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Judge launches investigation into Boris anti-gay bus ad ban

  • Reccehomo

    It isn’t an “investigation”. The police investigate, courts have hearings and that’s what happened here. TfL didn’t disclose something which was relevant and so the judge has to decide whether that would have changed her decision. It is very unlikely that the mayor or others will be “called”. The admin court looks at witness statements but witnesses hardly ever appear in person.

    • Rumbelow

      ‘Ex gay’ is a fraudulent hoax, but I do believe that many solitary homophobic w*nkers could learn, voluntarily, through therapeutic education, to control the spiteful urges they really know are improper or immoral and socially unacceptable.

      To control public displays of homophobic w*nking one must first accept that any public display of homophobic w*nking is socially and morally unacceptable and obscene, even if it is the only way a sad homophobic individual can get off.

      Most homophobic w*nkers consider that because their filthy smears and lies are aimed at an historically oppressed minority group already subjected to popular prejudice then it is not bad, wrong, sinful or immoral to further victimise LGBT’s under the guise of faux religion (otherwise known as homophobic bigotry) faux religion provides a false justification for public displays of homophobic w*nking. Homophobic w*nking is unchristlike.

      If we apply unbiased reasoning to our understanding of sexual orientation, we have to say that victimless consensual sexual relationships between any two adults is an entirely private matter and choice for the couple involved.

  • jamessavik

    You run into so many X-gays cruising for azz.

  • Jones

    Boris Johnson was completely correct.

  • Rich

    This all seems right and proper to me. The advert was banned, and rightly so. The decision was upheld in court. What is currently in question is whether Boris gained an unfair advantage in the mayoral elections by imposing a decision on a matter that wasn’t really his to make. The outcome of the case is largely irrelevant. If Boris wins, the ban stands; if the Christian Institute win, the victory will by pyrrhic as the ban will be immediately reinstalled, but in a procedurally valid manner. Whatever happens, this will not result in buses being driven round London with homophobic messages on them.

  • Keith///

    I don’t believe in ‘ex gay’ but I do believe that many gays have learned, voluntarily, through therapy, to control the urges they rightly believe improper or immoral, just as most paedophiles have learned to.
    It is claimed that paedophiles are born that way yet most control their urges and never go on to offend, accepting a life of sexual restraint. This shows that is is possible to change but one must first believe that homosexuality is bad. Most homosexuals consider that because their filth is victimless, ir t is not bad, wrong, sinful or immoral.
    I we apply this reasoning to our sexual appetites, we have to also say that consensual adult male incest (also victimless) is also acceptable and polygamy.

    • docMfan

      The ‘therapy’ of which you speak certainly isn’t victimless. It has led to misery for many and suicide for some. For that reason your comment disgusts me.

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        Here here! It’s vile!

      • Keith

        The therapy is for willing volunteers. Applying your logic, homosexuality should be banned because people that willingly engage in it often become victims and even commit suicide after contracting HIV. Indeed , one could apply your logic to sex in general although gay males are 50 times more likely to havecontract HIV than hetero males.
        Your reasoning is idiotic!

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          Except that the majority of the time it’s not exactly willing volunteers. It’s usually young LGBT that have been pushed into therapy by religious or homophobic parents. OR the people have gone to therapy because of the way they have been left feeling after growing up in a religious family or amongst people who have spent a long time putting them down, making them feel inadequate. The therapy rarely works and those that are “cured” end up being just as venomous as the anti gay crowd who spend their time constantly pestering gay people rather than focusing on their own sad little lives. The only idiotic reasoning has been YOUR comments

          • Keith

            I do not condone ex gay therapy inas forced therapy, I hold that it should only be used on willing volunteers, which do exist, or would you like to deny consenting adults the human right to choose a treatment simply because you do not believe it works?

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            It doesn’t work. Its pretty much accepted by most that it doesn’t work. Even APA and other well respected Psychological bodies advise against it. The UK Council for Psychotherapy has denounced it, people who have even gone through it have denounced it. The very few cases where it “worked” is where the patient has been brainwashed and lead to believe that who they are is unacceptable and their religious background has forced them to think there is something wrong with them…

          • Keith

            Whether it works or not , would you like to deny consenting adults the human right to choose this treatment?

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I don’t deny the choice but that is exactly what it has to be… A CHOICE. Not coercion from parents and not due to religious belief. It has to be a choice made by someone who hasn’t been manipulated by the opinion of others. But then every gay person I know, myself included is very happy in their lives and their relationships. So why would there be a need to change? Unless of course it has been an outside influence like those that I have already mentioned? Would you be happy to watch someone go through all manner of techniques to force that person to change who they are? Would you like to go through conversion therapy to make yourself gay?
            If it doesn’t work then what is the point of putting yourself through unnecessary mental anguish?
            Another pointless comment trying to deflect onto me….

    • Matthew

      Reading your comment has managed to make me so enraged; so unsettled… I’m at a loss to understand why people, like yourself, hold such obnoxious and contemptible views; grasping on to any illogical reorientations of a law that is so basic; so human – and assuming world history hadn’t been corrupted by religion, would have always been regarded as ‘nature’.

      Reaffirming that age-old claim of ‘Faith’ to justify your idle loathing is just tiring. Faith is defined as a “strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof”. Why do people choose (that’s ironic isn’t it; ‘choose’) to bury their heads in the sand and blindly trust a tome of twaddle that sanctions prejudice and unmerited execution? Does it not make absolute sense to look at the world for what it really is; based on love, acceptance (two core components that religion is supposed to uphold) and most of all, reality.

      If we apply this reasoning to our religious faiths, we have to also say that – on the most part – religions are part of an institution based on control, injustice and antagonism for those they haven’t managed to preside over.

      Good day.

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        sometimes you can’t talk sense to the nonsensical

      • Keith =

        Your whole post is erroneous since I am not attached to any religion and actually despise organized religion.
        I merely accept that every thing that is designed has a designer /creator and that like a car, there is a correct way to use it and an incorrect way. If you do not operate your vehicle according to the manufacturers guidelines , it will suffer and edie early. Same with the body.

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          You are not attached to any religion and you despise organised religion yet you talk of a creator?… I find that very bizarre. I am guessing you are maybe Born again or some bizarre offshoot

        • Rumbelow

          That’s great Keith=, once you explain who designed the designer you might have a viable theory, till then….

        • michael anthony

          Once again, that is only an opinion. You seem to think that opinion equals fact, when that is not so. Your analogy if a car shows how irrelevant your opinions are, but if that is where your mindset is, then so be it. Cars can be operated in many different ways that are bit within the makers guidelines. One tweaks it a bit and you end up with an entirely different car, capable if going well beyond giudelines. Just remember, humans are not cars and cannot be tweaked, beyond the exterior. If you really think you can, then you must have no grasp if the ideals instilled in you at birth.

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      One of the many problems with your post is that being gay and in a relationship with someone is CONSENSUAL and it harms no one. A pedophile is attracted sexually to young children. That is NOT consensual. People as ignorant as you infuriate me.
      Polygamy existed in biblical times and was not a result of gay people or their relationships. I would also point out that incest took place in the bible too. Now I would much rather be in my monogamous, loving, happy relationship with my partner than live a lovely life. Homosexuality isn’t bad. It’s found in nature. Why would I deny myself a fantastic relationship filled with love because some narrow minded idiot has an issue with gay people?
      We are not dogs or pets that need to learn discipline or a child that needs to behave.

      Maybe you are just some bitter man who can’t get any action so you take it out on the rest of us who are happy?

      • Keith”’

        The point about paedophiles is that most paedophiles never ause, therefore there is no victim. They also agrue they were born that way.
        Since homosexuals’ position is that that being ‘born that way’ and operating in a victimless capacity, makes a moral case for homosexuality and normalizes it. However, one can see trhis false argument exposed when applied to the non offending paedophile.
        No right minded individual would argue that paedophilia (a mental disorder) is acceptable where there is no victim and the paedophile was born that way.
        One still recognizes thedeviant nature of the attraction. It is the same with homosexuality. Arguably victimless yet still deviant depending on which source you get your morals.
        Either way, it is not homophobic to be repulsed by attractions oine considers deviant such as victimless homosexuality and victimless paedophilia any more than it is to be repulksed by the victimless act of scat, or would you say such a person is ‘scatophobic’?

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          Do you ever check to see what BS you type or do you just “go with it”? What an over long piece if drivel. One has to ask if it repulses you what two people in love get up to, why on earth do you keep thinking about it? You must think of two men quite a lot if you feel the need to write a rather nasty pointless piece of sh*t on a gay news website. Why are you even bringing up scat? That is a sexual fetish that anyone can take part in. The fact that you still bring up paedophiles just negates all of your pitiful “argument”…. Now off you pop, I’m sure you’ve got lots of things to do… Like focusing on two men going at it. Make sure you’ve stocked up on some tissues, you don’t want to get caught out

          • Keith

            I bring up scat to show that being repulsed by certain practices, however legal and victimless is not ‘phobic’ neither does it fulfill the definition for phobia. It is repulsion.
            Furthermore, what qualifies you to make psychological evaluations of a complete stranger voicing legally held opinions of disgusting practices?

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            What qualifies you to call people deviant and link homosexuality to things like Paedophilia? I would and I imagine most on here would agree that you are a sandwich short of a picnic. You are so repulsed by what gay people get up to in the bedroom yet you feel the need to continually post on a gay website. I’d say that’s pretty weird and repulsive

          • Keith

            Answering a question with a question and still no homosexual animals in sight!

            The opinion that certain behaviour is deviant or repulsive to me not a medical analysis, unlike the online personal diagnoisis of a phobia.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I can be an animal in the bedroom Keith. Do I not count? ;-)
            Awww well as you think about “deviant” behavior so much why don’t you pop on grindr and find yourself a lovely bloke. I assume you’re already on it? Most likely the username has Keith in there somewhere. Maybe KeithsBeef? ;-)

          • Keith

            Can’t find a true homosexual animal? You lose by omission for all to see, having resorted to juvenile ad hoiminem and avoidance of the question.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Aww bless your heart, you actually think you’ve won. I just want to pinch your cheek. The only thing you’ve won is idiot of the day… I’ll have a word and see if Pink News can get you a gold star or a trophy from Timpsons.
            So off you pop little man with your prize. It’ll be bed time soon and you’re not allowed to stay up late xxxx

          • Keith, the eventual winner!

            I have won and you have lost since you have failed to cite a true homosexual animal after claiming there were 1500 species of homosexual animal. Future posts of yours will be ignored, unless you supply the information that backs up your homosexual animal claim. That is to say an animal that is exclusively sexually attracted to same sex and shuns sex with opposite sex

            Next lamb to the slaughter please!…

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Oh dear poppet. You really do have a strong case of delusion don’t you? I kinda feel sorry for you. Notice no one agrees with you. Not even a single “up vote”… I’ve encountered people like you many times. I hand out links and facts on homosexuality and you denounce each and every one. I would have gathered that no species is exclusively homosexual but homosexuality has been observed in the species. Clearly this has passed you by. Homosexuality will only affect a small number of each species. Much like in humans, we will only ever be a small number. Unless you expect someone to directly show you two animals in a gay relationship. It’s been observed. Now what other nonsense do you plan to come out with my dear?

          • Keith, the eventual winner

            Homosexuality has not been observed in any animla since homosexuality requires exclusive sexual attraction to the same sex you imbecile. It is not possible to be part homosexual.
            No animal shuns copulation with it’s opposite sex whilst seeking exclusive same sex copulation.
            Some animals such as dogs seek sexual gratification with whoever and whatever is available, male or female. That is unclean behaviour but not homosexuality since the dogs will be eager to mate with it’s sexual opposite.
            You clearly have no intention of naming a single animal from the 1500 species you claimed were homosexual.
            I assume you dropped out of school a few years early?
            I would have thought a homosexual would know the definition of their own affliction.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Haha oh the tragedy! You’ve actually set up another username! PMSL! If you must know about me, I finished school, went to Art college and now have a well paid job in London… What are you doing? Getting all prissy on a news site. You’ve been great fun today. I’ve not laughed so hard in ages… I guess you’re used to people laughing at you though. Xxx

          • Keith, the eventual winner

            . There is no homosexual species and there are no individual instances of homosexual animals
            No animal has ever been observed shunning the opposite sex for mating in favour of it’s own sex.

            All this is irrelevant anyhow since right thinking individuals do not take their moral cues from the animal kingdom, unlike yourself.
            The challenge for you to provide a single example of an animal that has been observed to be homosexual remains.

        • Rumbelow

          Keith”’ You continue to confuse sexual orientations with paraphilia’s. perhaps you require education.

          Natural and common human sexual orientations are heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality, these are all normal human sexual orientations found in every human population everywhere.
          Normal (as in the “natural” meaning of the word “normal” rather than the other meaning of the word being “average”)

          Sexual orientation has no bearing on paedophilia which is a paraphilia or a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.

          • Keith–

            I have not said paedophilia is a sexual orientation. You are not reading properly or making assumptions.
            I am merely stating that feeling you are born a certain way does not excuse wrong desire, whether acted upon or not. It is clearly wrong to harbour thoughts or nurture an attraction to children, whether this is acted upon or not and whether there is a victim or not.
            This shows that just because an attraction is victimless and ‘seemingly’ genetic it is not necessarily right, acceptable or moral.

        • Guglielmo Marinaro

          “One still recognizes the deviant nature of the attraction”

          From what does homosexuality deviate? From Keith’s ideas? If it does, that creates a strong presumption that it is good. It also makes it more appealing, if that were possible – icing on the cake, so to speak.

      • Keithy

        “Homosexuality isn’t bad. It’s found in nature.”
        Another common misconception.
        There is no animal that engages sexually exclusively with the same sex .
        Animals , unlike humans, do not have morals and conscience. Some lifeforms kill their mates after sex such as the Praying mantis and Black widow. Do you also endorse this for humans as it occurs in nature?
        Homosexuals, in their eagerness often relate animal same partnerships/bonding as homosexuality despite the fact there is no sex involved yet when humans do this we call it best friends.

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          YAWN…. is this the best you can do? Homophobes in their eagerness to get their pointless drivel across will often trawl any gay website they can find and type a load of BS… You have to question the mentality of people who make it their mission to constantly goad gay people and constantly try and demonise them. Clearly issues in your own life need to be addressed

          • David Attenborough & Keith

            Cannibaism and killing after mating occur in nature. Do you endorse these for humans. I ask because you used homosexuality (which actually does not exist in nature ) to justify homosexual behavior in humans.
            Also, which animals are you claiming are exclusively only sexually attracted to and have sex exclusively with the same sex?

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            So this is your 3rd profile on here? I didn’t think Keith was a very common name anymore yet there are 3 variations on this thread alone. Impressive. Homosexuality exists in over 1500 species. I suggest using Google. Remember the gay Penguins? They seemed happy together.

            Out of curiosity are you straight, gay, bi, asexual or “cured”? I only ask because as a gay man I don’t fixate on straight couples and what they get up to in the bedroom. I don’t even fixate what other gay people get up to in the bedroom. It’s not usually something i think about. Yet here you are bringing up a variety of straw man arguments that are, quite frankly leading nowhere

          • Keith

            This is not a discussion about me. I am not interested in individuals on here, just opinions and views. Why should you care about my personal preferences?
            Also, there is no such thing as homosexual penguins . Homosexuality is an exclusive sexual attraction to the same sex. Penguins mate with the opposite sex and therefore are sexually attracted to them.
            Your deviant mind is causing you to confuse bonding (like human friendship) with homosexuality.
            This is out of desperation to justify obvious unnatural and harmful behaviour.
            Please name one animal that is exclusively sexually attracted to the same sex whilst avoiding mating with the opposite sex.
            Should be easy for you since you say ythere are 1500 species.
            Regardless, this would not justify homosexuality in humans any more than the behaviour of the Black Widow or praying mantis would justify killing ones mate after sex..

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            LOL… All this coming from some loon who trawls gay news websites looking to cause confrontation… Bless your cotton socks. You are not interested in anyhthing. You are just a moronic little homophobe who clearly has very little going on in your own life so you lurk online and type BS… What’s the matter? Your internet connection too slow to download anything to have a tug over?

          • Keith

            Shouldn’t you be looking for an instance of a truly homosexual animal, one that is exclusively sexually attracted to same sex and shuns sex with opposite sex? You said there were 1500 species yet you have shown none when challenged, just the usual ad hominem, as expected.
            Will you be producing the homosexual animal infrormation or not?

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Still not been able to find any porn to watch then? What’s the matter Keith? Can’t you access Google? Is it too much of a struggle or do you need to be spoon fed every single fact? Nothing more than the usual claptrap from an online troll… Come on Keith, at least try and be clever. So far you have just reeled off the bog standard homophobe comments. Is there some sort of Homophobe for Dummies book you are referencing? You really do need to try harder petal

          • Yesh U R

            Bang on the button, he is a typical psycho troll getting more and more hysterical to get a reaction. He really is best just ignored, he turns up here every now and then using the multi-name routine, and most likely to be seen here when he’s been released from a secure unit somewhere most like.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I’ve encountered many people like this online. They always fascinate me. They get so rabid and hysterical. You have to question their mental stability that they troll. I’ve never understood it myself. To reduce yourself to trawling the net for attention… Something clearly isn’t right. On the plus side I spent my afternoon at work laughing at how ridiculous he became

    • Andy Millan

      You are an idiot.

    • Mark

      You are quite correct that we have the ability to control our in-born and acquired ‘urges’, for instance someone who is left-handed can learn to write with both hands when sufficiently incentivized – such as being beaten and humiliated by teachers, which I witnessed at when I was at school. However, their innate natural preference towards being left-handed remains, nevertheless, even if they can also now use their right hand if forced by circumstance to do so, (though the market for ‘left-handed’ tools and appliances shows that when given the choice, left-handers would generally prefer to stay as they were born). There is no case in which someone born left-handed ever becomes right-handed in the way that someone so born is, losing the left-hand bias in the process. Left-handers do not become right-handers – at best they become ambidextrous. The question then is, on what basis they may ‘choose’ to try to become other-handed, given the effort this requires. Sexual orientation is innate in the same way as handedness and other genetically influenced characteristics, whereas beliefs, including religious beliefs however ‘sincerely’ held, are acquired and very much a matter of choice. Therefore, while there may be circumstances in which an individual decides they want to try to change their sexual orientation out of some kind of ‘dissatisfaction’ – because of a conflict with their religious beliefs, for instance – there will be more effective and successful ways of making them at ease with their innate born characteristics, most obviously by helping them change the underlying self-hating beliefs their religion has drummed into them. There are increasingly plenty of religions out there which are tolerant of homosexuality, so if you want top stop hating yourself, find yourself a better religion and switch to it. This happens far more frequently and effectively than people change their sexual orientation.

      • Rumbelow

        Innate, that’s the key word here.
        Nobody can claim to be born heterosexual. homosexual or bisexual as babies and children are not yet sexually mature, however we are born with an innate sexual orientation that will naturally develop as we mature into adults and become aware of who we are sexually attracted to, there is no conscious choice involved though we are often told who we should be attracted to by fanatical and coercive promoters of heterosexuality.

        • Keith

          That is a theory. There is no gay gene, besides, being born a certain way does not normalize homosexuality any more than being born with any psychological disorder.

    • Yesh U R

      At times I am convinced that you are simply another psychopathic, sadistic troll with religious delusions. Or are you more like Mike Davidson the main mover in Core Issues Trust who identifies as “ex-gay”. I will never know for sure. However this I do know for sure, these ‘Christian Trusts’ are a business and their stock in trade is hate. The people who give them money are paying for the promulgation of hate and they get their monies worth out of them too. I think it is high time that all so called charities in the business of promoting religion of whatever kind must be made to pay tax for their activities and cannot be registered as a charity at all. You like to hate people? Well do it with your own money not with mine.

      • Keith

        “At times I am convinced that you are simply another psychopathic, sadistic troll with religious delusions.”

        Another ‘qualified psychiatrist’ making medical evaluations on here?

        Also, I have no affiliation, trust, or belief in religion. Next please …

        • Yesh U R

          Religious delusional and a bare faced liar to boot, next please.

    • bob

      Obvious troll is obvious

    • Guglielmo Marinaro

      I am sceptical about ‘ex-anti-gay’ but I do believe that many who suffer from the anti-gay neurosis can learn, voluntarily, through therapy, to recognize and control urges which are improper or immoral, just as most paedophiles have learned to.

    • Frank Boulton

      Well, Keith, I proudly sport a sticker on my car, which reads, “Not Christian! Ex-Christian, Post-Christian and Proud. Get over it!” I don’t want to copy the painful lessons, which Christianity has imposed on the western world. I’m too forgiving for that. I believe that we should love the religionist but hate the religion.

  • Steve_R

    Let it go already! FCOL this issue has been resurrected more times than…

  • Enrique Esteban

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    Also can use Google to search “vrem parteneriat” and translate the site into English.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on link to confirm.

  • Mark Y

    the headline should read…


    • luci_fer

      Not really. I suspect the issue here legally is process rather than content (that the edict came from the mayor, rather than transport for london)
      It’s a bit unfair to say the judge is defending the advert.

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