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US poll: 61% of Republicans under 30 support same-sex marriage

  • Truth

    That’s because the vast majority of under 30s have totally rejected religion and its hate-filled, anti-gay rhetoric …..

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I didn’t know there WERE any republicans under 30.

    • Steven Gregory

      Your comment made me chuckle. Thanks for the levity.

  • The numbers seen at the last election showed that the youth vote was abandoning the Republican party.

    The younger voting generation in the USA has clearly shown that it rejects moralistic and religious politics. It’s evolution of the American society, and several things have caused this…

    1. Internet access is increasing, meaning that education is more freely available than ever before. Issues of sexuality are more openly discussed and exposure to differences has increased understanding and experimentation. This is also seen in the increasing numbers of young people self-identifying as bisexual, even if only for an “experimental” stage of sexual development.

    2. Religious control of education and law has collapsed across America, with a majority of states now unable to dictate what their community discusses in the classroom, what books are in the library or what stories are printed in the papers. Again, this is primarily thanks to the internet.

    3. Media has welcomed diverse sexuality to be represented in the last twenty years, which has led to numerous comedy shows featuring LGBT characters and plenty of movies and soaps incorporating diverse characters too. It might have been Roseanne and Ellen who started it, but since Will & Grace there have been plenty more successful shows based on LGBT issues.

    4. The internet has increased the size of communities and made the world smaller. It might be true that America is still very cut-off from what’s happening in the outside world (one look at their “news” will show how inward-looking the US is) but what was once a small town in the Bible belt where attitudes were controlled and dictated by the older generation is now opened up to national or global attitudes where facts, reality and science are more proportionately represented.

    The same is going to happen around the world, and it’s led to revolutions in numerous countries. It’s no coincidence that as internet access increases in countries like Egypt the younger generations start protesting. They finally see the freedoms and opportunities we are lucky to have in our countries and they demand the same things.

    In order for the Republican party to survive it has no choice but to reject the moralistic and religious attitudes of those in the “Tea Party” fringe and become more liberal. They will have to become more like our Conservative party, and the fringe will have to be pushed out to form a US version of our BNP or UKIP. If they don’t do this, they will never get the youth vote again, and they will reach a point where they become completely redundant, to be replaced by another liberal party.

    • Steven Gregory

      Even young Republican gatherings who poll attendees show that curing AIDS/HIV and world hunger are paramount concerns, stopping equal marriage doesn’t even make their top 20 issues.

      • That’s interesting, and it seems to suggest that these old bigotries are of the older generations.
        I see this in every example, whether it’s anti-gay laws in India, with old men screaming about it while the youth are protesting against the laws, or in Russia where it’s all old Cossacks and ignorant people in their 50’s and up against young people in their 20’s, or in Egypt where it was predominantly people in their teens and 20’s protesting against the old men in government…

        We can even see now with the situation in Ukraine. In Crimea, all the pro-Russians seem to be in their 50’s, 60’s and up, but where are all the people in their teens and 20’s?

        Looking back on the EDL nonsense in the UK seems to show the same thing, although in that instance the ignorance was of a specific “type” with predominantly men in their 30’s and 40’s, against vast swathes of others, but those others (Anti-Fascists) seem to be predominantly in their 20’s.

        I’ve long believed that if you want to see where society is heading, look to the younger generations who will inherit responsibility and help to shape what’s to come. And from what I’ve seen, we should be pleased about the attitudes many millions of young campaigners have.

  • Steven Gregory

    This is why it’s important for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to COME OUT. When people know us, they don’t believe the fear mongers and hate peddlers who tell bizarre FANTASIES about us.

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