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Game allows users to create ‘gay Putin’, and play dress-up with him

  • Jones

    “Hope the boss doesn’t catch me.”

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Personally, I took it as light-hearted fun to carry on raising awareness about the issues in Russia.

  • Rumbelow

    Is there a big dumpster he can be thrown into as an option?
    Nice if he could be chucked in the dumpster with a load of old fish bones and other smelly garbage that’s gone off.

  • Colin

    I just love the human race….I so laughed at this and will try to find the site.

    It’s great we can use many forms to keep the issue of human rights for minorities in Russia alive. Well done to the creators. Fantastic and funny.

    • Jones

      It was in the article. if you missed it, Colin.

  • Steve_R

    Available as downloads from IP’s everywhere… except Russia!

  • Mark Y

    ha….. ha……… ha. :( am I supposed to laugh at this? How exactly does this support LGBT people in Russia? There’s LGBT people being persecuted – why not put on a wig, have a laugh and it’ll go away, it’s just a big joke – or maybe not. No wonder we’re still fighting for the rights to even just exist in 76 countires around the World if this is our response. Stupid fcking website for westerners with nothing better to do and nothing to worry about other than click on an inane piece of junk and ‘dress up’ putin and then say ‘that really made me giggle’. Pathetic really.

    • soapbubb

      Jeez, everyone knows that the situation is not a joke. The whole point of it is to take the p8ss out of him, to show him up for being the ridiculous fascist moron we know he is. And humour is one way to raise awareness for those who maybe don’t know, and might be prompted to find out further. It’s one of our weapons against homophobia. Take a chill pill Marky!

      • Mark Y

        Jeez, anyone would think that website was funny. Fact is, anyone who spends more than 5 seconds on that website has the mental age of a 3 year old. And if you spent time dressing up Putin you need your head testing. The only difference between it and a CBBC playsite for a child is that it has dildos on it. And anyone who believes in this ‘humour, comedy, satire and funny laughs beats all fascists’ idea is living in cloud cuckoo land. Meanwhile Putin is laughing at the idiots who programmed this stupid website that stereotypes gay men. Go and put a dildo on your head and laugh at yourself in the mirror you nobhead.

      • Mark Y

        Yeah, chill out, gay men are being beaten to death in Russia, lets all chill out and have a laugh. Dead funny.

  • Lennie

    Humour is a very powerful weapon against ignorance – anything that belittles Putin is fine by me :-)

  • Enrique Esteban

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    Also can use Google to search “vrem parteneriat” and translate it into your language
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on the link to confirm your signature.

  • MarkN

    Satire and ridicule beat bombs and bullets any day….

  • Tay Tay

    Sums up my reaction

  • Dex Bracewell

    Strangely arousing!

  • PaulBrownsey

    So to belittle Putin, to ridicule Putin, to take the piss out of Putin, we dress him up as a gay man.

    Bit of self-hatred there, methinks.

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