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UK Equality ministers to boycott Sochi Paralympics over Ukraine crisis

  • David Greensmith

    The Equality minister will boycott Sochi when it’s a) paralympics and b) because of the Ukraine, but not when there are issues of “equality”. Interesting approach given her job title.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Why were comments on the Will Smith article closed?

  • RBrown

    Surely she should show her support for Ukraine – just as she showed her support for the murdered LGBT Russians – by attending the Paralympics just as she attended the Olympics !

    • Jones

      You aren’t familiar with the double standards of the Tories then?

  • Read

    WTF has this got to do with anything gay, please?

    • Gerry

      Because Maria Miller happily attended Sochi despite Russia’s draconian anti-gay legislation, but is now boycotting Sochi because of the Ukrainian situation.

      You don’t have to be stratospherically intelligent to spot the hypocrisy in the Minister for Equalities stance on these two issues.

      • Read

        Why was it ‘draconian’ if it echoed legislation the Tories brought in, and David Cameron championed?

  • Sparkyu1

    Boycot the Olympics?! HOW COULD WE?! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! We were told this over and over again!

    But then it was GBLT people whose lives were at risk… now straight people are in danger and our “equalities minister” can suddenly do the impossible

  • Jones

    Forget about the gay people being murdered, I’m supporting Ukraine!

    Equalities Minister not standing up for what she is supposed to represent. Shameful.

  • Erica Cook

    So, when it’s gays they have to go, but when it is Ukraine they can’t go on an account of ethics. Well, I guess they’ve said what they think of our family being persecuted.

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