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Former legal adviser to Ugandan President demands repeal of anti-gay law

  • Colin

    Good on Mr Odoi and the former vice President. I hope others will see that this law is wrong and the constitutional court repeals it. Further then that the President has enough brains to leave it repealed.

  • CHBrighton

    At last! Someone in Uganda is taking a stand. Good for Mr Odoi.

  • Cal

    Refreshing. Good luck to him.

  • Truth

    Thank goodness! A black African, whose race has been so shamefully persecuted by whites, who has seen the breathtaking hypocrisy of persecuting his own people simply for being who they are. Let’s hope this momentum spreads to every country where gay human rights are being wilfully ignored.

  • Rumbelow

    The terrible situation in Uganda is directly the result of twenty years of unchecked and relentless anti-gay propaganda from the promoters of Christian Dominionism.
    We have these same terrorist’s working here in UK also in the form of The Christian Institute, Core Issues Trust, and the Christian Legal Centre.

    • Connor Larkin

      In fact Anglican and Evangelicals in Africa have been using 1930s era theological textbooks disregarding 200 years of German Biblical scholarship.
      From Africa to USA to Australia and all parts in between discrimination is the British legacy of buggery laws & faith.


    Good on you Mr Odoi, Thank you for saying what you said, now just need a few more like mined people in the world to bring some SENSE BACK IN TO THIS WORLD.

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