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Comment: The Church of England must stop its persecution of gay priests

  • Colin

    I find the whole religion thing quite funny now. As an ex-catholic I have no understanding of gods nor do I need one. I just accepted I will live as well as I can and I will die being burnt to an ash. Story over.
    Why waste your life with all this fairy god stuff. Are we so scared of dieing?

  • Graham Ward

    Interesting piece by Giles Fraser in the Guardian yesterday suggesting that Bishops don’t have powers to stop clergy from marrying, regardless of whether the church recognises same-sex marriage. History is not on the side of the Bishops.

  • Harry

    I’d the author suffers from the mild mental illness called religious belief it is time he have it up.

    • Harry

      Gave it up, even.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Well said, Ed Fordham and long overdue. Good that someone has now said what should have been said long ago. Bravo!

  • Cal

    Powerful and eloquent. I love the blatant threat. More politicians need to be as blunt with the God-botherers.

  • Jones

    Take off ‘its persecution of gay priests’ from the title and you’ve got the answer.

  • Why as an aware and capable species, can we not just stop persecution of human beings by these so called representatives of ‘holier than thou’s’?

    What are we so afraid of?

    True freedom?
    The end of all discrimination?
    True equality?

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