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Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker condemns New Look discount policy as ‘old fashioned discrimination’

  • David Greensmith

    If it’s not discrimination on basis of sexual orientation, then surely it’s discrimination based on gender? A female employee cannot give her discount to a female, whereas a male can and similarly a male cannot give to another male, but a female can. Gender discrimination.

  • Ukphill

    If they had any sense they would have immediately changed the policy. What the hell do they need to review. It’s a PR disaster. What’s there to think about whilst the press, politicians and public condem New Look. They should have issued an instant apology and rectified it.

  • Mark Y

    Who anyone would want to buy the cheap tatty rags sewn up in a sweatshop in China from that shlthole is beyond me, male or female.

    This has gotta be the most disgusting, you can’t even call it clothing, I’ve ever seen…….

    They should make criminals in prison wear them as punishment.

  • Keith

    Stupid Baroness looks like Mrs Doubtfire but that aside, where will this stupidity end. Will the homosexual male brigade be suing women because men can’t have babies?

    The new look policy does not bar it’;s homosexual staff from the offer. The offer is the same for everybody regardless of their sexual preferences, it merely states that the 2nd person nominated must choose clothes from the opposite gender range.

    If New Look wanted to discriminate, they would have harred homosexual staff from the offer.

    I bet New Look didn’t see this nonsense coming in a million years, after all, they were just trying to give their staff a perk, beyond their legal obligation.

    That will teach them to employ homosexuals, a ‘community’ that are perceived to be disproportionately bitter, vexatious, attention seeking and litigious..

    They may well withdraw the whole offer now and the normal staff will have the homosexual staff th ‘thank ‘ for that!

    Let this be a warning to all employers who would be well advised to ‘filter’ homosexuals at the application stage, before they bring their destructive ways attention seeking agenda to YOUR business!

    I hope this goes all the way since the equalities act is all about refusal of service, which there has not been, There is no section of the act that protects or entitles same sex coupes in the way Mrs Doubtfire and some other fools believe.

    Gotta run, I just found out Top Shop only sell womens clothing and as a man I must surely have a case for discrimination….. Oh the trauma!!

    • gillth

      You are a pathetic, vile, sad, nasty little dirty person. I work at Sainsburys and my other “half” on my discount card is my father, so NO it is not just a purely gay rights matter you nasty little rodent

    • NT

      Keith’ message was a production of the Christian Family Values Workshop and was brought to you today by the letters M.O.R.O.N.

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