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The Queen praises gay rights charity’s ‘special anniversary’ in royal surprise

  • Truth

    Nice. Just sad that, as head of the Commonwealth, she hasn’t been as forthright in condemning the anti-gay actions of Uganda.

    • Ra

      The old bag should go live in dirty pigs of Uganda. Can’t wait for these homophobes to be part of the forgotten history.

      • Ra

        errata: … with the dirty pigs …

        • Silly Old Bastard

          Don’t be so disrespectful, shortdick

    • Silly Old Bastard

      Make out a wish list will you. You militants are never happy.

      • Truth

        Sorry – but why ‘respect’? Do you consider the queen is somehow superior to you? It’s sad you appear to have bought into the deferential nonsense that has allowed religion to hold sway over so many people for so long. I think you will find we are all as important as each other and no one – no matter what title they afford themselves – should be allowed to be superior to any of us. Allowing some individuals to be ‘better’ than the rest is how dictatorships begin……

    • Rhoderick Gates

      Meant to be politically neutral and not make any political statements. Simple as that

  • Cal

    Well, it’s a start.

  • Jones

    The Royal Protocol must be like having tape stuck around your mouth all the time. Not able to voice your opinions publicly on anything for your whole life. At least that has been the case for this Queen.

    • Cal

      I’m not sure any of the 3 main party leaders have advised Her Majesty to keep her support for her GLBT subjects under her hat.

      • Jones

        I’m not in any doubt that haven’t advised her, she has just chose to be this way. Which I think is a shame when she has the potential to stop what is happening in Uganda.

        • docMfan

          How exactly could she stop it?

          • Jones

            I didn’t say she would definitely be able to stop it, just that she has a greater ability than other world leaders. Uganda is a part of the Commonwealth so although the Queen does not rule them directly she is still respected, so what she says will be taken in more than say ‘just that other Prime Minister’ David Cameron.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Royal parasite Charles Windsor has on many occasions shown that a royal CAN stick their necks over the parapet IF THEY HAVE THE GUMPTION. Liz Windsor has never had the gumption, until now, possibly.

      • Jones

        When (and if) Charles succeeds to the throne then I’m sure he will be a more vocal monarch than Elizabeth who is more closet about her views. I suppose different people do the job in different ways.

  • JKDuganBrause

    Let me add my congratulations and also thanks to London Gay and Lesbian Switchboard. They may not know it, but they helped Alaska set up its first (and I believe, still only) gay community centre’s switchboard. It was called Gay Helpline back when it started in 1978. It was London switchboard’s volunteers that posted materials to us (no internet!) that helped us do it right.

    Again, thanks for the help and all the best. Your work has reached many lives!

    • Colin

      Awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Best Wishes

  • soapbubblequeen

    Well that’s very nice of her. But as ‘Truth’ says below, it would be better if she came out as it were and condemned the ex-colonies’ behaviour!

    • Silly Old Bastard

      You too SBQueen. Make out a wish list will you. You militants are never happy.

  • de Villiers

    People here in England don’t know what they have.

    I have never – and I mean never – when living in France, Italy or Spain ever heard a politician on the right speak so positively about gay rights and gay organisations.

    On one day, today, I have read the Conservative Party Chairman criticise New Look for their anti-gay, employee partner benefits, the Conservative Premier Ministre praise a gay charity and for the Queen also to praise a gay charity.

    I become disappointed with friends in France who do not realise how good their lives are in the sun and on the Riviera but that is nothing as compared to gay people in England who do not realise just how positive English politics is for gay people.

    We should not be nasty and desperate like the initial posters above. We should celebrate and be happy.

    • Colin

      Although I’m a republican at heart your points are correct. We are very fortunate in the UK in so many ways.

      Please I respect the Queen just not what the whole thing stands for.

    • Jones

      We have it better than America that land of ‘freedom and opportunity’ for sure.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Her uncle who died during the war, the Duke of Kent was gay, so I was told.

  • Jase

    The Queen has a spotty record regarding the LGBT community. So political balancing attempts are in full swing, albeit obvious and shallow.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      “in full swing” but because of this very tenuous bit of news? You’re optimistic, Jase!

  • Pet

    Well, the idea of a monarchy is beyond my understanding, but this is what it is. England has a queen, and she did this little thing, which, if we can agree on, is huge. The monarch (at least this kind) is not supposed to uphold or condemn any law or whatever.

  • krystalkleer

    she know she ain’t the only queen in England…good she’s finally recognize’n the others!

  • JackAlison

    OH GOD its ground breaking!!!!! NOT. And by the way did she actually utter the words Gay or Lesbian???? No. Its a “special anniversary” like “special” olympics and “special” needs. People are vomiting with excitement about a smug sovereign who presides over the most cruel vindictive violent murderous collection of anti gay nations that she heads. The Commonwealth. Good Queen Bess needs a stern lesson that as head of state and leader of this murderous group she is complicit by the deafening silence of her speeches and she aids and abetts such regimes by giving them commonwealth legitimacy and pretends there is nothing going on.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Very well said, Jack!

    • Glasgow1975

      no – special like 40 years – like her Jubilee special – nothing to do with the patronising labels you attached to her words

      • JackAlison

        yes the labels ARE patronizing….Im glad u can see that…duh??!!!
        So is NOT mentioning gay or lesbian which she has NEVA done
        So is heading a murderous band of rogue states (commonwealth) that murder gay rights activists and make life living hell for gay ppl.
        Get ur head outta ur ass and wake up n smell the coffee!!
        She and her family are UNELECTED heads of state living off the public purse “in a ludicrous cocoon of priviledge”
        She also heads the church of England whose renegade Bishops in black Africa under GAFCON have fuelled aided and abetted these commonwealth govts to bring in draconian laws against gay ppl. in the 21st century. And put on ur set belt theres plenty more to diss out on Betty Windsor or is it Mountbatten or is it Schloss battenberg?!lol the name changes every 50 years to suit the political climate

        • Glasgow1975

          She has sent her best wishes to a valuable service to the LGBT community on it’s 40th anniversary – let’s string her up for that!
          Calm down dear you’ll give yourself an embolism.
          Right wing US evangelists have far more influence over ‘black Africa’ than Her Majesty ever has, hence the draconian laws currently being enacted.
          As for living off the public purse, The Monarchy pays far more to The Government than it receives back, abolish that and her income would soar and the much more expensive price of a Presidency would still have to be found.

          • JackAlison

            “US evangelists have far more influence over ‘black Africa’ than Her Majesty ever has, hence the draconian laws currently being enacted”

            Absolutely right ….and she never opens her trap to in any way censor the vile things happening there as head of the commonwealth.
            The Draconian laws are British…hint hint….nothing to do with the US
            Futhermore both Hilliary Clinton and Prez Obama have spoken out publicly
            QEII remains mum. She heads the commonwealth, Prez Obama does not

          • Glasgow1975

            both politicians, The Queen is not political and heading The Commonwealth is a symbolic role with no political power, she could condemn the laws until her dying breath and it would make not a jot of difference, just as her private opinions made no difference to Margaret Thatcher’s stance on Apartheid in the 80s.

          • JackAlison

            “until her dying breath and it would make not a jot of difference,”

            Oh ur her majesties publicist 2..???!!!.lol

          • JackAlison

            seriously it is1royal peculiarity where she is NOT constrained by government. She could definitely speak out and her speeches are NOT monitored by the goverment when she addresses the commonwealth. Did u know that?

          • JackAlison

            and futhermore quit the “dear” epitats.
            its emabarassing stereotypical behaviour
            like limp wrist and handbag
            If you wanna maka point
            say something that backs up ur arguements rather than hurling churlish loyalists opinions about based solely on head in the sand monarchist claptrap

          • Glasgow1975

            the only one embarrassing themselves up here is you, try investing in a Spell Checker or even a good old fashioned dictionary

          • JackAlison

            no u uttered it. u have selective memory loss?

  • paul

    Looks like Scotland and Wales have already won inddependence

  • Jerry Slattery

    Considering about 120% of her staff would be card carrying members of the pink pound She should be lot more supportive of us :-)

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    PinkNews, could you please give us more detail, please. Like, who exactly has revealed this information? And can you not reproduce the entire communication? If this is truly a break with Liz Windsor’s previous behaviour, then surely the whole story should be reported, in detail.

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Though I commend the Queen for this, it would be nice if she could actually be heard saying the word ‘gay’. Just once would suffice. As for royal protocol and not interfering in politics, I find the notion a bit hypocritical given the fact that HRH Prince Charles had sent letters to several ministers expressing his views of certain legislation over the years.
    That said, we are very fortunate to live in the UK, faults and problems aside. Am no Tory but if you look around the western world, there hasn’t been one conservative led government which has legislated for equal marriage, unprecedented. Something we should all be proud of.

  • James Campbell

    I really get tired of reminding people that in the UK our head of state is NON POLITICAL (which in my opinion is better than combining the two). As a constitutional monarch the Queen knows that she must never speak openly in a way that could be interpreted as biased or political (even though this would court approval with some groups). However, what she says in private is a different matter. She is well known to be more open when talking to the Heads of the Commonwealth and on several occasions has criticised their policies. I have no doubt that she will make her displeasure known regarding draconian laws passed in some African countries at at the next Commonwealth leaders meeting. I have no problem with those who support the idea of a republic. However, using abusive terminology to vilify someone who has served this country so well for many years on the basis of a mistaken concept of what a constitutional monarchy means is pointless. I have lived and worked in several countries around the world and based on experience, I prefer the system we have in the UK.

    • Truth

      The sycophancy on here in support of royalty is vomit-inducing! The institution of ‘monarchy’ remains as a reminder of the disgusting class-system to which we were all once subjected. While I agree that we in the UK enjoy more gay freedoms than in other parts of the world, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the retention of the monarchy. And if the monarchy is a-political, what’s the point of keeping it? The most powerful nations on earth seem to have managed quite well as Republics …..

      •ü/100006483932228 Ar U. Gaetu

        With no stable head of state, the US is in perpetual chaos; frozen by short term politicians being controlled by big businesses under the offers of having a secure wealthy life if the congressmen vote a certain way. Huge profits from monstrously fat military contracts and wages frozen since 1970’s while schools, roads and health are left to suffer a third-world existence.

        Not unlike the bystanders of Gay bashing incidents, Americans do nothing as the country is being overthrown by the wealthy and powerful. The media is just another set of large companies, isolating Americans from the rest of the world. People here are kept ignorant about the successes of our allies such as national health care, education funding, transportation advancements, etc.

        Greed has become the national cancer here with no cure in sight. Keep the monarchy to stabilize the health of the national soul, but keep the Parliament in constant fear of the people.

    • thenumber2goose

      – She’s the head of the armed forces.
      – She can make decisions without the backing of Parliament (Royal Prerogative)
      – She can pass her Royal Prerogative on to her Ministers allowing them to act without the consent of Parliament.
      – Charles in particular is embroiled in a freedom of information fiasco, in which his personal letters to Government Ministers have been prevented from being released due to their “political nature”
      – She has a private weekly audience with the Prime Minister.

      Yep, really non-political.

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