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Ed Miliband: I pledge if I become PM to use every mechanism at my disposal to fight for global equality

  • Colin

    I like the sound of that. To me that with other countries would effect change around the world over time and start to bring a sense of cohesive policy globally.

    However would he stop current funding to countries like Uganda and Nigeria, trade sanctions and travel permits? I accept this country does not give directly so will he stop the indirect funding? You either believe in Human Rights and equality or you don’t. There may be a period of pain but the current system of giving, giving and giving has not worked.

    Like to hear more on the economy and a proper study of wealth in this country, build 1 million homes at cost plus 10% margin land owned by government…so a three bedroomed generous sized family home for £50,000, cutting benefits to people who refuse to work. Do some of this and I might listen.

    • crozzy2211

      Cutting the benefits of those who refuse to work is ok, as long as blanket criteria isn’t used. Benefits need to be assessed on an individual basis and common sense needs to be used. Too many people have had their benefits stopped and have become homless or have to survive on foodbanks. And the “Bedroom tax” should be scrapped too. It doesn’t work.

  • Jones

    Ed Miliband last night gave a speech celebrating equal marriage, and looking ahead to pledge if he is elected to Prime Minister

    Eh? We don’t have an elected Prime Minister.

  • And what would he actually do to bring this about? Typical Miliband, all talk and no ideas.

  • GulliverUK

    You can start by giving us EQUAL marriage here in the UK – sort out the survivor pension benefits scandal first. Until you’ve done that please don’t refer to it as EQUAL marriage. Also, you promised to sort out homophobia in schools – you’ve done f$*k all, you’ve broken your promise at the last election. Why should we believe you if you say you’ll sort it in 2015? Also, Transgender rights still need work in marriage and elsewhere. In fact, I’m making a list, and it’s already long, and that’s just things you need to do here. And what are you doing to do about reforming asylum for LGBT people fleeing persecution abroad? The Home Office needs a really big boot up the arse. Also have you condemned Nigeria and Uganda for their egregious laws? If so, I must have missed it. I mean, I tweeted you, but I didn’t hear you castigating them. Did you propose a Parliamentary condemnation of them? What have you done for us? I know you helped Same-Sex marriage go through, and we’re grateful, but what else have you done? Are we a last thought before you start planning the election campaign? I thought you were the best person to lead the party – but you still need to prove yourself to us. Words are cheap – we need to see some action on school, now.

  • Madgeographer

    Well, the declaration is fair enough. He did a lot of good to ensure the Lab party votes for equality

  • Stephen

    So Ed Miliband promises to cut all aid and trade to countries which criminalise being gay?

    At what point will those countries which criminalise homosexuality be kicked out of the Commonwealth.

    And how soon will the homophobic Church of England be disestablished as the official state cult.

    And will all state funding to faith schools be stopped.

    Or is Miliband talking a load of meaningless crap?

  • Eduard

    If the way he has been advocating appeasment in dealing with Syria, Putin and similar, a model of what his foreign policy would look like, there is not much hope.

  • Jock S.Trap

    I have to ask the question… why wait until you may or may not become PM? As an opposition leader surely you can make a difference now… so why wait?

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