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Video: Russian gay rights campaigners pelted with eggs at International Women’s Day rally

  • atalanta

    There is a small but significant omission in this article. According to, police confiscated rainbow flags but allowed anti-homophobia placards and protests.

    The Kremlin apparently now wants to permit a little debate about homophobia and discrimination, and to rein in the most blatant violence by anti-gay thugs. This is doubtless in response to UN criticism on this issue and is an encouraging sign that international pressure can be useful, especially at a time when Russia’s human rights record is under the spotlight because of Crimea.

    But the situation for LGBT Russians remains vulnerable and perilous, and the future willingness of police to protect LGBT people remains in question.

  • F Young

    These demonstrators were very, very courageous. I hope their activism makes things better.

  • Cal

    Filled with admiration at the courage of these demonstrators. Sending love and luck to them. Despite challenges we still face in the UK, how lucky we are.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Please friends, more pressure ! Use your imagination. Talk to your local politicians, to people you work with, to central politicians in your town or country. Urge your gay organizations to take action. The future for LGBTQ people in Russia is hard to predict. They need our support !

  • Tanya Laura Pope

    same as call and all the others hear our harts go out to them

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