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Stephen Fry to host musical gay wedding for Channel 4 to celebrate start of same-sex marriages

  • David

    This is such wonderful news and a gigantic step toward real equality.
    So proud of Ben and my son xxxx

    • bermeir

      So you think that marriage will bring real equality? Sorry but you are mistaken, it won’t make any difference: those that had no problem with homosexuality BEFORE same sex marriage will continue to have no problem with homosexuality, those that were homophobic will now be even worse.

      • TomSatsuma

        This is ridiculously cynical.

        • bermeir

          No it’s just the truth; if you’ve brainwashed yourself into thinking that those who were non-homophobic are going to somehow be even more non-homophobic AFTER same sex marriage, you’re mistaken as for the the homophobes-they’re going to be even more homophobic than ever.

          Anyway, two MEN declaring eternal love for one another is not really male behaviour, is it? Let’s face it, heterosexual men only get married because women put pressure on them to marry if they want children and regular sex-although of course with marriage rates dropping, this is no longer the case; not to the same level, anyway.
          Can understand lesbians getting married as they’re women who are into that commitment and babies stuff.

          All in all, then, the whole gay marriage thing is a storm in a teacup because very few gay men will be tying the knot.

          • VP

            You have some pretty old-fashioned, backward and just plain wrong notions of gendered behaviour there. This comment is basically just outmoded 1950s stereotypes larded together with bigotry and misunderstanding.

            Many men crave eternal love, commitment… even children. Many women do not. How about treating individuals on their own merits, rather than presuming that they’re going to be a certain way based on stereotypes?

            It is pernicious gender-essentialist role-enforcing nonsense like yours that is keeping society back from realising its full potential.

  • Mark Y

    The programme will be as embarrassing as ‘big fat gypsy wedding’. Hope they know what they are getting into – mind you, one of them appears in West End musicals, so I’m sure he sees it as one big televised audition. He might even get on celebrity big brother.

    • Cal


      • Mark Y

        Wait till they here the response on social media – then you’ll see what unkind is.

        • Cal

          I wouldn’t have wanted my wedding televised as such productions can be naff and embarrassing. However, I am not going to be a troll even if everyone else is. “televised audition”? why would that bother you?

          • Mark Y

            It doesn’t bother me, just makes it clear why this couple would think it is a good idea. What big fat gypsy wedding does for the traveller community, this ridiculous stereotype of homosexuality will do for the gay community. An historic day will be marked by a cheap shot reality car crash musical TV show that the few that watch will be watching to have a good laugh at. Poor taste from CH4.

          • Cal

            Maybe you’re right. Most Gay reality tv stuff I have seen has been tacky. But I do send my best wishes to the couple and their families. C4 may have been inspired by all those sweet YouTube proposal videos. I cry at all of those, I’m afraid.

  • TomSatsuma

    Ugh… I know this will make me unpopular, but I was so hoping for some gravitas on this one off, ground-breaking, historic moment.

    A musical wedding with special guest stars?

    Why not just do a whole pantomime with Ian Beale as the priest?

    I’m tired of being embarrassed on behalf of my sexual orientation.

    We need to show people that it’s possible to be gay AND have class.

    • TomSatsuma

      I should add that my disappointment is aimed at Channel 4 for making it representative of all gay people – Good luck to the couple who have every right to celebrate their wedding any way they wish.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Regarding class, have you looked at the state of affairs among heterosexual marriages. We have MPs committing adultery, some of them serial adulterers, the same ones who traduced and vilified the marriage bill, our lives and our relationships yet nobody, not even their peers accused them of having no class and none feeling embarrassed on behalf of their sexual orientation. They have every right to celebrate their wedding ceremony in any way that gives them happiness. Who are we or anyone to judge?

      • TomSatsuma

        I agree with all you have said – I wouldn’t criticise how anyone chose to conduct their own wedding… But let’s not pretend this wedding doesn’t symbolically represent all gay people. It’s a televised gay wedding on the first day they are allowed. It’s the face of ‘gay weddings’.

        I was just hoping that such an important occasion for so many of us could have been treated with a bit more gravitas and a bit less of the silly naff stereotypes we’ve all had to put up with for so long.

        • Robert in S. Kensington

          I think we can safely say that 99.9% of future gay weddings aren’t going to be televised. The only ones who will make hay out of it are the small minority of bigots and opponents whose opinions the larger majority of the public do not share.

          • TomSatsuma

            True, but that doesn’t change my sentiment:
            “I was just hoping that such an important occasion for so many of us
            could have been treated with a bit more gravitas and a bit less of the
            silly naff stereotypes we’ve all had to put up with for so long.”

          • bermeir

            I think we can safely say that 99.9% of gay men won’t be marrying anyway-how many men (regardless of sexuality) are that into marriage? Marriage is a female construct; not a male one. So I guess lesbians will be doing it and perhaps older gay men who have lost their sex drive.

            It’s not that homosexuality per se is unnatural, it’s just that the odds of finding two men who are that into marriage is slimmer than Kate Moss on the 5:2 diet and two young healthy gay males willing to commit to lifetime monogamy is unnatural.

            All in all, same sex marriage is a fuss over nothing as the homophobes are going to be disappointed that gay men aren’t doing it and they’ve nothing to rally against.

          • VP

            I do wish people like you would stop saying things like “I think we can safely say that 99.9% of gay men (insert crude stereotype here)”. Gay men are a hugely diverse group, and their attitudes and opinions on social issues differ massively.

            Pretty much every gay man i know is very keen on marriage. Were I to take this limited anecdotal evidence and generalise with it then I’d say 99.9% of gay men want to marry. But I don’t because it’d be silly and insulting.

            There’s nothing unnatural about a desire for monogamy either. People have different approaches and preferences to relationships. Many, many gay people deeply appreciate the sense of companionship, intimacy, support and love that a monogamous relationship can give. I for one find such things far more appealing than the cold, sordid, meaningless fumbles of casual sex with many people.

  • RaunchHox

    Oh dear, I think I’m going to puke up. Silly queens.

  • JohnEPatrick

    A once great TV station continues its terrible downward spiral. How sad when one remembers how good C4 was at it’s outset. Shame on you C4 for this kind of tat.

  • JohnEPatrick


  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Pleased to see that my gut reaction to this announcement is much the same as the majority of those who’ve already posted on this thread.

    This is NOT classy at all. This is exploitative: a composer and an actor-singer seek to use the great gift we’ve been given to promote their careers.

    Have some dignity, chaps. Exchange your vows with your closest friends and family. If you want to sing your vows, OK, fine, but don’t turn what should be a very important personal event for the two of you into a theatrical production. Being about to perform a theatrical production and being about to enter into a life-long commitment each require different mindsets, different forms of preparation. The preparation you’ve embarked on is inappropriate to the event. You know you won’t have nerves regarding your commitment. Your nerves will be entirely like those of an opening night in the theatre.

    I won’t be watching you.

    • bermeir

      Why on earth is marriage a gift? No disrespect; but it’s a pile of old w***.

      • TomSatsuma

        It’s equality that’s a gift

  • Jaxxman

    This will simply reinforce the stereotype that all gay men are camp, musical loving effeminate men. As others have said this will be as embarrassing as a the ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. Channel 4 is morphing into a cross between Channel 5 & ITV 2.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the special guest musical stars turn out to be Peter Andre & a host of Z list ‘stars’.

    I can’t believe Stephen Fry is hosting what is likely to be car crash TV.

    • PaulHalsall

      Some gay people are “camp, musical loving effeminate men.” And there is nothing wrong with that.

      • speedgeek

        Nothing wrong, true, but as you said “SOME gay people”. I want gay men to be seen as not just equal, but the same as straight men. Some like football, boxing, go out to the same pubs (not just gay bars). I want to get the fact across that the man working, drinking, travelling next to you may not be a mincing, lisping drag queen, even if he is gay.

  • Ian Tom Bower

    Let’s see how it pans out. Also, why does it take sooooo loooonnnng for Pink News’ comments section to load?

  • Jones

    Stephen Fry ‘hosting’. It sounds more like a theatre show than a wedding to me.

    • David

      It is certainly a serious wedding set to a musical at a very artistic and profesional level,.
      This will not be a ( pantomime) . I truly hope and wish that ALL doubters are able eat their words once this has been aired.
      This musical has been written by two very talented people who have had to live with bigotry from all levels, they’ll will again rise above ALL the above
      diatribe. I wish them and others setting out on this road all good luck and love.

  • Ray123

    I was really hoping that the first weddings which are bound to attract attention would be dignified and classy. I feared something like this.

  • Steve_R

    The only realistic thing to say about this is “To each their own!” because for every voice for, there will be a voice against! the only unanimity we have on this is the right to respectfully disagree.

    It’s not how I would like to see myself as a member of the LGBT community represented or perceived, nor would I like the groundbreaking moment one of my/the first marriages in history of equity to become a spectacle for entertainment or financial gain and viewer ratings.
    One thing is certain, there will be as many people view with interest as there will view it for amusement! but as I said each to their own!

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