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Irish Government: ‘It would not be appropriate’ to cut aid to Uganda over its anti-gay law

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    How does anyone really know if aid is not going directly to these oppressive governments and despots? Is there any evidence that it’s not?

  • Truth

    Religious bigots of the world ….. unite!

  • Brett Gibson

    Surprise surprise from the country where a woman died because she was denied an abortion because Ireland is a ‘catholic’ country.

    The up side is I can’t imagine Ireland have much money to give *sniggers*

    • Lawerence Collins

      What’s a snigger?

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        it means to laugh :-)

        • MJ


          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Google it. Snigger means laugh

          • MJ

            Why would someone laugh over THAT statement ?? Pretty sure he just forgot the apostrophe after the s.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Or rather than looking to make a comment seem racist you could maybe see it for what it really is. Ireland has had several well documented financial problems since they took on the Euro and have been bailed out financially at least twice. I think you are deliberately looking for something that’s not there

          • MJ

            ( wink )

          • Q

            You disgust me. ..

          • MJ

            Oh..from that blow I shall never recover.

          • Brett Gibson

            Do you not know English? Snigger means to laugh down at something. Why on earth would I A) use that other word you think I meant or B) use it to describe one of the whitest countries on the planet. Get a life.

    • Graham

      Like the UK isn’t up to its eyeballs in debt

      • Brett Gibson

        Our economy is nowhere near as fucked as yours and our economy is about 16 times the size of Ireland.

  • BennieM

    Why do governments say one thing about Uganda and it’s homophobic laws, yet when it comes to actually doing something, they say it’s inappropriate or counter productive to take that action?

    Both the Scottish and Irish governments might say the right thing on Uganda, but won’t put those words into actions.

    I don’t know if the Irish government stopping aid, or the Scottish government snubbing Ugandan officials at the Commonwealth Games will have any real effect, but it would send out a statement that these governments find the Ugandan laws wrong and that there are consequences for introducing such horrible legislation.

    By carrying on as normal, it lets Uganda off the hook and give other countries a green light to introduce homophobic laws because they’ll see there are no consequences for doing so.

    • Truth

      I think you’ll find companies and governments around the world continued to do business with white South Africa while publicly condemning apartheid. Money talks …..

      • BennieM

        I suppose what I’m trying to say is that governments condemning another government for homophobic or racist laws is all very well, but would the homophobic or racist government really care so long as the aid money and businesses carried on as normal?

        Simply speaking out may not be enough, governments and businesses need to follow it up with action too.

  • Stephen

    Hardly surprising.
    Ireland is a country remember, where there will be a national vote on the equal civil rights of the LGBT community.
    Irrespective of what the Irish Constitution may say (and it does NOT say that a marriage is between a man and a woman) it is always wrong to allow a vote on the rights of a minority.
    Shame on Ireland.

  • Stephen

    Is this David Cooney a homophobic extremist himself I wonder?

    In January 2012 Cooney presented his credentials to Pope Ratzinger as the first non residential Irish ambassador to the Holy See.
    Who in their right mind would want to be the ambassador to a paedophile-enabling religious cult?

    • Sebastian

      Only a small percentage of Priests were pedophiles when you look at the amount of Priests employed by the Church. There are no more pedophiles in the Catholic Church then any other large institution. The only thing the Church was guilty of was on the way they handled the problem regarding reporting the guilty Priests and removing them from their positions.
      The press are more keen on reporting pedophile stories relating to the Catholic Church then other stories relating to pedophiles, and most gay men are obsessed with the Catholic Church and religion on this site, blaming it for everything.

      • Truth

        The Catholc Church is, quite rightly, attacked more than other organisations becuse of ifs breathtaking hypocrisy! If you set yourself up as ‘moral guardians’, you cannot be surprised or indignant when your corruption and downright disgusting dishonesty are exposed and I am amazed and disturbed that you would even attempt to defend such an organistion. Just shows how powerul religious brainwashing can be ……

  • Stephen

    Why not contact the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs directly to ask them how it will guarantee that not a single cent of Irish taxpayers’s money will be spent on the genocidal persecution of gay people in Uganda.

  • peter purton

    I think the headline is misleading. This is what Ugandan gays are asking – NOT to cut aid to civil society, BUT to cut it to the government, and as it happens, this is also what the UK government has said it is doing. This is the right approach: follow the lead of our sisters and brothers in the country. To do otherwise can make their situation even worse than it is.

  • The Ugandan Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law has been leading the campaign in Uganda against the new Act. They have issued guidelines for what international supporters can usefully do, which can be found at the link below. In terms of action, including the demo we organised in Edinburgh this lunchtime, the Equality Network are taking our lead from their advice.

  • Mark Y

    So whilst Ireland and others provide aid to NGO’s the government should be supporting, the government spend their own money on themselves. What a joke. Cut ALL aid to uganda, go one step further, cut all trade, cut all citizens travelling to the UK. And this goes for every other homophobic nation, I’m sick of us being treated like the lepers of the World.

  • Jones

    It would be highly appropriate you bigots.

  • Josh

    Well done Ireland! Instead of cutting aid, we should:
    • Lead by example, by sorting out endemic homophobia in our societies
    • Change our attitude, by realising that treating Uganda like a schoolchild is disrespectful, regardless of how errant its policies are.
    • Practice more effective diplomacy, by realising that this isn’t about homosexuality but scapegoating; and that Ugandan politicians will be the least affected by aid cuts.
    • Increase aid to help human development. Peace, justice, and respect flourish when people are fed, safe, and educated.
    • Encourage our politicians to demonstrate true leadership on this by doing the right thing, not the popular thing. Foreign aid is a favourite victim of extreme-right discourse. We shouldn’t let them use LGBT rights as a justification for their xenophobic agenda.

    • Truth

      Ah! I see you are an ‘appeaser’. As history shows, it worked awfully well on that nice Mr. Hitler. Sorry to disappoint … but disgusting, fascist regimes like those in Uganda and Russia are not open to reason. As has been amply demonstrated by today’s news from Malaysia ( ) dictators will use anti-gay legislation to intimidate and silence opponents. They couldn’t really care less what consenting adults get up to. They just want to distract attention from their failures and to galvanise support …. by employing the simplest and most effective way possible to ‘control’ their populations. Fear ….

      • MJ

        Uganda, Russia, and…Saudi Arabia…….So we’re ALL appeasers to a certain extent.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Shame on Ireland’s government who chooses to fund the homophobic corrupt government of Uganda. To support their hate and Killing of innocent people.

    I suspect had this been Catholic rather than Gay people things would have been very different.

    Religious hate, nothing more.

  • Jon

    Birdsof a feather or bigots and homophobes stick together !!!

  • Ra

    I hate that fuxxing pop-out ad you have on your site.

  • DM

    Watched a recent debate on channel 4 news with a LGBT activist from Uganda .
    She strongly recommended that aid not be stopped as a result of this issue and backed up her view with logical and fair argument . There are other ways to make your voice heard that will have more impact as suggested below on this page . Please know the proper facts and listen to the voices of LGBT people of Uganda before criticising the Irish government policy on this . Also , this issue should not turn into a forum for snide and petty anti Irish sentiment . Is aid from the the UK being halted as well over this ? If yes , I have not heard about it . Eyes on the crisis people . DM .

  • JW

    Right I hope that this will give people some perspective of what this article actually means. First off I’m a gay Irish guy studying International Development so I know what I’m taking about surrounding issues such as foreign aid. Ireland cut its bi-lateral aid (government to government) to Uganda about 2 years ago over worries about where the money was going, now all Irish Aid money goes directly to in country partners who have to meet strict human rights and accountability criteria such as gender mainstreaming and HIV mainstreaming (I am happy to forward an example of an application for Irish Aid funding to anyone who is actually interested). This is similar to what most European countries are doing except that Ireland did it two years ago. Ask the Ugandan LGBT* activists what they want and tell will tell you not to cut aid it will make things worse. Also perhaps stop to think why doesn’t the UK cut trade ties to the likes of Saudi Arabia ?

    Secondly please I implore you to stop with the slightly racist mocking of my country because you have an incorrect perception that we are conservative. Ireland since the 1990’s has had LGBT employment legislation was the worlds first country to allow LGBT asylum seekers again in the 90’s (although the asylum system in Ireland is very flawed). At present the majority of Irish people support abortion and 76% of Irish people support marriage equality this is higher than the UK and France. I’m proud of the fact that Ireland has come so far in the last 20 years the progress has been incredibly and the Church’s influence has collapsed. On the referendum aspect it requires a constitutional change and also I want my rights enshrined in the constitution so that it cannot simply be changed by legislation.

    • MJ

      Only “slightly racist” ? You don’t have to respond here, but you’re too polite to say we all know how the English view the Irish. (As if the English have anything to feel superior about, with their Dappy Hats).

    • MB

      Thanks JW for putting this in perspective although I fear rationality and sense are in such short supply in the comments sections throughout the internet that most people will skip your accurate reading of the situation.

  • TonyinSeattle

    There goes my trip to Ireland. If I vacation in Ireland the money I spend there will end up in the hands of the crazy homophoes in Uganda. Let us not forget the genocide of the LGBT community in Iraq where parents are encouraged by religious leaders to kill their own children if they suspect them of being gay. The United Nations has tried to intervene two times in that situation only to be vetoed by the Catholic leadership from Rome by saying, “To intervene would legitimize the practice of homosexuality”. It has been the encouragement and money from the religious movement that stokes the hatred and murder of members of the sexual minority. It ceases to amaze me how truly stupid people can be around the issue of sexual orientation.

    • Graham

      Where do you vacation then, as a matter of interest?

    • MJ

      The money you spend in the U.S. or U.K. might wind up in the hands of murderous homophobes in Saudi Arabia, so…..might as well vacation in Ireland.

  • Joanne Cooper

    I’m quite surprised Ireland has enough money to give to another country since they were bailed out by the EU or is this the reason they needed bailing out in the first place because there helping other countries out before themselves very poor management they’ve got elected

  • David Jordan

    As a gay Irish man I have one more reason to be disgusted by my homeland’s lack of commitment to gay rights, if Ireland really had any commitment to gay rights it would cut aid and place trade restrictions on Uganda to hurt Irish companies like the Irish based PMC/PR company that is training the Ugandan police, not to mention stopping Templemore, the garda (police) academy, teaching courses to Ugandan policemen.

  • soapbubblequeen

    What a surprise. I have found Irish people to fall into 2 camps when it comes to how they respond to gay people. They are either absolutely lovely and have no problem at all, or they are the most despicably prejudiced people imaginable, using their religious beliefs to justify their intolerance.

    • Graham

      Isn’t that how people are in general?

  • Erica Cook

    See, I’d start reporting people I knew went after gays. I’d look for anything that could be even remotely construed as gay activity, the law is loosely worded enough, and call them in. The thing is when the parinoia starts hurtting the people who like it so much they stop thinking it is so good. It’s happened in the US that way too. There was a crackdown in, I think, the 60s on a town and it really hurt the town, innocent people were brought in for questioning because of poker games.

    • Liam Ledwidge

      As far as Ireland’s debt goes Bono put it into perspective yesterday when he said at the European convention in Dublin “The Irish people bailed out the Irish people!” However in light of the situation in Uganda it is not appropriate to support that wretched homophobic administration a day longer. The world must retaliate with brisk sanctions against Uganda forthwith and it is imperative that we in the European Union demand it immediately.

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