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Ugandan human rights group: Don’t cut general aid to Uganda because of anti-gay law

  • Truth

    There is absolutely no reason why we can’t protest in all the ways suggested. But the absolute BEST way to focus the mind of the bigot on the wisdom of their moral righteousness is a swift kick where it hurts: the pocket. It is amazing how quickly someone’s moral and religious beliefs can simply evaporate when their income is threatened.

  • TomSatsuma

    Off topic, but my article came framed in a massive ‘Enders Game’ advert. Total advertising fail Pink News.

    • Mark Y

      I’ve just seen the same thing. Not sure it’s something Pink News can control, but I’m not coming back until that advert for that stupid film written by an offensive homophobe goes. It was a massive flop btw.

      • JD

        Same reaction here – I spend months avoiding the damn film – and now it’s plastered all over pinknews – I smell a hypocrite!

    • Rumbelow

      Instal Adblock, Google it, free download, works well for me.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    As I have stated previously, I am in two minds about cutting aid. Part of me thinks that the people are being penalised because of their government actions. However, the views are supposed to be held by a large majority of the country…so if this is what they think then they have to deal with the actions that it brings. I would rather aid was relocated aid towards the LGBT community in Uganda.

    I also feel that we should be supporting the suggestion that Peter Tatchell provided by ALSO providing a travel ban on the Uganda leaders (and their families)…after all this is probably the only thing that will affect them.

    • Keith Francis Farrell

      I agree with the travel ban, also with a ban on them attending the commonwealth games. when the people realize that their country could not attend because of this law, then they will get angry. we have to force change.
      there can be no half steps

  • Stephen

    Talk is cheap, these morons won’t listen till it affects them. Pointing a finger and telling them they are bad will not help matters
    If only money could be sent to gay organizations indendantly.

  • Pet

    This is the first time I hear of the human rights organisation. They didn’t say anything about the passing of the bill crimilising gays and punishing them. Double standard. The message here is don’t have Ugandan people suffer for what Ugandan people are doing to Ugandan gays.

    This law has already had enormous consequences to gay people in Uganda.

  • wadeisin1971

    The majority of those African nations support the legislation and are the ones murdering gay people in the streets. Pull all support for those cou

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Assuming Uganda has free and open elections, aren’t the electorate responsible for this? If that’s the case, then NO, no aid!

  • Rumbelow

    Do we know for sure that The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law is not a shill that has been infiltrated by anti-gay religious nutcases?

    The murderous and psychotic David Bahati who said would like to see every last gay person killed, has also stated he is happy to sacrifice billions in foreign aid and investment to be able to continue his pet project… being the the persecution of gay people, let him balance Uganda’s economy.

    • Jean – Paul

      Bahati should be booted out of Parliament and placed in jail.

  • Jean – Paul

    The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law in Uganda is coming out with some good suggestions now, but in reality they are beating around the bush.

    Ban religions that are anti human rights in Uganda and strike down the anti-gay law. Lively, Sempa and Bhahati are the ones who should be imprisoned.

    • Rumbelow

      Yes the Ugandan newspapers should be running headline stories “Top 200 Homophobes Outed” shove them in the slammer for human rights abuses.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    No, cut the aid. Make the public know why. Christianity was a moral base that was forced into Africa by the West and it now needs adapt again to Western morality. If not, so be it, but in this instance you can’t have your cake and eat it.

  • Steve_R

    In the year, months and days leading up to the president signing this anti gay law, Uganda stood strong and refused to budge… “We are not a protectorate… if the cost of aid is accepting homosexuality, we don’t want that aid” No one was willing to listen to the voice of reason! Well now the aid is beginning to stop flowing, money and sympathy are going to be in short supply!

  • Colin

    This is saying, don’t rock the boat, give us the money and we will have a few protests. Follow the money every time.

    Human rights are important or countries will not change and we will have most of Africa adopting the same backward laws that Uganda and Nigeria have recently put in place.

    We desperately need the UN to lead and define human rights. That then should be applied to any aid, and business interests, any education and any sporting or other links.

    The world may need tiers of countries who work toward certain world class standards. Doing nothing with a few protests will achieve nothing. Local people are understandably running in fear of consequences.

    Aid agencies, Governments, Business, Educational Est. hold the keys to change if they are brave enough or whether money will dominate over life.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    The solution to their problem is really very simple. Since their president claims that they’re preserving traditions and on the other hand lays claim to their being a religious nation, perhaps they need to be reminded of the Ten Commandments; in particular, the seventh, which clearly states, “Thou shalt not kill”. To start those funds flowing like a rain swollen river, all they need to do is bring back to life just one of the gays that has been murdered by them. Just one. That’s all it will take and money will fall on them like so much manna. If they want to deal in absolutes, let them deal with that one.

  • MOA

    This “human right group” does not mention corruption in Uganda. Certainly, huge chunk of any aid is absorbed by members of this human-rightless government. So, cut aid to the government and target aid to LGBT/ other social small groups to defend themselves.

  • masteradrian

    Seems to me that it is not the government of Uganda that decides to be anti-gay, it is clear that the majority of the Ugandese People demand anti-gay laws! And, the report with recommendations is also mentioning that for instance KLM is having trade connections with Uganda…… well, KLM has no trading connections with Uganda, it flies on airports yes, but no trading connections exist! The fact that aid is halted, postponed or ended due to the anti-gay laws and practices in Uganda by the People of Uganda is, in my opinion the best thing that can be done, invading it military and removing the member sof parliament, the President and all the officials who are anti-gay will not be the solution, would possibly create another tribal war there…….
    I have the feeling that the report is either not up2date, or the report is not originating from the gay orgs and groups in Uganda!

    I think also that as long as there is no independent confirmation of any non-Ugandan institution on the authenticity of A report all reports should be doubted…..

  • Keith Francis Farrell

    I am sorry, you cannot on one hand complain about human rights violations then on the other hand beg that the best tool to combat this is not used. What needs to happen is that all aid has to be stopped. Only when the masses feel the cost of their mistake and hate will they force quick change.
    When parents have their children dying because of a hate law they asked for, then they are going to complain and just maybe the laws will get removed. Until the common people hurt nothing will change.

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