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Blackpool teen: I haven’t lied about homophobic attack, I didn’t know I just fell over

  • ProtectorOfKeighley

    Oh dear, how embarrassing for the LGBT community

    • Jock S.Trap

      Don’t see how. This is one Gay man against millions of others. Hardly an embarrassment to any community. Only to him and his drink. Something in which I feel an order should be placed on him to seek help on.

      • Unfortunately, there are groups of people out there who pick out these little instances as evidence of something, then use it to attack us all.

        It’s like the EDL picking out one extremist Muslim in a million innocent people and then picketing Lego Land, sending death threats to staff and making them cancel the event because they were booked for an Islamic family day.

        Radicals use things like this as ammunition.

        I definitely agree that he should probably be encouraged to seek help too. He could make something good out of this and do a little campaigning for drink awareness.

        • Jock S.Trap

          Indeed and all that does is says it all about those particular people.

          Let’s face it, if it’s not something like this news story it’s something else coz they go out of there way to find it.

          These people are not worthy of attention. They don’t live in a perfect world but more an ignorant one. Let them focus on what they want, it makes no difference but it does make Them looks like the fools they are.

          We’re not here to impress the offensive…. They offend end of. I live life, end of.

        • MJ

          A little campaigning for drink awareness?? You talk like there’s any integrity in his clique. He’s one of the future-of-the-UK gay Dappy-diversity Facebook crowd. The only important thing is how many pics of your face you can post, hopefully with your mouth wide open and tongue sticking out.

    • Paul J

      Not really. Plenty of straight people get so bladdered that they cannot remember what is happening to them.

      • Indeed, but they don’t then assume that they were the victim of a violent hate attack when they wake up from their drunken stupor injured in such a way.

        • Jock S.Trap

          Actually there have been several false rape claims on the back of ‘drunken stupors’ distracting from the real rape claims.

  • Brett Gibson

    There’s a huge difference between being beaten up and being so annihilated that you fell over and can’t remember. You can’t really defend yourself when you’ve quite obviously plucked a story out of thin air. Shame on you, idiotic boy. You have some serious growing up to do.

  • Chris Flegg

    I am pretty disgusted by it really. using the “homophobia” card is totally unacceptable, and it takes the piss out of people who have endured suffering and hate. I still have my scars, and PTSD, as im sure a lot of GLBT have. It goes back to the “never judge a book” ………….

  • MJ

    A Kennedy falling flat on his face when drunk really backs up that whole ethnic profile, accurately or not.

    • Rehan

      Don’t you mean prejudice?

      Your awareness of alcohol consumption in the UK must be minimal if you think its extreme is restricted to those of Irish descent.

      • MJ

        I did say “accurately or not.”

  • Ashley

    What a stupid kid. When I first read of this story I was really disturbed by how badly he was beaten in a ‘homophobic attack’, it was awful. But turns out it wasn’t even true! Shocking. What an embarrassment for the LGBT community.

  • Glen Hague

    What a bloody idiot!

  • It is typical of so many that they immediately jump to the conclusion that they have been injured because of their sexuality (or colour or ethnicity etc)
    He makes a mockery of those that are genuinely persecuted for their sexuality etc
    I do hope he is prosecuted for wasting police time

    • Philip Marks

      I’m sorry you want him prosecuted because he was wrong and jumped to the wrong conclusion. People are prosecuted for crimes, for making false reports perhaps, not for being mistaken. He made a mockery of no one. He should not have been so inebriated, but that’s hardly a mockery of others nor is it prosecutable, except, perhaps if he were cited for public intoxication.

  • It is worth noting from all this that
    Richard was not actually the victim of a homophobic assault in Preston City Centre
    – a good thing. The police have also clearly stated that due to the nature of
    his injuries, the fact that he was clearly dazed and confused they have
    accepted that he acted in good faith – a good thing. Finally I think we need to
    applaud the actions of Lancashire Constabulary who have treated this seriously
    from the start based on the information to hand at the time, clearly supported
    a potential victim of a hate crime and have expressed a genuine request for
    victims to come forward and report them in the future – a good thing!

  • I’m torn on this.
    I have been drunk plenty of times, but I cannot fathom how someone would be able to concoct such a tale and jump to such conclusions simply because they were drunk.

    This whole story is baffling to me, and while I want to believe that he was just mistaken, it’s a bizarre mistake to make and the explanation just doesn’t seem valid to me.

    I don’t think anyone should be prosecuted for this, but I do wonder if the police should perhaps be recommending that this young man attend an alcohol abuse awareness course of some kind. It’s depressing to see so many people in this country abusing alcohol to such a degree and so few of them seem to know the damage this is doing to them.

    We’re going to see an explosion of liver disease in the coming years, and we’ll all be paying for the over-indulgence of idiotic substance abusers who all think it’s someone else’s responsibility.

  • Scoutdubna

    Well done Richard for saying sorry. Most of us at some time or another have been incapable through drink. Hopefully you can get over the issue and continue with your life. Let this be the end of the matter just as it was for the Police. After all they could have prosecuted for wasting Police time or something like that. Instead they showed considerable understanding and compassion.

    • MJ

      When did he say he’s sorry ??

      • Dex Bracewell
        • MJ

          THAT half-assed “apology” ? And then he arrogantly states he won’t bring up the subject again and refuses to answer any questions ? Well he sure was enjoying the attention when he told everyone to spread his story around and from the thousands of posts saying, “How could they have beaten you like this ? Stay strong, Richard ! So much hate in this world !” The way you people are excusing this attention-whore nitwit is pathetic.

      • Scoutdubna

        You should read before you post.

        I regard this as an apology as well as the facebook posting.

        “For anyone who may be personally offended, hurt or damaged, I can only but apologise for these unfortunate events.”

        Many young people of his age would have walked away but he didn’t. He apologised. He deserves credit and admiration for having the courage to do that.

        • MJ

          Read WHAT before I post ? And….no, he’s walking away. He says he won’t bring up the subject again and will ignore any questions (he relished the attention when everyone thought it was a gaybashing), since he was busted by the camera. He thinks he can just get away with this.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Drunken idiot. I abhor violence and this clown playing the drama queen is
    going to damage how genuine victims are treated.

  • Angelika

    Bang goes the criminal injury compensation. It is this sort of thing that should make us wary of “hate crime” legislation.

  • Wiliam Prince

    stupid little faggot

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