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Russian minister accidentally called ‘gay lover’ in Channel 4 subtitle mix-up

  • Halou

    Home town: Gay Mountain?

  • Jones

    …gay lover of Putin.

  • Steve_R

    From a liability standpoint, it is unfortunate that Channel 4 erred. For his part in the passing of the the anti-gay propaganda legislation, will I feel any sympathy for him? No! maybe if he has to walk a while in some one else shoes and suffer some abuse and discrimination it will be a lesson well learned. “If” he learns anything from this, hopefully it give him insight and an informed objective to take a different course in future votes.

  • Bluespiral58


    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Oh, if only there were such a thing as “karma”! And “hell”! Even “purgatory”!

  • Rumbelow

    Love it!

  • Chris S

    slow news day..

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    “Sergey Lavrov” translated by machine as “so gay lover of”. Hilarious! Ironic, indeed!

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