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Bayern Munich to face fine after taunting Arsenal fans with ‘Gay Gunners’ banner

  • That There Other David

    And who says Germans don’t have a sense of humour….


  • Serkan M

    As a gay, I find this quite funny. I would laugh it off. Im not saying that things cannot get too far, but for something like this, I would just laugh.

    Secondly Campbell says football isn’t ready for a gay? Football still isn’t ready for blacks but that should’nt stop people from doing something they love. Fool.

    • Jones

      As a gay, I find this quite funny. I would laugh it off.

      I did laugh but hats off to UEFA for stamping on this.

      • Serkan M

        I dunno…Do you not think maybe people are being too sensitive?

        • Jones

          Well if you allow this sort of thing to continue then people will think it’s acceptable, then you’ll get more and it becomes a problem which is hard to control.

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