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US: Virginia appeals against same-sex marriage to be heard in May

  • Gerry McDonnell

    In a so called gay “marriage,” who is the husband, and who is the wife? Words have meanings. Marriage has meaning. To marry, as a verb, has meaning, and hence, that meaning is filled out by the direct object of the verb. I, a man, married a woman. Hence, I am a husband, with all the meaning that term carries, to a specific woman, who is my wife, with all the meaning that term likewise carries. “Husband” is a gendered term, “wife” is a gendered term, “father” is a gendered term, and “mother” is the most gendered term known to humanity. Hence, “marriage” has a meaning that gays can never represent, since there is no husband, and there is no wife. Without a husband, you have no marriage. Without a wife, you have no marriage. You can have relationships of all kinds, but what you do not have is a marriage.
    Gays cannot be married anymore than they can bear children. They were made one way, and their rejection of their God-ordained roles does not redefine marriage. Being a male or female is a matter of birth, being a man or a woman is a matter of choice. So the sound we hear today has nothing to do with abusing the English language through absurd words like “homophobe.” It has nothing to do with advancement in the 21st century.
    It has everything to do with the sound the citizens of a decadent Rome heard in the early 5th century as those they called “barbarians” swept into the Eternal City.
    Civilizations that fundamentally reject God’s creative purpose collapse, in
    time. How else could it be? One will either have a culture of life or a culture of death, and homosexuality, no matter what else is said about it, and does not foster life. It is fundamentally self-centred and narcissistic at its core. It cannot produce life and that which does not produce life tends toward death. That is the bent of this society, just as it became the bent of the later centuries of the Roman Empire. And thus we prove yet once again that those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.