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Orange suspends advertising deal with Uganda’s anti-gay Red Pepper paper

  • Truth

    This is VERY good news! Well done Orange. We now need to shame more big businesses who continue to put money into the coffers of similar anti-gay countries – Nigeria and Russia to name but two …..

  • Read

    Can you confirm Red Pepper is a tiny local paper no-one reads, that has now been given much publicity?
    Also can you confirm if Orange actually advertised in the paper, and it wasn’t just a randomly-generated online ad?
    Be interested to hear.

  • George Broadhead

    This shows that petitions can work, especially if they are given mass support. I am proud to have signed it and published it on my Facebook.

    • Read

      How did it work if it didn’t change anything?

  • Serkan M

    Very Good News! We must all stand against discrimination in this world. Who else do we have but each other?

  • “The group also protects all employees in crisis situations, without discrimination and supports them everywhere in the world.”

    I would like Orange (and all other brands operating there) to confirm some things for me…

    The law in Uganda states that it is illegal for someone not to report to authorities someone who is gay or lesbian. So, would Orange report a gay or lesbian employee of the company to the authorities, or choose to break Ugandan law and not report them?

    Does Orange screen employees or potential employees to avoid hiring gay or lesbian staff, and therefore avoid breaking Ugandan law? In our modern countries such hiring practices would be illegal and discriminatory, so how does Orange get around this?

    How can Orange and other companies continue to operate in Uganda, with contradictory policies which directly breach Ugandan law?

    Orange can’t have it both ways. If it operates in Uganda it has to comply with Ugandan laws, and the laws are in direct contradiction to what Orange “claims” it stands for.

    So, which is it Orange? Do you support equality and the right for people to be protected from discrimination and imprisonment, torture and death simply for loving who they love? Or do you comply with hateful and dangerous bigoted laws and “turn in” gay and lesbian employees as Ugandan law demands?

    I am sick to death of these hypocrite companies saying one thing and doing another. If Orange really stood for what is right they would have started leaving Uganda the moment these laws were passed.

    By remaining in the country, companies are basically saying that they want it all, by trying to ignore the obvious contradictions. A company cannot possibly remain in Uganda while claiming to support Human rights.

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