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Northern Ireland Government LGBT consultation launches next week after long delay

  • This is good, but WHY are Ireland sponsoring gay hate in Uganda?

    • atalanta

      The two governments are entirely separate.
      But if the DUP had a foreign aid budget, I expect Uganda and Nigeria would be at the top of their list.

    • Mitch Burns

      If they offer money to Uganda, it should be directly to LBGT advocates. Otherwise they are hypocrites saying they went through the same acts against gay people and accepted aid from Uganda. So instead of Aiding their hate give to the PEOPLE THAT NEED IT

  • Smabh

    The Unionists in NI have a history of homophobia. Strange, considering their idol William of Orange, was the most rampant homosexual to have sat on the British throne! (and there were quite a few of them!)

    • atalanta

      Unfortunately the jury’s out on King Billy. David Starkey’s sure William was gay, but most historians are much more doubtful.
      Richard I, James I and Edward II are all better contenders for that “most rampant” title. (Should that be a heraldic term – “homosexual rampant?)

    • Michael 126

      Jeez enough with the Unionist bashing. I am gay and a Unionist. Instead of tarring us all with the same brush how about a little compassion for those like me who are stuck as we have no Unionist Parties with half decent people to vote for.

      • Cal

        Yes, those poor Unionists. So misunderstood. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt because one or two of them are Gay. Isn’t a Gay Unionist a bit like a Gay BNP member?

        • Michael126

          Oh My God what an idiot. Enough said.

      • Padraic

        It’s not bashing to say that unionism has a history of homophobia, it’s the truth. Instead of going on the defensive any time someone mentions the disparity between the views of Republican/Nationalists and Unionists you would be better working to make unionism a more welcoming place for LGBT people.

  • Jones

    Why the hell were gay rights devolved?

    • Mitch Burns

      Because useless religious people changed what the African peoples beliefs around. They used to treat gay people as the norm, until religion was ‘unleashed’ on African people

  • David Greensmith

    Should all citizens be treated equally? Religious people say “no” and do everything in their power to sabotage progress towards equality. Situation normal.

  • AndyAS

    If EQUALITY is not for everyone, it is NOT equality!

  • Cal

    They may well refuse to be drawn on religious concerns among DUP members but it will come out pretty quickly. Religious concerns. Hard-hearted hate. Staunch traditional attitudes. What’s the difference?

  • halling

    Don’t get too excited just yet: the consultation is linked to developing a DRAFT strategy. The time taken to get to this point beggars belief but seems all too consistent with how ‘progress’ is made at Stormont (reflect on the response to Haass as a recent example). As the consultation is PUBLIC, feed into it using every avenue available.

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