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NYC: 50 people failed to help as homophobe attacked gay couple

  • mandybrigwell

    Huge amounts of sympathy for the victim’s injuries, their feelings and their future safety, but there’s a lot of questionable information in this article. It seems he was punched in the face – what were the fifty other people supposed to do? Similiarly, the site linked to can’t even spell properly in its reportage; I don’t disbelieve them, but it does shake their credibility. Great headline; makes us all quake in our boots at the streets seething with drug-crazed, alcohol-furnished homophobic thugs, but how much of this ’50 people failed to help’ is actually true?

    These sensationalising headlines you’re indulging in are really wrecking your credibility as a news source as far as I’m concerned. I know, it’s my choice to read Pink News. I’m making that choice, for now.

    • Nick M Duffy

      Hi Mandy,

      Here is actual audio of the victims themselves making the claim on local radio.

      I hope that’s good enough proof?


      • mandybrigwell

        No, it’s not. I’m not claiming it didn’t happen, but the victims aren’t objective evidence. I realise as a reporter you can’t offer entirely objective evidence, but you do realise your headline is inflammatory. Do you really believe you have enough eyewitness proof that what they say happened actually happened?

        EDIT: It does also seem to me that ‘fifty people’ would have to be very advantageously placed if every one of them was to react appropriately to such an event. It smacks of Kitty Genovese – murdered while no-one lifted a finger. Shocking – NEIGHBOURS FAILED TO INTERVENE IN YOUNG GIRL’S MURDER.

    • Dave Jones

      Completely agree Mandy, totally sensationalist reporting and completely unnecessary.

      There is a well known psychological phenomenon called the bystander effect. The greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress

      It’s why it is easier to “queue jump” in a queue of 60 people, than it is to “queue jump” in a queue of 4 or 5. It is the same principal.

      Also, once one persons acts, the likelihood of others intervening increases with every person that joins the group, but I’m sure none of this would be of much comfort to the victim, my sympathy goes out to him.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Mandy, you’ve clearly never suffered a similar assault. I have. I stood in a queue during the lunch-hour, in broad daylight, in warm sunny weather, at a bank’s external cash-dispenser in North London. There were a dozen other people either in the queue or standing at an immediately adjacent bus-stop. When it was my turn to move forward to the machine, a big well-built thug suddenly appeared and because he wanted to use the ATM immediately, and not take his place in the queue, he literally hurled me three metres to the side against a brick wall. In my shock I saw that everyone was looking at me and at him, but NOT A SINGLE PERSON SOUGHT TO HELP ME or to take issue with the thug. Instead they then all quickly looked away.

      It may be awful for you to accept, Mandy, but that’s how utterly selfish we human beings can be when others are in trouble. People choose to protect themselves by not getting involved with the thug.

      • mandybrigwell

        I’m sorry, but you’re making appeals to emotion and attacking me with ad hominem arguments rather than focusing on the issue.

        It *is* horrible being attacked for no reason, and it is possible that no-one helped; what I’m suggesting is that the headline is overly sensational, and that there’s a lack of evidence in the article as written or as linked-to. As such, Pink News is going down in my estimation as a reliable source of gay news. That’s all; it’s really not about whether I’ve been attacked or what I am willing to accept about human nature.

      • MJ

        (In THAT case I would have stepped in, absolutely. But that’s very different from this subway incident).

    • Mark Y

      Let me get this right. You leave 5 long comments that go on about a headline as if that;s the issue, but say a couple of lines about this shocking homophobic incident? What’s more worrying about pinknews is reading the comments from people like you who think they’re some sort of journalist critic who care more about spelling errors, layout and editorial reportage as if that’s the issue – which you even claim in one of your comments is the issue.

      The issue is some guy was walking in the village, got beaten up by a homophobic attacker and no one stopped to help him, and there were possibly about 50 people – if the headline makes you quake in your boots, time to face reality, it happens all the time. That’s the issue.

      • MJ

        That’s not the issue, though ( “..guy was walking in the vlllage…” etc….), because that’s not the essence of what happened. The headline is basically a lie.

        • MJ

          Though, granted, Pink News just lifted the same headline from the American site Towleroad, which is also known for dishonest headlines.

        • Mark Y

          Okay, guy was walking on ‘train platform’ in village. FFs, that’s so pedantic. The headline is not a lie. I see you’re another one whose more concerned with pink news than the fact that a guy got beaten up in NY by a homophobe whilst people looked on? Weird.

          • MJ

            It’s not the slightest bit weird. I know that subway station well. And I heard the full account of what happened. Believe me, nobody would even have realized what was going on. We’re not even debating whether people shuld step in or not when they see a confrontation…it wasn’t even that type of scenario. (And I’m not insensitive to gaybashing. I was attacked myself by a gang of black homophobes in an empty Brooklyn subway car and successfuly fought them off their horror).

      • MJ

        Answer me this : Then why didn’t his boyfriend he was with help him ?

        • Mark Y

          Maybe he did. Who knows? I’m sure he did – and still is picking up the pieces. The point is a guy gets beaten up on a train platform in the village, in a homophobic attack and people looked on and did nothing. Why are you not commenting on the issue and asking all these other stupid questions about headlines, his boyfriend, the fact that you get on the train at 4th street and its a big station and therefore doesn’t matter, and how you’re so tough that you single handedly fought of a gang of ‘black’ homophobes in brooklyn? (love the way you mention they were black, not racist at all *sarcasm*)

          • MJ

            Oh…I’m admittedly racist if “racist” means being honest about who does most of the gaybashings in NYC. Did you know last year there were 18 gaybashings in lower Manhattan and only ONE was not done by blacks or Latinos (to the extent where gay activists were discussing whether or not it’s a new gang initiation to bash a gay). And in my case, not only did I fight them off, I did so after they’d sprayed something in my eyes to mess up my vision. Of course, I still don’t think, in a civilized society, that everybody has to be able to fight, or that those who get assaulted are somehow to blame. That’s what we pay the police for. And my point about his boyfriend not helping the guy who got punched (and he didn’t help) was that : it happened too quick ! If even the boyfriend was taken by surprise, and did nothing, why do you expect anyone from the constant stream of strangers to jump in ?

          • Q

            Which one was that? The one where Mark Carson, a young, black man was shot point blank in an unprovoked attack by a white man? Let’s not play the race game…

          • MJ

            Mark Carson was shot by a white man ?? Better go back and do more research.

      • Dave Jones

        The point is the headline incites fear and has spread the belief that the 50 people that witnessed the attack didn’t intervene because it was a homophobic attack.

        Whilst this is possible, it is far more likely there lack of action was caused by the physiological phenomenon called the bystander effect.

        It is sensationalist, irresponsible reporting and completely unnecessary. The homophobic attack on its own is shocking and newsworthy on its own without the need to sensationalise the incident further.

        • Mark Y

          The headline doesn’t suggest that people didn’t intervene because they were homophobic – that may be how you read it, but not me. It just says 50 people didn’t intervene. It doesn’t say 50 homophobes didn’t intervene because they were homophobic like you think. You need to re-read the headline and the story, there’s nothing sensationalist about it. I’m not even questioning why they didn’t intervene, I don’t care if it was the bystander effect, a quantum mobilisation effect, or something to do with the baader meinhof complex – no one helped – that’s common -and shocking – nothing sensational about reporting the facts.

          The point is, a guy was attacked by a homophobe, and no one helped. But all you, and a couple of other imbeciles seem to be going on about is journalism.

  • krystalkleer

    hopefully he heals ok and the scum gets thrown in jail to learn what it’s like.

    • Mark Zorro

      Often the men that conduct these attacks are latent homosexuals. For such men being in jail is a treat.

  • Ciaran

    Passive homophobia is what this is pure and simple.

    • Botas

      No, it’s general indifference and is called the Bystander Effect. If someone is in need of help in a big crowd, each individual will just assume someone else will do it – to the point that nobody ends up helping. The assault was disgusting and homophobic, yes. But to imply that a large group of people were just happy to stand and watch someone get beaten up because they were gay is just flat out wrong, dishonest reporting. They were happy to stand and watch them get beaten up because they assumed someone else would help.

      • MJ

        I know that subway station well, and how busy it is too, with all kinds of coming and going. I’d say you’re quite accurate, and also that most people would have had no idea what the fight was even about.

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          “I don’t know what the fight is about. I don’t know why a person is being assaulted. So I will allow the assault to continue. And I will make no effort to ensure that the attacker is apprehended. I will not treat this as a violent offence”. This reaction is OK, is it?

          • MJ

            When it’s between grown men, it sure is.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        You’re providing the 50 with an excuse, Botas. But each one of us has responsibility for the welfare of others, regardless of whether we perceive them to be of particular sexuality.

        • MJ

          That’s nice in principal, but one has to choose carefully. If you lived in NYC you’d know how many cases have people butting in because a man seems to be abusing a woman and then having both that man and woman turn on the buttinsky.

          • Mark Y

            That’s happened to me, but it would never stop me from acting, just in case.

    • Mark Zorro

      That was not passive homophobia. People that act passively don’t physically attack.

  • Cal

    Very sad. It would have been great if people had at least shouted for him to stop. I don’t know what I would have done. Sadly, I can’t guarantee I would have stepped in either. Not sure it’s homophobia. Do New Yorkers step in to rescue straight people under attack? I doubt it.

  • MJ

    Why would anybody risk his life intevening in something that could be, for all one knows, a personal fight that started up above ground? Also, it involved one grown man attacking two grown men, not someone attacking a child or an elderly couple. Also it happened quick. Get a little perspective, instead of using that hammy “50 people failed to help” headline.

    • mandybrigwell

      It’s the headline that bothered me, too. Pink News is too quick nowadays to go for the flaming pink headline rather than staying true to their roots, rightly listed at the bottom of each page.

  • soapbubble

    If it were me, an eye for an eye I’d say. I’d find the homophobic f888ker and there would be a lot of blood.

    • MJ

      Then the public would be wrong not to jump in and stop you, I guess. According to most of the posters here.

  • That There Other David

    Once again, boys and girls, we owe it to each other to take self-defence classes in order to be able to fight back if attacked. It’s only when people like this attacker know they’ll come off worse that they’ll leave us in peace.

    • Jones

      But we shouldn’t have to take self defence classes. Everyone has a right to walk down a street without being attacked.

      • MJ

        That’s very true. No one really should be obliged to be able to fight like Van Damme. It’s, maybe, a good idea, but……not everybody can do that. Or even wants to do that. (Some people are pure intellect with no body…lol). There’s a reason our taxes pay for security and police and…etc…

        • mandybrigwell

          I don’t think any kind of self-defence class or device would have helped in this case. The victim had no chance to respond before being attacked. All I can think of is backing away and saying ‘Why are you asking?’ to get some distance from the assailant.

          • MJ

            Yes, I agree. This was a sucker-punch, quick, type of attack. I do think, though, that sometimes people who look physically able to take care of themselves have a natural deterent to attackers.

          • Mark Zorro

            Well, these guys didn’t look particularly attack-able. What is possible is that they may have been a tiny bit tipsy.

        • Mark Zorro

          Everybody does not have to do it. When a few of these thugs get badly beaten up, the word will spread and they will leave the rest of us alone.

      • Mark Zorro

        Every one has not been maligned as much as we gays have been.

  • Paul – Canada

    In a nation full of guns, it’s surprising not one person could have subdued the attacker with the threat of a weapon. Without a gun I’d feel frightened to physically intervene (time I took self-defence classes!), but with a gun I’d shot that attacker’s hand (he wouldn’t be beating on anyone for a good long while after)!

    • Mark Y

      But what happens if you missed and killed him, or someone else? Then you’d be up for murder. Not a good idea. Go and learn jujutsu intead.

  • allancsn

    Hate violence of any kind – but I live in south London and travel to New York fairly regularly – I am more cautious in south London than in lower Manhattan. Sad for the guys but this is not typical of the area – to be honest it’s so gay, in a positive affirming way. That said New Yorkers live pretty much in bubbles, city living coping, can be quite abrasive and there are deepening issues caused by divisive poverty but I’d hug my partner in Greenwich but think twice in Clapham.

    • Robert in S. Kensington

      But you can’t compare Clapham which isn’t in the heart of London unlike Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan proper. If it were Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx or Staten Island, then yes.

    • Mark Zorro

      Ummm, not typical? Several people have been badly hurt in the NYC village in the past 2 years. And at least one killed for being gay.

      • MJ

        Too many homophobic racial “minorities” in NYC. I never could figure out why gays try to push the idea that ALL diversity is good.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    J.P. Masterson, well done you, for posting your photo, for speaking back, and for speaking out, rather than hiding away and not making this horrific attack in New York widely known!

    How frightening it is that even in the most generally enlightened environments, such as Greenwich Village, and London’s Soho, we all clearly need to be on guard at all times!

    And how even more frightening that as we all grow older, and two older or old men together are more obviously a gay couple, we need to be even more on guard. There’s no telling what’s in the head of the next person who passes us in the street.

  • And THAT is why I’d never live in the city. Not only are people willing to wait for someone else in the crowd to be a hero, rather than stepping up themselves, but police and ambulances take much longer.

    Homophobia in the suburbs and rural areas is much more of a coward’s sport of splashing your car with a Coke or saying a barely audible “faggot” as they walk away. It just takes a muscled Gay returning veteran to stop most homophobia in a small town.

    Cities are too much like a prison ruled by criminals. I like being able to keep my car running in winter as I eat lunch. Many people in my town keep their car keys in their unlocked car 24/7 so they don’t have to worry about losing them. I enjoy not having a care all day and NOT being confined to my home to get it.

    Every time “I need to be careful” or simply use my key, I feel the criminals have won. I can’t live like that. Life’s too short.

  • Keith

    Since the homosexual community are represented by 6% of New Yorkers. It is likely that two or three of those that failed to help were homosexuals themselves!
    So much for the ‘Gay Community’.

    • MJ

      You have to know how extensive this subway station is, with lots of coming and going and people spread out. Also, this happened very quick. Rest assured, if you could see it you’d understand why it happened like it did. These headlines are giving the false image of 50 people standing right there watching one person getting pummelled by another.

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  • Husky

    I’m relieved he’s still standing but this is the bystander effect. The more people who witness someone in danger, the less likely they’ll help.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I witnessed an attack at a railway station, or I was told I did as it
    happened just a few yards in front of me. But it happened so quickly, and I was
    reading a timetable. I was younger then and would have intervened, but that was
    Preston, not NYC. I might have been shot for my trouble there.

  • lee

    very sad that that not ONE person called the police –

    • Mark Zorro

  • Mark Zorro

    New York in notorious for this kind of negligence, not only against thugs attacking gays, but also against thugs attacking ordinary people, regardless of their gender, age, and sexual orientation.

    I agree that it would be wise for gays to consider investing some of their time into mastering self-defense. Such a large percentage of gay men spend hours and hours in the gym celebrating and enhancing their bodies, that it would not involve going too far for many of us to spend some time learning self-defense.

    It is imperative that we display affection in public places so that people are aware that we are determined to own up to our natural biological legacy of same sex love, just like myriads of other species in the animal kingdom do. Every time these religiously motivated acts of hatred take place many gays are pushed into hiding their affection in public, something that is terrible for all of us.

    We need to fight back. Remember that some of the fiercest fighters in history have been homosexual men.

    • MJ

      Well….Arthur C. Clarke once only half-joked that, if you look through history, maybe homosexual men shouldn’t be allowed in the military after all….because they’re TOO warlike.

  • Christopher in Canada

    And a planet covered with nations is doing nothing in the face of a bully attacking the Ukraine. We are cowards, afraid to get involved. While I’m sure the pair were taken by surprise, not expecting this to happen, I feel that we ALL need to get in touch with our inner 9 year olds and be prepared to retaliate at the drop of a hat. Rome was overthrown by the Barbarians, after all. Being nice and being in control of ourselves is getting a lot of us injured. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Guys, there were two of you and only one of him. SING: solar plexus, instep, nose, groin. Thanks, Sandra Bullock!

  • Robert Brown

    I can sort of defend myself having worked as an officer in a prison. As mentioned previously, WHY should be have to defend ourselves just because others want to attack us? Do we go around attacking straights? What right do people have in committing violence against another? Education is the key and education within our schools is needed. That’s why LGBT NUT, Inclusion for All, Schools OUT UK and Education and Celebrate are so important.

  • Steven Gregory

    The sad legacy of the Kitty Genovese murder persists. In the early 1960s, 37 people witnessed her attack and murder, and didn’t call the police.

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