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Tory councillor ‘disturbed’ over Ian McKellen school visit cleared to become mayor

  • Truth

    Is bigotry or apathy to blame for this man’s promotion ….?

    • Christopher in Canada

      Ignorance. He and his ilk are so concerned about the apparent fragility of the hetero self that they think the mere mention of alternatives will turn entire generations gay. I wonder that this is really nothing more than a huge ego trip: they are afraid that they will not have grandchildren, meaning that their DNA trail will cease. The happiness of their children be damned – grandchildren are a must, because the good book said to be fruitful and multiply, after all… meanwhile the vast majority of babies on this planet are doomed to a life of poverty and squalor…

      • Truth

        Most religions demand procreation in large numbers simply to increase their strength. The more ‘cannon-fodder’ you have, the greater your chance of success. Why do you think the Catholics outlaw so many practices that do not result in babies? Organised religion is all about power and control. Meanwhile, I believe this Bristol bigot has found his way to power mainly through the apathy of objectors to his vile views. Gay groups should have been far more active in blocking his progress.

  • Sparkyu1

    Behold how much the Tory party has changed – hah!

    I’m sure LGBTory will be right here to condemn this… yes?

    • Thomas

      Your argument is wholly undermined by the Labour Group on the City Council backing Cllr Windows’ appointment as Lord Mayor.

      • Soundmary

        That is shameful of Labour. This guy has not even attempted to engage with or apologise to the LGBT community in Bristol – despite being given every opportunity.

      • Sparkyu1

        How does Labour shamefully ignoring homophobia invalidate the Tories actively supporting a homophobe? Does homophobia not exist if 2 parties support it?

  • Rumbelow

    That spiteful, homophobic old grandma Chris Windows is to become mayor is really quite sickening, the whole purpose of Ian McKellen’s collaboration with Stonewall was to try to do something about the anti-gay bullying in schools which makes going to school a nightmare for the kids being bullied, it disrupts their education and pushes some into depression and suicide.
    This Tory councillor needs a bit of education, not only that but he should be called to account publicly and he should apologise to both Sir Ian McKellen and Stonewall.

  • Soundmary

    This is terrible for Bristol. It’s a wonderful, diverse place to live. Our current deputy Lord Mayor (2011’s Lord Mayor) is an openly gay man, the current Lord Mayor is a Muslim. They have both done such good work. It’s appalling that they will be followed by this man.

    • jazatw

      Maybe this is just part of Bristol’s diversity. A Muslim, a gay guy, and a bigoted old fossil – Bristol welcomes everyone.

      • Cal

        Which side of the GLBT divide is the Muslim on?

        • Soundmary

          Last year our current he, our Lord Mayor Faruk Choudhury, marched at the front of the Bristol Pride Parade and then spoke on stage about how proud he was to be part of this great, diverse city. He then screamed “Bristol Pride” twice at the top of his voice. Does that answer your question Cal? That’s why I’m so upset about it really – the last two years have been brilliant for visible minorities getting on and working together in the city.

          • Cal

            That is really good to hear. I wish there were many more like him in the Muslim community. The new Lord Mayor will be under a lot of pressure to behave in a similar way. I’m looking forward to watching him squirm.

  • Tom

    Shame on Bristol for appointing this homophobe.

  • Roku

    When are these bigots going to get their heads round the idea that sexuality can not be taught or picked up?

    • Truth

      Those that claim being gay is ‘a choice’ reveal a huge amount about themselves. You cannot possibly claim, with such certainty, that something is ‘a choice’ unless you have experienced making that choice yourself? So, these people must have made a conscious choice not to be gay. How sad that their religion has forced this upon them – making them deny their TRUE sexuality.

      • Roku

        Absolutely agree. I just cant imagine denying who I am for the sake of some made up mumbo-jumbo.

  • GulliverUK

    He certainly is disturbed – a mind like that is difficult to fathom, and it would be a tragedy for Bristol to be stuck with the village idiot, but he’s not important. Mayors aren’t really important anywhere, except for London, where the Major is actually making policy and decisions. The Bristol Major, I’m guessing, would spend most of his time opening garden centres and the like. From what I can see in the Major’s agenda it’s almost entirely a ceremonial role — one which you might think isn’t actually necessary – funding roles like this wastes Bristol’s tay-payers money.

  • daveG

    Bit of a nasty social history of bigotry to Bristol – the 1963 bus boycott when the local bus company would not employ blacks or asians – its origins further back in the slave trade. this fossil of an anti-gay mayor is a bit of a throwback. It won’t do the city’s image any good whatsoever.

  • James Campbell

    So … In Bristol, homosexuality is regarded as a communicable disease and Ian McKellen is a carrier? What (in my experience) IS a disease is ignorance and bigotry. This ignorant clown should never be in charge of anything more complex than a park bench. Shame on both Tory and Labour for backing his appointment. In the position of Lord Mayor he has the potential to cause disharmony, encourage discrimination against LGB people and bring Bristol into disrepute.

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