness. When I read this moving piece it really make u wonder what on earth churches and bigots are on about?! To deprive someone of deep deep happiness, security and joy to another person is truely mystifying(all done with our best interests in mind because God and a book says so)

  • gingerlycolors

    Will this also apply to Scottish and Northern Irish people married to same-sex partners from other countries, John Barrowman being an example? John who was Scottish born but has dual UK/US citizenship married Scott Gill under Californian law following the repeal of Proposition 8 having previously been in a Civil Partnership under UK law. And what are the criteria for a Scottish couple to be able to enter into a same-sex marriage in England and Wales? Will this mean a dash for marriage venues in Carlisle and Berwick On Tweed in the same way that young couples eloped to Gretna Green? Or will Scottish people have to be resident or own property in England and Wales (Mr. Barrowman has houses in both Cardiff and London).
    While all this will not be an issue for Scottish people for much longer as SSM legislation is passing through Holyrood, Stormont on the other had have no plans to introduce SSM and unless Westminster imposes legislation Northern Ireland risks becoming the last place in Western Europe without SSM, especially as the Dáil in Dublin is also considering SSM for Éire.

    • atalanta

      This will apply to couples who are resident anywhere in the world, and of any nationality – but only while they are in England and Wales.

      There is no requirement to register a foreign marriage (though you may do so if you wish). The change in the law, and today’s announcement, makes any same-sex marriage automatically valid under the law of England and Wales without any action from the couple.

      But as soon as the couple travels to Scotland or Northern Ireland, it doesn’t matter what English law says. In the law of those jurisdictions, you’re in a CP and not married. So when a couple crosses the northern border, their marriage becomes a civil partnership – even if they are usually resident in England.

      And couples living in Scotland and Northern Ireland will not be considered married when interacting with UK government bodies like Revenue & Customs – they will still be treated as being in a civil partnership.

      Scots don’t have long to wait for this absurdity to be rectified, but we Northern Irelanders could be in this limbo quite a while….

  • Silly Old Bastard

    This silly law has done more to alienate people to L & G than anything
    I can think of. And all because a handful of militants suffer from an
    inferiority complex that makes them think they are not equal to straights. Well
    done all concerned.

    • allancsn

      Your chosen name says it all. I am not militant nor am I suffering from an inferiority complex and as it stood I was not equal as far as marriage was concerned. Why should I accept second best because people wish to feel superior because they are ‘straights’. Quite frankly f@ck you.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        I’ve always suspected that this marriage business wasn’t the end of it, but a manifestation of the misery some enthusiasts suffer from. It will never be right for you, never ever. Your signing off comment speaks volumes.

        • allancsn

          and again – just in case it you didn’t quite get my disgust – f@ck you and now F@ck off out my face.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            I need help here. I need to get it over to you that you’ve proved my point without you going ape. Any ideas?

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Really lovely photograph of Brian and Petter. And a very touching article too.

  • Jones

    Sexually active but scrupulously safe gay men cannot donate blood whereas there is no restriction on promiscuous and risk-taking straight men.

    Is there any evidence to suggest that there is a risk to the blood if it is donated by a healthy gay man who is sexually active?

    • Silly Old Bastard


  • barry

    Heartfelt congratulations to you both and to all couples who are celebrating their love by marrying one another.

  • Ewp

    To be truly equal with straight couples Lord Paddicks Husband should be entitled to a courtesy title the same Asa. Female counterpart would.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    To be truly equal, one of them needs a vagina. Can you see now why marriage and being gay doesn’t go together?

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