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Burnley FC issues new appeal over homophobic chants at Brighton game

  • Mark Y

    Burnley should be fined a lot of money by the FA. They’d soon stop their homophobic supporters from attending games.

  • Steve_R

    Looks like some one at Burnley is looking to put out a fire! Between August and March (7 months) nada! but now after Dispatches airs, an appeal goes up on Burnley’s web site to name and shame the culprits!

    “imagine the scene !” board members with glowing red faces sat around a board room table this am, a reactionary air of panic in the room “We’d better do some thing… and fast!”

    • Steve_R

      Looks like Burnley dropped the ball on this one!

  • Colin

    Good on Burnley Football Club. It’s a start. What will you be doing on a regular basis to stop this and educate your fans that this type of behaviour is unacceptable?

  • Mike Dalgarno

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about Brighton & Hove FC being the victim of homophobia chants. In a BBC documentary by John Fashanu’s daughter (Amal?) in 2012 you can see that it was rife. Purely because Brighton is known for its LGBT community.

    I remember back then I wrote a blog about it too.

    • Mike Dalgarno

      Foun my original blog…must of been in a witty(ish) mood when I wrote it too

    • AdrianT

      Of course, the BBC shoved the programme on to BBC3, a minority channel and gave it no attention on either Match of the Day nor Football Focus.

      • Mike Dalgarno

        If memory serves me right, it was one of the highest rating programmes for BBC3 and the amount of press it gained also meant that it was advertised as well – maybe because of John Fashanu’s denial to accept his brother’s sexuality.

        Although I do agree that it would of been nicer to see it on the main channels too.

        • AdrianT

          That’s most likely the case but it’s a bit like having a number one hit in Finland really. Audience share BBC3 is about 1.5%; BBC2 6.5%, BBC1 21.5%; BBC1 and 2 are available in a few European countries too. It’s also the positioning – 3 is by definition ‘on the side’. The people who needed to be exposed to it were football fans. I think Hitzlsperger’s given them a wake up call though.

          • Mike Dalgarno

            As I said I agree, it was good enough to be on 1 or 2. Maybe they were aiming it specifically to that demographic (trying to stop the younger generation following in the footsteps of the older frequenters). Just being devil’s advocate. Although, it is more likely fear of rocking the boat.

            It’s like the BBC promoting the fact that for International Women’s Day they are going to have an all female DJ line up for Radio 1…what they forget to mention is that all the female DJs are on through the night/graveyard shift!!!

            Note: they have since announced today that the female DJ line up has been extended to 39 hours to include Sat daytime.

  • AdrianT

    It’s going to take a lot of people taking secret footage of thugs like this and getting their chants and faces publicly shamed on YouTube (It’s surprising how affordable such technology can be nowadays).
    The Daily Mail would be only too delighted to share and organise a witch hunt against the culprits – it fits into their ‘yob Britain’ narrative.

  • TaylorD

    This was the first game I took my 6 year old boy to this season, and we moved away from this group of fans, as they located themselves as close to us Brighton fans in the south stand as possible. I have to say, it was this small group of about ten, but they were rather unpleasant. The man pictured on the left did appear like he had been drinking some what.

  • macrasni

    In order to have a credible campaign for equal rights / clamp down on racist & homophbic behaviour you should first learn to stop generalising. Not all burnley fans are like this and i would bet my house that this is not the first time brighton have received this type of chanting. It just so happens that the homophobic ones are wearing burnley shirts in this case. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that this happens up and down the country and if it was up to those clamping down on football crowd insults theyd force each set of fans to chant compliments at each other. The football club is not responsible, the idiots who were chanting are. Do you think the burnley board take secret microphones to every away match to check they are all behaving? Don’t be so naive. It is the responsibilty of the home club to report these issues. Burnley have done a sterling job of banning most of the idiots that have given it a bad reputation. Hopefully these morons will follow suit.

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