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US: Boston gay veterans continue to be banned from marching in St Patrick’s Day parade

  • Erica Cook

    It is a safe and fun filled day for all straight people

  • Cal

    Disgraceful. How is flying a rainbow flag not “family friendly”? An appalling example of ignorant homophobia.

  • Flitzy

    What a disgrace. They wouldn’t want to damage the integrity of an event that centres around getting drunk and acting like college kids, of suppose.

  • Andy Anderson

    So, one lot of Veterans won’t allow another lot of Veterans to march ….. UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!

  • The “Allied War Veterans Council” are clearly a hateful, bigoted and nutty group. It’s sickening to see these so-called “war veterans” attacking their fellow veterans, utterly sickening.

    By the way, you can express your views here –

    Perhaps if these old bigots learn what public opinions really is they might grow up a little and start to act like REAL veterans?

  • shifty61

    What is it they say over there? Bring me your poor, sick blah, blah, but blah – oh, but not those gays….land of the free my backside. Certain parts of the US are still light years behind European countries. I lived there for ten years – being gay there you get constant subtle messages that you just don’t belong! Hideous place to be gay!

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