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Transphobic Twitter trolls mock contestant on BBC’s The Voice

  • Erik

    With all that goes on in this world, the focus on the way someone is that is harming anybody in any way, hope for society looks pretty grim with individuals who want to make people’s lives miserable. Focus on real world problems. Hating on people just fuels all the negativity in the world.

  • nikkih777

    Shocking how intolerant people are of non-stereotypical gender expression even in 2014. You would think they might start to understand that Gender Identity is a spectrum. I think James is way cool and support him 10000%. Bravo for the courage to express himself as he’s comfortable and thinks reflects who he is. As more and more people step out in courage, the world will eventually change.

  • JCF

    James should respond with the classic Antonio Vargas line from “Car Wash”:
    “I’m more man than you’ll ever be
    And more woman than you’ll ever get!”

  • rapture

    Wonder will supposed “gay icon” kylie have anything relevant to add? She usually takes a silence when it comes to defence of anything remotely LGBT , but takes the pink pound without hesitation.

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