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Police: Blackpool teen who claimed homophobic assault actually just fell over

  • GothBoyUK

    I’m sorry but how could the report have been made ‘in good faith’ when it was a complete fabrication? He detailed his attack at length. Had he said that he was fine one minute and found himself injured the next then that’s fine, but he didn’t. Foolish boy.

    • Rich

      I’m speculating, but perhaps he was so pissed he couldn’t really remember what happened? Perhaps he remembered someone saying something he took (perhaps wrongly) as being homophobic, and then found himself on the pavement with a bloody face.

      • GothBoyUK

        I would genuinely like to think that was so but he described the attack, which suggests it had happened, rather than just saying he found himself injured, which would have allowed for an accident.

      • GothBoyUK

        I would genuinely like to think that was so but he described the attack, which suggests it had happened, rather than just saying he found himself injured, which would have allowed for an accident.

        • Justin Maxwell

          Where is it that he described the attack? (link please)

          In an earlier story on Pink News it clearly says:

          “I heard a group of men shouting homophobic abuse at me,” he told RadioWave FM. The next thing I know I woke up covered in blood, I had lost my teeth, blood all down my arms and I was stumbling across Preston trying to find my friends.”

          So he was yelled at, tripped, fell, and knocked himself out, and came to a daft conclusion. People need to ease off the abuse a bit, and PN needs to repeat that quote in this latest article perhaps.

          • GothBoyUK

            Here you go. PinkNews isn’t the only news site on the Internet, believe it or not. He described how someone came up behind him and he felt he was punched. On other sites he said he was ‘stomped on’.


          • Justin Maxwell


            He describes hearing homophobic comments, and a whack to the head. Clearly he (not that irrationally) assumed when he came to that the whack came from whoever the verbal abuse was coming from.

            Are you honestly saying that you think he intentionally lied on facebook and to the police based on that?

          • GothBoyUK

            I think he very much jumped to conclusions. I also gave him the benefit of the doubt. I nowhere have claimed he purposefully lodged a false report.

            Go back under your bridge and paint your hooves.

  • Rumbelow

    I don’t understand, was the kid too blind drunk to know whether or not he’d been assaulted or simply just fell over after leaving the club legless?
    It doesn’t look good if he just made up the story about gay bashing.

    • Frank Boulton

      On the one hand, it doesn’t help our cause, when false reports like this are made to the police and the media. On the other hand, when people have a big gap in their memory they often engage in confabulation. They make up a story to explain why they’re where they are, how they got there and how they got into the state that they’re in. This may be why the police feel that the report was made “in good faith”.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    It’s a good sign that Police worked to get to the bottom of this and took the incident very seriously. That’s the positive in this. HOWEVER making false claims not only waste Police time, it also damages the LGBT community as it makes us look like liars. It also fuels the bigots and homophobes. This is the third case I’ve seen so far recently of false accounts being made. This kind of thing will be used to claim “Gay Agenda”
    Silly boy

  • Atheist

    People like this do us no favours, crying “wolf” for no aparent reason other than to gain attention. I’m only sorry he hasn’t be charged with wasting police time. Idiot!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Disgraceful! I wonder if he’ll now face any charges for this? He had all of us fooled for sure. Another piece of ammunition he’s given to our foes.

  • Locus Solus

    What a F*** T*** D*** C*** Why do these attention seeking T**ts keep doing this? It was only a few months ago when we had the whole scandal in the US about the lesbian waitress. STOP MAKING S**T UP! There’s enough genuine crime happening without all this crap.

  • Justin Maxwell

    Being generous – a possible ‘good faith’ scenario: Maybe he was very drunk, remembers getting some homophobic abuse shouted at him, and the next thing he remembers is regaining consciousness with blood everywhere and his teeth falling out. and 2+2=muppet.

  • kenthomes

    This is starting to get seriously screwed up. We have enough real assaults and hate aimed at us, without these jerks making s..t up! Additionally, the real attacks will not be taken seriously with these bozos making up attacks. It really makes it look bad for our community.

  • What a monumental cock

  • That There Other David

    Oh FFS. What is wrong with teenagers today? I hope his 15 minutes of fame was worth it.

    Honestly, sometimes I really bloody despair.

    • hudstar2011 .

      it’s called the realty tv generation…. anything for a posting on facebook

  • Tiger Lily

    So sad. Undermines the gayed and lesbianed community when real claims are made.

  • Lawerence Collins

    What’s wrong with people who make these claims!?! This type of behavior only hurts real victims of hate crimes!

  • gingerlycolors

    Living in Preston, I do not know whether I should be relieved that the whole thing was just a fabrication or annoyed as this will show the LGBT community in a bad light. People like him should be done for wasting police time.

    • Matt Stanford

      Suggesting he be prosecuted for it is ridiculous. If someone had been wrongly arrested, maybe. But you’re blowing it all out of proportion and he’s just a bloody kid.

  • Rehan

    Deeply disappointing – every such incident will make it harder for genuine cases to be treated properly.

    Much as I hate to admit it, MJ (on another thread) was right to be so cynical.

    • MJ

      I really wasn’t being cynical. Just that there were definite clues that this was somehow a fake one. I’m good at spotting the fakes (probably because I never went to college so I actually still know how to think and not just react). But why do you “hate to admit it”? I don’t recall us disagreeing on this case.

      • Rehan

        Because it seems as though your default reaction is to doubt all such stories – but you certainly do appear to have a good instinct for those that aren’t actually caused by homophobia. (I wouldn’t necessarily think that instinct is connected with tertiary education one way or the other though.)

        • MJ

          There must be a connection somehow beause it sems like the academic crowd are always the biggest suckers for these types of stories, no matter how hokey the circumstances. If the story backs up their preferred view of how the world should be, they buy it. Look at those who backed up this Kennedy character on PinkNews. And….ever hear of the Duke lacrosse case in the U.S. ? That’s the definitive example.

          • Rehan

            I haven’t, no, but perhaps there is an idealism involved, along with a perhaps naïve belief that most people wouldn’t go to such extremes as making up stories like this. I don’t think it’s those of an academic bent who’re most susceptible though.

          • MJ

            In the 2006 Duke lacrosse case, a group of upper-middle class lacrosse-team white students were falsely accused of gang-raping a black stripper (that’s the case in a nutshell, but in the U.S. it’s a long drawn out saga and the subject of several books). It concluded with the District attorney losing his job because he hid evidence, the town having to pay millions to the students, and the stripper didn’t get punished though she did eventually wind up being sentenced to years in prison for stabbing her boyfriend to death. Anyway, the case had the professors at this school turn on their own students because they decided it HAD to happen: it proved, in a concrete way, existing racism, sexism, misogyny, and classism. A lot of gays jumped in too, actually joining forces against the students with African-American homophobes. However, the 88 professors (as they’re known) were entirely from the more crackpot courses that cloud peoples’ judgement : women’s studies, sociology, philosophy, etc. None of the hard science and math professors had joined the lynchmob. Anyway, it was the definitive example that academics (in the UK as well as the US) often have no sense and…..are often not benevolent creatures.

          • Rehan

            Blimey – what a story (I’ve looked it up)! No-one at all comes out well from it, least of all that shady prosecutor. But you must also remember that such reactions – based on (inverse) racism, classism etc – were the perhaps inevitable pendulum-swing from the times when the testimony of someone from a powerless minority would have been ignored. That is no excuse, of course.

            To go off at a tangent, don’t assume all maths and ‘hard-science’ academics have always been immune to herd behaviour or from joining lynch-mobs.

          • MJ

            Okay, I won’t assume that about the hard science academics. Nor about lynch mobs overall.

      • Matt Stanford

        That’s self-bragging nonsense. Apart from the fact it wasn’t ‘fake’ as he clearly believed it, the circumstances are copybook for such an attack, at least to those of us who work in the field of hate crime, so your ‘instincts’ are a fallacy and figment of your imagination.

    • Matt Stanford

      it wont make a blind bit of difference to the numbers reporting attacks. Many, probably the same 50% + who never will – only making it more socially unacceptable will change it. This is a rare case and it’s an immature childlike 18 year old who needs to sort himself out around alcohol since he clearly isn’t safe drinking without mature company.

  • MikeHomfray

    Ah well, just goes to show that we have idiots in our community too

  • kevin hickey

    “PinkNews acted in good faith in publishing details about Mr Kennedy’s claims.” Sorry but when I first read the ‘story’ i couldn’t believe that pink news published unsubstantiated facebook claims without a shred of evidence. It is getting to be hard work filtering the real stories from the fake stories or non-stories (bisexual man skydives) on this site.

    • Harlequin

      While I have found the recent PN trend of publishing ‘shocking’ images of apparent attacks every few days to be rather tiresome, in this case the story was believed by police.

      • Matt Stanford

        The sad fact – contrary to the blind denial of a lot of gay men – attacks are common and frequent but a lot gay men just don’t want to hear that. This case won’t reduce or increase them. It is a plain fact that believing all is now is ‘hunky dory’ being gay is sadly not true – still.

    • Cal

      The first article publish by PN on the subject had this headline ”

      Blackpool teen has teeth smashed and face pummelled in alleged homophobic attack”

      Note the word “alleged”

  • Harlequin

    The lad does appear to have been genuinely mistaken. His report as transcribed at reads:

    “I heard a group of men shouting homophobic abuse at me. … The next thing I know I woke up covered in blood, I had lost my teeth, blood all down my arms and I was stumbling across Preston trying to find my friends.”

  • Justin Maxwell

    From an earlier PN article on this kid: “I heard a group of men shouting homophobic abuse at me,” he told RadioWave FM. “The next thing I know I woke up covered in blood, I had lost my teeth, blood all down my arms and I was stumbling across Preston trying to find my friends.”

    Guy is a muppet, but it doesn’t sound like he is the fraud he’s getting made out to be in these comments.

  • johnflondon

    The Daily Mail will love this. I will take the charitable view and suggest he was completely disorientated after the fall. I knocked myself out in a fall in Oslo last May and all these months later still cannot remember a thing about it until being loaded up in to an ambulance. (But I do remember the lovely Norwegian medics!)

  • Dex Bracewell

    He has posted that that he did have a bad memory and did not lie.

  • Dex Bracewell

    Why would he be a muppet? Would you try to find evidence from a night you were drunk to make sure what exactly happened yourselves?

  • Daniel

    Hmmm unsure whether this is a naive young idiot seeking his 5 minutes of fame, or whether he was so paralytic that he doesn’t remember it and perceived something had happened.
    Interesting that his twitter account has vanished today.
    This is the problem with a gossip-driven immediate culture where news is released without facts, evidence or even common sense.


    Maybe the homophobic abuse came from him falling over and not being able to handle his drink? WHAT. A. BELLEND.

  • gabriel_syme

    Gay activists and journalists routinely resort to gross exaggerations in their statements/articles, (in order to play the victim), often referring to even a simple difference of opinion as “hatred”.
    The minute they are confronted by a different opinion or values – an occurrence which is a facet of everyone’s life – its “anti-gay” this and “bigoted” that.
    Lies are only a little way beyond gross exaggerations.
    Essentially this boy has been taught by his environment that if he exaggerates / lies / plays the victim, it will bring him attention and he will be pandered to. He has been affected by gay media, which encourages gay people to think of themselves as victims. Hence the fantasy story and false victimhood.
    It also seems he wanted to blame someone else, for the fact that he drank so much alcohol that he fell over and smashed his face on the ground. This is reminiscent of how gay journalists (Patrick Strudwick etc) seek to blame STD rates among gay men – which are a direct result of their own choices and behaviour, nothing else – on “homophobia”. People are (should be) responsible for our own actions.
    What if there had been no CCTV images? It is not inconceivable that someone might have been wrongly arrested for this phantom-crime. Would the liar then have had the courage to stand up and clear the air, or would he have been happy to see an innocent person go to court, so he could keep his name in the papers?
    And why is he receiving special treatment from the Police? This is discriminatory against heterosexual people. Normally, if someone lies to the Police, wasting their time, there are sanctions / punishment. Yet – as above – he evades responsibility for his own behaviour. And where are the demands for equal treatment here?
    The saddest part is that gay people who have genuinely been a victim of identity-driven crime – which can have a major negative impact on someone’s life – may now be hesitant to report it, for fear of being thought a liar.

    • Matt Stanford

      You’re being too harsh. This is the first case of its kind I have ever seen and more than 50% of victims *never* report it anyway. He is still clearly more of a child than an adult. Read his facebook postings – he is hardly the brightest or mature card in the pack.

    • Paul J

      Don’t pretend that you are concerned about gays now being more reluctant to report “identity driven crime”, (whatever that is), after whining on and on about gays exaggerating attacks on them, getting favourable treatment from the police and nonsense about people being wrongly arrested for a crime that never happened.
      This is just an opportunity for you to spout a lot of anti gay drivel about gays not wanting to responsibility for their misfortunes and instead blaming them on being gay so they get special treatment from a society that discriminates against heterosexual people. Utter rubbish.

      • mohammad.felafal

        gays will continue to play the victim.

        they are drama queens and love attention.

        if that means bashign your own face into the concrete then claiming you got beaten, so be it…its worth it for the publicity.

        The gay agenda must move forward!

  • Cal

    I was going to accuse him of shamefully lying but I have read back over some articles and do see why he might have been mistaken. I’m sure being young and Gay in Preston will not feel very safe and I am quite happy to believe that he had heard homophobic abuse earlier in the evening. His injuries were pretty severe for a fall and so I can understand why he jumped to the conclusion he did. Silly but forgivable.

    • Matt Stanford

      But he still hasn’t deleted the two posts on his Facebook timeline – all public – making out it was a real anti-gay attack, gaining 160, 000 likes and 1000s of friend requests and 1000s of sympathy messages (and who knows what offers)? Until he deletes those posts he us still just playing on it.

  • Matt Stanford

    I read his latest statement explaining why he thought he might have been attacked, but then why has he *still* not deleted his two posts on his own Facebook timeline saying it was a homophobic attack?? His statement from yesterday is fine but until he *removes* those two original posts from 27 Feb and 1 March, he continues to disrespect the 1000s of us who have suffered much worse injuries (and some who have died) from vicious and brutal anti-gay violence. I won’t have any sympathy for his situation and now public humiliation until he removes those posts from his public Facebook timeline.

  • josepholeary

    what a dope

  • MJ

    He looks like such an idiot too. One of that gay Facebook clique who puts tons of pics of himself on there and half of them show his face with his mouth wide open, for no good reason.

  • Paul J

    As we are often at the sharp end of abuse and intolerance, it amazes me at how quick gays are to dish out that same treatment to others. This 18 YEAR OLD was so sure that he had been attacked that he apparently managed to convince experienced police officers so thoroughly that they are not going to prosecute him for wasting police time.

    Why do we care what bigots and homophobes will think or what the Daily Mail has got to say? The real problem is a youth culture that thinks that getting to the point where you no longer have any idea what is happening around you is a great night out. Hopefully, this guy has learned his lesson and so will a few others.

  • Bev <- I'm more happy that I was right all along.

  • MJ

    Now don’t be such a sillyboyee.

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